Friday, September 24, 2010

Iran, Ahmadinejad, Insanity and Evil: The Anti-American, Despicable Associated Press (Iran's opinion of the NYC imam and proposed mosque?)

" Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad provoked yet another controversy Thursday saying a majority of people in the United States and around the world believe the American government staged the Sept. 11 terror attacks in an attempt to assure Israel's survival."

The above is the lead paragraph from the "Anti-American, Despicabble Associated Press" now featured on Yahoo "News" (BOYCOTT YAHOO).

Nope. The story just does not cut it. The AP has again earned its official name (quoted above), as it did when it featured a story that the Hugo Chavez Administraton in Venezuela believed that 9/11 was an "inside job" of the Bush Administration. Yep, the AP presented that previous story as a perfectly reasonable, straight "news" story ("despicable" is too kind a word for the anti-American AP).

"...rovoked a controversy"? Give me a break. Yes, I could tell the AP how to do this, but if the AP hired anyone like me they would not be the truly incompetent, evil people that they are. Nope. I am sorry. There is no "controversy" here. As with the Chavez story, this was merely the INSANE, evil Iranian President insultng the United States with that KOOK conspiracy theory of the American left. This is NOT "provacative" (as the AP said in the next paragraph). It is using a KOOK assertion as a mortal insult. Christine O'Donnell would kill for this kind of neutral story from the despicable AP.

Think how the desicable AP would have reported this story if the Iran President had said that Barack Obama was not legitimate because he was born outside of the United States (ALMOST as much of a kook theory--"almost" because it is slightly more possible that it might have hapened, although there is no evidence that it did). The mind boggles at what the AP would say to the "birther" statement (I recommend it to Ahmadinejad, but I think he knows that he is appealing to the left here). I assure you that the story would not be that the Iran President had "provoked controversy".

You may think I am overreacting here. I am not. I know the despicable AP, and the people who write for it, better than any other person on Earth. If anything, I have not been strong

JFK: Right Wing Kennedy Nut Gives Rich Tax Break; Corrupt and Biased Yahoo (Boycott Yahoo

Yes, I was in high school--in the high school library, in fact--when I heard President Kennedy had been assassinated. JFK was the LAST Democrat I ever supported for President (admittedly, as a child). who I ever supported for President, although I made a vow to support Hillary Clinton (feminist--oh, the SHAME--that I am) if she had only won the nomination. And I regret not supporting Bill Clinton against Bush 41 (traitors that both of the Bush Presidents have been to conservatives--although the thought of Al Gore and John Kerry keeps me from regretting my votes for Bush 43).

By today's leftist Democrat standards, JFK was a RIGHT WING NUT. He lowered the top income tax rate on the rich, and could be regarded as the inspiration of the later Reagan tax cuts that brought us out of the Carter malaise and recession. Reagan, of course, began the best 20 years that any political entity has ever had on this Earth. That included the Clinton/Gingrich years, after the 1994 Republican takeover of the House resulting from that former failure of Hillarycare. JFK was also a HAWK on foreign policy (blockade of Cuba, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, etc.). In fact, I can still remember JFK assusing the Eisenhower (lol) Administration of letting a missile GAP develop with the Soviet Union. So even though JFK brought a lot of these leftist elitists into government, JFK could be regarded as more of an ancestor of today's TEA PARTY than of today's leftist Democrats.

Now you know, and I know, that the present Kennedy family are generally as FAR LEFT as you can get. That is far from the right wing politics of JFK. But what is does mean is that every time a Republican tries to simply assert that present day Republicans are more in tune with JFK (the President) than present day Democrats, the Kennedy family asserts that they have sole control over the memory of JFK, and that the Republican is dishonoring that memory. Sez who? JFK was assassinated about FIFTY YEARS ago. As President, he "belonged" to us all. The idea that the leftist Kennedy family "controls" his memory is absurd. Of course they can DISPUTE the accuracy of any Republican attack based on the right wing politics of JFK, or they can argue that he would be a leftist Democrat if he were alive today. But to assert that there is something wrong with a Republican running a JFK clip/ad is ABSURD.

