Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Obama Fails on Econmy, as Labor Dept. Lies on Jobs (Along with Media)

Do you remember all of those media stories abut how the economy was "improvnig", despite Sandy, as we headed into the end of last year?  Lies. All lies. Today, we got the report that the econoy (as measured by GDP) SHRNK by .1% in the fourth quarter:  the worst performance in 3.5 YEARS.

Now, "shrank" is really not the right word, since this is only an innitial report, subject to multipe revisions. And .1% is really FLAT LINE.  But Federal Reerve is right that "growth" in the economy has "paused".  That is, Fed is "right" unless you take "paused" to mean that "growth" is guaranteed to resume.  Problem is that "growth" really STALLED for ALL of 2012. We are simply NOT GROWING: certianly not when you consider the ARTIFICIAL "stimulus" of the Federal Reserve (Baiout Ben Bernanke) and Federal spending (which make a real "recovery" IMPOISSIBLE). 

Now look at my article last Wednesday on weekly new unemplyment claims, and consider the FICTIN put out by the Labor Dept. (and our media) ove the past 6 weeks:  362,0000; 362,0000; 367,0000; 372,0000; 335,0000 (lol); 330,0000 (lol).  As I told you last Wednesday, before the 330,0000 number was "reported" last Thursday, this series of numbers is IMPIOSSIBLE.  The series cannot possibly represent reality. 

What happendto cause a SUDDEN "five-year low") in new unemplyment claims the past 2 weeks?  No. I don't know EXACTLY what happened, but I do know that the Labor Dept. CHANGED somehing in the way the "seasonal adjustment" worked thewse past few weeks.  And, as usual, the DISHOENST Labor Dept. seems unconcerned that it is obviusly putting out FICTIN. 

Not ony are the last 2 weeks (335,0000 and 330,0000) of reported new unemplyment claims INCONSISTENT with the previus 4 weeks, but they are inconistent with the GDP number for the fourth quarter.  Look at what the dishoenst LaborDept./media are asking us to believe: That the "labor market" SUDDENLY IMPROVED SUBSTANTIALLY at a time when the eocnomy STALLED. "Impossible" is a kind  word for this FANTASY.  We are being asked to believe that the economy "growth" is in the WORST SHAPE in almost 4 years, while new unemplyment claims are suddenly in the BEST shape in 5 years.  Nope.  Absurd. 

We will get our next installment of fantasy tomorrow.  As I have told you year after year, the Labor Dept has a habit of doing something to "imprve" new unemplyment claims near beginning of year, ony to have numbers NOT IMPROVE the whole rest of the year (as happened in 2010,2011 and 2012).  Labor Dept. has done SOMETHING to make "new normal" for new unemplyument claims to be around 330,0000, even though the number is obviusly wrong.  We will see tomorrow if they keep up this particular FICTIN.

Meanwhile, ObamaCare is suspended over the econmy like the Sword of Damocles.  No way for economy to handle it.  Note that Obama wants to make it even wore by adding 11/12/20 (whatever) illegal immigrants as citizens to receive subsidized ObamaCare.  We cannot surviev ObamaCare, even apart from Bailut Ben and the rest, and we ill not survive it--at least our econmy won't.

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