Monday, October 12, 2009

New Location of My Articles This is the link to where my new articles now appear. I was doing duplicate postings for awhile on this blog, but stopped. Why? Well, I got 99 comments to a recent article I poted on I have never got more than FOUR on this Google blog, and I really had no reason to believe ANYONE was paynig any attention. That caused me to get even more sloppy than usual--not even spell check, which is HARD for me, with bad eyesight). If I am going to put in the effort, I wnat SOMEONE to actually read the stuff. So few readers of this Google blog, I have not even felt the limited time to do duplicate postes was worth it. May resume duplicates, just to have a backup archive, but you can best find new articles on (delspite its apparent association with MSNBC). If link does not work, as mine have a habit of not working, you can get to my cite by first going to You will--hopefully--wee the "search" blank in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Type in "skip33666" (note extra "6"). CHANGE "full text" on the right of what you just tlyped to "useers". Then click GO. You will then get an almost blank screen. But at the very bottom of that screen, you should see a refeernce to "skip33666". Click on that user name. You should be there. Good luck. I think some of the articles are pretty good. You will stil find a lot of prrofreading errors, because my eyesight has not improved. But I AM using spell check, and most people seem able to follow the articles. There is also a section att he bottom for my comments on other articles. The full articles and comments are not posted, as on this blog, but you have to click again to read the full article. I actaully find the site--amazinng for MSNBC--much easier to use than either AOL or Google. Once you get a password (easy, with just a user name), you seem to be logged in FOREVER (at least so far). There are no funny puzzles (so far) for security verification. If I think it is easy, it must be easy . Becuase I am virtuallly helpless with this stuff.