Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama's 6 Month Failure: Jobs Data Shows NO Improvement for 6 Months, as Corrupt AP Lies Again (Obama Loses Another 448,000 Jobs)

"WASHINGTON – The number of Americans filing claims for unemployment benefits dropped for a second consecutive week, further evidence that the job market is slowly improving.
The Labor Department said Thursday that initial applications for jobless benefits dropped by 11,000 to 448,000, the lowest level in four weeks। The new total was slightly higher than economists had expected."

The above is the PROPAGANDA from the despicable, corrupt Associated Press, and the mainstream media। For at least six months (26 weeks), I have been giving you the actual facts।

In this case, the numbers (over the past six months) don't lie. The AP lies, and the mainstream media lies. For six months, and certainly since December, the job market has NOT been "slowly improving". In fact, it--objectively, and contrary to the AP lie--has NOT IMPROVED AT ALL. Further, and you can tell this by correctly interpreting the AP story itself, the job market has also NOT IMPROVED over the past four weeks. For six months, I have been giving you these numbers, and the situation has not changed over that entire time. We are in the SAME job situation--a bad one--we were in December (and really before).

Let's go to the numbers. The AVERAGE first-time unemployment claims number (the weekly layoff number) 2as 455,000. The LOW was 435,000 or so. We have gotten WORSE since then--MONTHS of NO progress. Here is the weekly number for the past 4 weeks: 462,000, 480,000!!!!! (the AP LIES that week were amazing--nothing about "deteriorating" labor market"), 456,000 (adjusted to 459,000) and 448,000. The AVERAGE is still above 460,000 for the past fuor weeks--MORE than the average for December (and about the same as the average for each month since December).

What was the weekly number five weeks ago? It was 442,000 (although I think it was adjusted upward to 445,000 or so). In other words, despite the LIE from the despicable AP, and the rest of the mainstream media, there has been NO IMPROVEMENT over the past 5 weeks (or, of course, for the past FIVE MONTHS). Only the despicable liars at the AP could call this "slowly improving", or use the LIE about "further evidence". The EVIDENCE--as I have informed you over the past six months--is that we are STUCK. No improvement at all. Sure, it has not been getting worse. But it is only to the LIARS at the AP, and to the CORRUPT mainstream media, that "not getting worse" translates to a continuous story line of "slowly improving".

What did the despicable AP say when the first-time unemployment claims ROSE 42,000 in two weeks? Well, they said that was a "statistical glitch" caused by Easter and "difficulties" with the seasonal adjustment. Does that not mean that the supposed "improvement" the past two weeks (after "two straight weeks" of a RISE) represented merely a return to the SAME bad situation we were in? Of course it means that we have merely returned to where we were (or never really changed where we were), unless you are one of the corrupt liars in the AP, or in the mainstream media.

"Jobless claims return to same level as before Easter."

Yes, the above is the CORRECT headline (neutral). The actual, corrupt, lying AP/Yahoo News headline was: "Jobless claims decline to lowest level in four weeks" (which happened to be HIGHER than five weeks ago).

In other words, we lost 42,000 EXTRA jobs over two weeks (or else it was merely statistical noise). Then we "gained" only 35,000 (actually only 32,000, after the adjustment to last week's number) of that deterioration back over the next two weeks (or else it was more statistical, short-term noise). Leaving us about where we started five weeks ago: a labor market NOT IMPROVING, but bumping along the bottom at the same bad level layoffs have been for some six months.

It has been an established fact for some time: The despicable AP, and the rest of the mainstream media, are the worst "journalists" who have ever existed on this Earth. Yes, they are worse than the days of William Randolph Hearst ("you provide the photographs; I will provide the war"). For more than six years, I have DOCUMENTED the lies and CORRUPTION of the despicable AP. I will go further, based on what I have documented: There is no worse "news" organization in this universe, or any other possible universe, tha n the Associated Press. That is so, even though I am not familiar will all of the "news" organisations in all universes, simply because it is impossible to be any worse. God is not reputed to have spent more than six years looking for a person worth saving in Sodom and Gomorrah. For six years, and more, I have looked for an AP writer who is not a corrupt liar. I have not yet found one, and I don't think one exists.

Who else do you know who has written a weekly article on jobless claims numbers for SIX MONTHS, and more, and been proven right every time? Often, I have called the shot in advance, like Babe Ruth pointing to the stands. I know. This means I have no life. But I have to do it, because the AP is not. The AP is corrupt, and composed of liars. Someone has to do the job, which is supposed to be their job. I have taken on that task. You are lucky I am so good at it, however crazy you think I am for doing it.

P.S. The parenthetical headline ("Obama Loses 448,000 More Jobs Last Week") is my PARODY of an AP/Yahoo/mainstream media headline. It is at least as accurate as the actual AP/Yahoo News (boycott Yahoo) headline.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Jobs: Obama Fails Again, as Census Adds 27,000 Fewer Jobs Than Expected Because of Private Job Josses (Media Corruption Goes Nuclear)

How can you have anything but CONTEMPT for a mainstream media--and government--that lies to you, and KNOWS they are lying to you, but are so CORRUPT that they do not care. In fact, they are so CORRUPT that they are deliberately trying to prove Lincoln wrong: To prove that you CAN "fool all of the people all of the time".

Yes, I told you what would happen in my article last night. The CENSUS has added hundreds of thousands of TEMPORARY jobs in this country--distorting the employment numbers for March. This will be duly noted by the CORRUPT mainstream media, and the government, when those TEMPORARY jobs DISAPPEAR later this summer. In fact, "economists" wrongly predicted that 189,000 jobs would be "added" in March, for this very reason. ADP--the leading expert in the area, and leader in payroll services, already reported this week that the PRIVATE economy--private employers--LOST 23,000 jobs in March. The government, because of the Census, reported a gain of 162,000 jobs in March, 27,000 LESS than "expected".

What are the mainstream media headlines this morning (as expected, and predicted, by ME)? "Employers added most jobs in three years" (AP/Yahoo--boycott Yahoo, although not just for this). Market watch had that same sort of headline, without using the LYING word "employers", but proceeded to say that the "U.S. economy created 162,000 jobs in March".

How can you get any more CORRUPT than that. Those headlines LIE. They KNOW they lie. They will say so, without ever admitting the previous lies, when they "explain" how future BAD numbers are distorted by the end of the temporary Census employment of all of those workers.

Employers" did NOT add the "most jobs in 3 years". ONE employer--singular--added ALL of those extra jobs in March: the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Nope. The U.S. economy did NOT add 162,000 jobs in March. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT added 162,000 jobs in March. --actually more than that, as predicted by those economists, but the PRIVATE economy LOST jobs in March.Just how do you get more CORRUPT than our mainstream media? I don't think it can be done. These people deserve to go out of business. Luckily, they are going out of business.

My headline is more accurate. Yes, I could come up with the kind of "neutral" headline the mainstream media should have used, because I am a better "journalist" than any of them. For example: "Census adds enough jobs to grow U.S. employment in March". Or: "Aided by Census and government employment, U.S. job growth reaches 3 year high.." But if the mainstream media is going to be totally CORRUPT, I need to try to counter it with my headline--admittedly biased but far more accurate than theirs.

Will the CORRUPTION of our mainstream media ever end? Yes, it will--with their EXTINCTION (not by suppression, which is the tactic of the left, but by the people "voting" with their patronage).