Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama and Libya: Unforgivable Lie by Our Terrorphobic Liear-in-Chief

It was not only President Obama wo lied in tonight's deabte.  CNN's (The Liar Network) Candy Crowley INTERRUPTED to LIE. 

No.  It is a LIE that Brack Obama called the Benghazie attack that KILLED 4 Americans an "act of terror" the day after the attack.  All th ePresident said, in remarks NOT directed at the "cuase" of the attack, was that he (the President) would nevfr accept "acts of terror". In contrast with taht, the Obama Administration--for more than a week--said it was a "spontaneous demonstratino" caused by that anti-Muslim video clip.  The Obama Administratin continued to do this even AFTER it was publicly known that there was nO "spontaneous demonstration in LIbya.  Meanwhile, President Obama went to the U.N. and talked about the VIDEO, but did NOT talk about a TERRORIST ATTACK.   Our U.N. ambassador was SSENT on FIVE Sunday TV shows to "blame" the Libyan killings on a 'spontaneous demonstration". 

No.  I caN't acept this.  To me, it is unforgivable. It is NOT ACCEPTALBE to do "politcs as usual" on the KILONG of a U.S. ambassaodr, and to mislead the American peole on that.

I feel so strongly abut this that I am going to break a vow.  I vowed NOT to vote for Mitt Romney or any such GOP estalbishment candidate.  It does not matter, except symbolicaly, because I live in Texas, but I feel I HAVE to vote for Mitt Romney.  Despite Sarah Palin, I was never able to come to this point with John McCain, and did NOT vote for him.  I was fully prepared to go the same route with Mitt Romney, and I consider Paul Ryan JUST AS BAD.  And Romney, like McCain, may yet cause me to go back to my original vow.  With McCain, the coice of Palin caused me to waver, but--in the end--I could NOT STAND McCain.  The same thing may happen with Romney, or maybe I will go catatonic, with cognitive dissonance, at the polls. 

However, I simply refuse to put up with what Obama has done on Libya.  "Terorphobic" (my coined word) is KIND for how he treated the Libyan attack.  Now he wants to BLAME everyone else, and "take credtit" ofr a remark tkhat did NOT lable the LIbyan attack as a terrorist attack. 

No.  As of now, I haVE to endorese Mitt Romney for President--very reluctantly.  I jsut can't stand the thought of helpong, in any way, a man (Obama) become President OVER LTHE BODIES of Americans--when he has treated the death of those Americans as a POLITICAL EVENT as to which t oprodue a POLITICAL NARRATIVE. 

Sorry.  I just can't be in a position of helping Obama, by word or deed, in any way, even though my opinion of Romney and Ryan has not changed at all. 

Now you might regard it as "helping" Obama to keep talking negatively about Romney and Ryan.  But I refuse to be DISHOENST about it, and suddently act like I have changed my mind whole heartedly.  Not so.  Obama has jsut, for me, DISQUALIFIED himself to be President of the United Stattes, and I can't be in a position of not doing what I can--without being dishoenst--to DEFEAT him for an office I firmly believeve he does not have the CHARACTER to hold.

Oh. Obama AND CNN also liked aobut OIL DRILLING.  Romney was correct that PERMITS to dirll on Federal lands are WAY down under the Obama Administration.  For Obama to claim that he has SUPPORTED drilling is a LIE.  The man has no shame, and will BLATANTLY LIE. 

How did CNN lie?  First, CNN ignored the fact (in what I saw) taht PERMITS are what Obama has influence over--not atcual drilling and production.  Nevertheless, oil PRODUCTION has gone down 14%. CNN called this "misleading" (a LIE-it is The Liar Network that is "misleadking'), because the BP oil spill "explains" it  Obama, you will remember, although CNN did not mention it, imposed a MORATORIUM on driling int he Gulf of Mexico, even AFTER a Federal court had ORDERED the moratorium to be lifted.  But the lIE has to do with PERMITS, which is what the Obama Administratin has control over.  Tose are down alomst 50%, as Romney calimed.  CNN--The Liar Network--ws not doen.  I only saw a few minutes of the CNN "analysis", and these LIES are what I saw.  CNN cited the President--without saying he was "misleadeding"--as citing increased driling ACTIVITY on Federal lands.  CNN, The Liar Network, said this was "true", and NOT misleading.  WRONG< CN.  Yui are among the worst liars to ever walk this Earth . OIL PRICE is what controls drilling activity.  That is a MISLEADING statistic.  The most relevant statistic, as Romney said, is PERMITS.  Permits are NOT private decisions.  They represent decisions by the Federal Government--Obama.  PERMITS were, in fact, WAY DOWN from the Bush Administratin, and it is a LIE (an obvius lie) for Obama to claim that he has PROMOTED oil drilling.

No.  Mr. President, you are a LIAR.  But I could treat most political lies, includng on drilling, as "politics as usual" even though you are mroe blatant about it than any President I ahve ever seen.  However, I cannot "forgive" Libya, and I WON'T. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking--bad eyesight.

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