Segue to Yahoo "news". As I have proven time and time again, Yahoo is one of the most CORRUPT and BIASED "news" outlets in America today (BOYCOTT YAHOO). No, Yahoo is not much different that the CORRUPT other members of the mainstream media, but Yahoo is my Uverse default page. That means I SEE Yahoo every day. Therefore, I know what I am talking about on Yahoo (BOYCOTT YAHOO).

Linda McMahon (Republican candidate for the Senate against the guy who MISREPRESENTED his Vietnam serve--something as to which I also have personal knowledge, since I served in the United States Army during Vietnam, but would never imagine that I would suggest that I had actually served in Vietnam because of that army service)--Linda McMahon has run an ad featuring JFK. The LEFT WING Kennedy family has predictably objected. The CORRUPT Yahoo has made this non-story the FEATURED "picture story" on Yahoo "News" at this time--from the point of view of the Kennedy family (politically motivated) that Linda McMahon is in "hot water" with the Kennedy family. This is CORRUPT "journalism". It is a CORRUPT corporation (Yahoo). Nope. This idea that this is a major national story because the Kennedy family wants it to be is EVIL stuff. Let me be as blunt as I can: It is the Kennedy family who's is trading on the memory of JFK, fifty years after the fact. I regard that as a shameful thing, but not as shameful as the PANDERING of Yahoo to the Kennedy family.

The FACT is that JFK was MUCH more conservative than today's Democrats, and that his main economic achievement was a TAX CUT FOR THE RICH (among others). Yes, Kennedy only reduced the top rate (which NOBODY paid) from 90% to 70% (think of how many BILLIONS or TRILLIONS of dollars that meant to the "rich"). But Ronald Reagan would continue the JFK revolution, after Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson almost destroyed the country (along with establishment Republicans like Nixon and Ford).

Linda McMahon has a perfect right to invoke the legacy of JFK--a legacy for us all. It is YAHOO which deserves to be in "hot water", and is (with me, anyway).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Christine O'Donnell and the Salem Witch Trials: Burning Conservatives at the Stake (Did MSNBC and CNN Really Burn Joan of Arc?)

"Thou shalt not suffer a conservative to live."

Yep. That is what it says in the CNN/MSNBC?mainstream media version of the Bible.

Did I just say that CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the mainstream media are as bad as those who committed evil in the name of Christianity at the Salem Witch Trials? How perceptive of you. That is exactly what I just said--the only difference being that no one has yet died (not always true of the mainstream media, as illustrated by their frequent efforts to stoke Muslim hatred in the world, as with the FALSE Newsweek story about a GITMO guard supposedly urinating on the Koran).

You might remember how the left used to think it was so bad--before they became the main practitioners of the practice, without as much justification--that people were harassed over any association with the Communist Party--even a youthful one. The Communist Part of the United States, yoiu understand, was later revealed--from KGB Russian files--to be an AGENT of the Soviet Union. That made members of the Communist Party--knowingly or unknowingly--traitors to the USA.

Well, these nuclear level hypocrites on the left, and in the mainstream media, have discovered a video (from the old Bill Maher TV show, which was supposed to be a lighthearted program--a video of Christine O'Donnell saying she once "dabbled in witchcraft". The video is some 12 years old, and O'Donnell was referring to HIGH SCHOOL. Yet, the mainstream media is pl laying this video clip over and over again--proving nothing about Christine O'Donnell but proving that the mainstream media is on a level with the evil of the Salem Witch Trails and the Spanish Inquisition. Never have evil people so clearly exposed themselves to be evil as have the mainstream media, and the rest of the left, with regard to Christine O'Donnell.

One of the "explanations" of the Salem Witch Trials is that people who did not "fit in" with the establishment were targeted for being "different". That is definitely the "explanation" for the Inquisition: a deliberate attempt to punish any variations from "orthodoxy"--as defined by whoever was in charge of the establishment. It was a dark time for a large part of Christianity (as today is a dark time for a large part of Islam, which is about at the level of the old Inquisition). This leads to this conclusion: This is a really DARK time for the mainstream media in America, as a desperate, failing mainstream media turns to the tactics of the Inquisition.

