Saturday, December 1, 2012

Islam and Global Warming/Climate Change (lol): Clinically Insane Leftists (Boycott Yahoo)

Here aer two of the "featured (most important, for the point of view of far leftists at Yahoo?) "news" stories on Yahoo "News" early Saturday morning:

1.  15-yearold Afghan girl beheaded for rejectiong marriage proposal". 

2. " Some (translation:  AP, Yahooand other lefitsts) wish Islam woud inform on climate change."

Test for the reader: before i tell yu, do you see what is wrong with these two headlines, especailly the second one?

Right.  The second headline is CLINICALLY INSANE, especially in conjunctin with the first. This is using the correct definition of schizophrenia, and psychosis, as referring to conditons where a person is disassociated froom reality.  Doubt me? It gets far, far worse. Is the left so ISANE as to realy believe "climate change" (I use "global warming", because "climate change" is a LYING term made up for political reasons, on the idea that eVERYONE sees the climate/weather "changing", as it has done for all of the history of the Earth. but I will use "climate change" in this article, because that is what the lefdtists of the AP did).  is one of the top 100 problems facing Islam at all, or a RELIGIOUS "issue" in any e event?  It is absolutely amazing how the left (Bill Maher, CNN, et. al.) has total CONTEMPT for religion--includng Obama--except when THEY want to USE religion for POITICAL purposes.  Here is the (only slightly paraphrased) firs paragraph of the ridiculous/desicable AP/Yahoo story:

"people gathered at a mosque on Friday to say prayers.  The imam discussed the civil war in Syria, the unrest in Egypt, and the U.N. vote on Palestinian recognition." 

Okay.  Nothing about beheading 15-year-old girls, the disgraceful attitude of so much of Islam toward women, or the rather extreme attitude of much of Ilsam toward homosexuals (ahmadinejad: "Hang 'em"). But this may be a problem with the REORTING of the despicable AP, rather than the imam.  This imam strikes me as SANE (at least in wht he perceived as important), in contrast to the AP/Yahoo wanting to "insprire' a "jihad" in the name of "climate change".  Here is how the second paragraph began, word for word (exact quote):

"Not one word about climate change.".......

Say what?  The Middle East and northern Africa are in flames.  Too much of Islam is being perverted toward terrorism and intolerance, and our media/left thinks that imams shuld be "discussing" "climate change" (three guesses on HOW, and the first 2 don't count).!!!! 

What is really going on here?  The complete, official name of the Associated Press will give you a clue:  "Despicable, Anti-American Associated Press".   Yes, this is all about LEFTIST IDEOLOGY (the religion of the leeft, including Obama), and not abuot the real challegnes facing "Islam" as a religion.  For the anti-American left, "climate change" IS a RELIGION, and therefore one of the things that GOD/ALLAH should be ASSUMED to include in any other religon being practiced on this Earth.  I wonder how many rabbis "discuss" "climate change" in their synagogue on their sabbath. I knwo. I am sure there are SOME leftist priests who do discuss it, but you are delulded if you think those priests believe in their religion even as much as I (an agnostic) do..  For leftist clerics, as well as other leftists, the RELITION is LEFITST IDEOLOGY.  But I am not kidding.  This particular insanity is specifically ANTI-AMERICAN. 

You know the assertion:  that we are energy/resource HOGS using 25% of the world's energy, creating a world where the SAHARA desert is gong to take over alost the entire Arab world, and a good part of the rest of tghe world (as sea levesl rise and "thrid world" humanity dies like flies.  No. I am not going to discuss the FRAUD of "gblobal warming" in this article.  The point here is that this has noting to do with "Islam", but has everythign to do with anti-American, leftist ideology and POLITICS.  In fact, the invented "theory" of "global warming" has always bewen about leftist ideolgy (rather than science). 

What are the despicable peole of the AP, Yahoo and the left realy telling radical Islamists?  They arre almost directly telling them this:  "You should not be distracted by things like Americans on the "holy" soil of Saudi Arabia and elsewhre--unccludng American troops.  You shuld realize that America is trying to DESTORY you with climate change, which will make your countries unlivable.  THIS is the reason wyou should realy be joining US in a LEFTIST JIHAD against any America that does nto conform to our ideology."

You know the underlying idea here. The idea is that Muslims, especially Saudi Arabia, are being USED by the Great Satan/Wet, as we are using up their resources to make it impossible for Islamic countries to ever have any ind of real economyu.  When the oil is gone, or even before that, all that will be left will be the Sahara, while the "rich" USA adds to our weath and exploitation of teh world's resources to destory the rest of the world (while our wealth makes it possilbe for us to aovid the immeidate consequences of our folly).

No. In today's ecnomy, our leftist media is talking to the wind.  You notice that Obama did NOT make "climate change" an issue in the recent electin.  In fact, he asserted that he is in FAVOR of the economic benefits from driling and the developometn of America's own fossil fuel resources.   But this AP/Yahoo article shows you that the INSANE ideology is still there, and that leftists (including Obama) have not given up on the idea of pretty much crucifying our economy on the cross of "clf "climate change" (to paraphrase, and misquote, William Hennings Bryan and his famous "Cross of Gold" speech). 

"Skip, did you just say the the President of the United States" is ANTI-AMERICAN? "  Yep. I did, and he is. Oh, I understand that he is not "anti" the America that HE wants us to be, and thinks we can be.  But the America that became the greatest nation in the world:  really the most successful nation the world has ever known?  No, Obama does NOT believe in that America.  He believes that America is an evil influence in the world, and has been for many, many years (mabye since our founding). 

Oh.  Do you feel GUILTY about living in a SUCCESSFUL, tolerantnation, where freedom hs not yet been extinguished?  Do you feel GUILTY abouta living in a country that uses 25% of the world's energy?  Neither do I.  But that is what that disgraceful article from the AP/Yahoo was all about.  And the despoicable peeople of our media are actually TRHING to give "Islam" yet another insane reason to HATE US.  My CONTEMPT for tghe truly despicable peole of our media grows every single HOUR. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  Okay, I COULD use audio, although my present comuter (Windows xp") does nto have it (even though there maybe a "free dowload").  But I have not grown up blind (lathough extremely near sighted  since high school).  If I had grown up blind, or were now totally blind (instead of my "good eye" BEST corrected vision being 20-170), I am sure I would be using audio.  As it is, it is out of my 'comfort level"--to quote Obama from a different context.  I will surely go to more audio, as I now do with READING (since I can't read text, but only audio books).   Whehter I will ever find it easy enough to PROO(FREAD, and READ BACK, audio articles, rather than just frustrate you with typos, remains to be seen.  yes, for a person who is blind, I can still see pretty well.  For somene who can see, my eyesight is the pits.  Oh.  And it is not just the 20-170.  Due to my scarred retina, I cannot FOCUS in such a way as to read words and paragraphs, even when I should be able to see them.  Macular degeneration of an untreatable type.  I try not to bore you with the detaisl of this, but I like to somewhat satisfy your curiosity every several months or so. And I know some of yu tech savvy people scream at the screen from time to time because you wuld be able to do much better.  So you probably could. 

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