Thursday, February 28, 2013 Some of the Most Dishonest People Who Have Ever Lived

See the previus two articles.  Then realize that announced that today's announced "drop" in new unemplyment claims "suggests" "continued gains" in the labor market.  This is after Marketwatch DISMISSED lasst week's RISE in new unempllyment claims as "suggesting" "slow, stady" "improvement" in the labor market.  Message to Marketwatch: You peole are as DISHOENST as they come.  Yu could LEARN something by reading my previus tw article:  that is, you could if you were not some of the most dishoenst people hwo have ever lived. These "drops" are ure FICTION, and the wole series of numbers since the beginning of this eyar makes that obvius. IF yoiu did "believe" these nubmers, then the labor market has gotten WORSE since the two first full weeks of this year, when the number of new unemplyhment lcaims was reported as 335,0000 and 330,0000 respectively 

But you LIARS at Marketwatch don't care that this is all absurd.  You are that dishoenst.

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