It is ironic that Christine O'Donnell's opponent has admitted to being a MARXIST (at least in the past)--surely more relevant than a teenage fascination with the TRAPPINGS of witchcraft। When I previously used this quote ("thou shalt not suffer a witch to live"), some smart alack commented that the Bible could more accurately be translated as "poisoner" rather than "witch". I did not, and do not, quite buy that, but it is absolutely true that the Bible refers to a specific type of evil creature doing evil things, and NOT to Elizabeth Montgomery in "Bewitched", harry Potter, or the numerous other fantasy type of "witchcraft" in which Christine O'Donnell may have "dabbled" in high school.

Who are the most narrow minded hypocrites in the world today? Well, you start with the mainstream media. Then you go on to the rest of the left. You go on to the Islamic extremists--where you can expect Ahmadinead to get a more respectful reception from Larry King and CNN than CNN would give Christine O'Donnell. Finally, byou may get to the more narrow minded of the evangelical Christians. Am I saying that evangelical Christians are more brad minded and tolerant than CNN and MSNBC? Dman right. As an agnostic myself, I can evaluate this with objectivity. The people of CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the mainstream media are about the most narrow minded hypocrites to exist in the world today.

And their (CNN, MSNBC and the rest) contempt for Christians knows no bounds. What is the real purpose of this attempt to SMEAR Christine O'Donnell with this "dabbled with witchcraft" stuff? Does the left--of which the mainstream media is a part--CARE if President Obama, or any other oon-conservative, sacrificed a sheep to SATAN last night? Not a chance. If they found out any such thing, they would cover it up as "irrelevant". So what is this high school playing with witchcraft irrelevance all about? oh, come on. You know this one. It is about the mainstream media assuming CHRISTIANS to be as narrow minded and stupid as the mainstream media thinks they are, and as the mainstream media really is. The mainstream media thinks CHRISTIANS (a more alien race to the mainstream media than I am to Christians) will PUNISH Christine O'Donnell for this, while ignoring that her opponent i,s or was, a CONFESSED MARXIST (and still as left as they come--referring to the Democrat running against O'Donnell). Can you Christians even imagine the utter CONTEMPT in which the mainstream media holds you? If you did, not a single on of you who is really a Christian would ever vote for a candidate supported by CNN or MSNBC or the left.

Can you not see Karl Rove in the Vincent Price movie role as the hypocritical Grand Inquisitor of the Inquisition using his establishment power for his own selfish ends? I can. It is a role Rove is already playing--making him a new star for the hypocrites in the mainstream media.

Think of how good Christine O'Donnell must really be. The MAIN allegations CNN and MSNBC are making against her are that she was against masturbation (as a yung woman) and played around a little with witchcraft in high school (maybe she even went to Halloween parties as a witch!!!!!!!!). I have said that Christine O'Donnell is no Thomas Jefferson. I take it back. If this is the WORST that can be said about Christine O'Donnell, then Thomas Jefferson was no Christine O'Donnell. The woman much be just about perfect.

Nope. If you profess to think it is "relevant" that Christine O'Donnell said she "dabbled in witchcraft" in high school, then you are one of tow things: a liar or a truly evil person on a par with the people who were responsible for the Salem Witch Trials. I visited Salem about a year ago, and saw the graves of the victims. It is my fondest wish that Christine O'Donnell be remembered, like those victims, long after the evil people persecuting her are dead (the persecutors of Salem only being remembered,of course, for the EVIL they did--like Cotton Mather, if I am remembering the name.

P.S. I am aware that burning at the stake was not the preferred punishment at Salem. However, it was previously one of the usual punishments for heresy and witchcraft. You might remember Joan of Arc, who--unless my memory is betraying me--was burned at the stake as a witch. I actually believe CNN and MSNBC had time travel agents who trashed Joan of Arc, and arranged her burning. You will remember that her main crime was to stand up for "her" people against the establishments of the time. Was she really mentaly ill, as some now calim, or was that just the SMEAR spread by CNN and MSNBC.

P.P.S. When I talk about President Obama sacrificing a sheep to Satan above, the original version had him sacrificing a human fetus. I decided to go with the sheep, but the original was probably more apt.