Monday, October 15, 2012

Obama, Harry Truman and Tony Romo: The Buck Stops Here

See Saturday's article on how Obvama and leftist Democrats have REPUDIATED Truman. You may notice that I left it as an exercies for the reader to remember how Obama has "blamed BUSH" (not to mentin the GOP Congress) for ALL of his problems and mistakes.  Harry Truman would be proud--NOT. Nice of Obama and his team to EXCUSE GEORGFE W.GUSH, however, by saing that the President has a "right' to "rely" on what his "intelligence" people are telling him, even in the face of contrary information (going well beoyond Bush and "weaons of mass destruction" in Iraq).  Do you stil doubt that our mainstream emedia contains the worst hypocrites--gong along witht he Obama view that criticism of Obama on this kind of thing sis merely "politics"--to ever walk the Earth?

Oh. Tony Romo.  I keep watching Romo ABUSE his receivers--on TV--on the sidelines, AFTER omo throws aan interceptin.  Even Romo, with whom the Dalls Cowboys are unlikely to ever win a Super Bowl, does nto come out publiccly (as Obama has with regard to our STATE DEPARTMENT and CIA/INTELLIGENCE) "blamme" his receivers for ROMO'S FAILURES. But it seems to me that Romo ENCOURAGES the "blame game", where it is NEVERF ROMO'S FAULT that the Cowboys can't seem to win any big games. 

Nope.  IT IS Gromo's fauut, and that of Jason Garrett (the most recent coach shoe has FAILED). As Harry Truman said:  "The buck stops here."  It stops with Obama (lIAR on Libya in a way that NO Preisdent in my lifetime wouuld have lied), and it stops wti Romo and Garrett.

I get tired of announcers "balaming" Cowboy failures on everybody but Romo, as much as I get tired of Obama baliming everybody but himself for his own failures. Sure, Dallas receivers may have contributed to the downfall of the Dallas Cowboys, jsut as other peole may have CONTRIBUTED to the downfall (should be) of Barack Obama.  But the quarterback and coach cannot escape responbibility.  I am willing to state flatly;  The Dallas Cowboys will NEVER win another Super Bowl with Tony Romo as quarterback OR with Jason Barrett as coach,.

I saw the Chicago game, where Romo seemed to "blame" his rfeceivers for his interceptions, and so did the anouncers (picknig up on his cue).  I don'tg buy it.  Yes, for example, "Des Bryant" did to seem to run the bet route when one interception was retlurned for a touchdown, but ROMO CHOULD NEVER HAVE THROWN THE BALL. I now.  I am no "expert'. But I know what I saw.  The defeseive players were RIGHTG THERE. MAYBE Brayant could have prevented an interceptin if he had broken off his route, in the face of a blitz. But the defenders were THEERE.  Even if Bryant had run another oute, he may NOT have been "open".  There might have seill been an intercleptin.  ROMO made a MISTAKE, even if the receiver also made a mistake. The result was a touchdow--for Chicago.  That is the dirty little secret:  The Dallas Cowboys FAILURES have been a TEAM EFFORT, and that INCLUDES ROMO. 

Look at this last Sunday.  Yes, "Des Braynat" (not sure of spellign of first name) caught the "tying' touchdown pass, but then DROOPEED the 2-pont conversion so that the Cowboys remained 2 lpoints behind. However, Romo then lOST the game for the Cowboys with a typical LOUSY paly wit the game on the line.  The Cowboys got a break, with a pass iinterference call (correct call) that put the Cowboys on the Baltimore 32 yeard line, after an onside kick revovery, with enough time for at LEAST 2 plalys. What did Rmo do to LOSE the game?  I say that explicityly:  Tony Romo LOST this gbame.  What Romo did was throw a N)O-YARDAGE pass to Des Bryant, with limited time left, and themn paprently did nNOT nknow what to do to get another play off.  The PASS to Bryant was a MISTAKE.  It LOST a yaard or so, whe the Cowbyons were on the EDGE of their field goal kicker's range. IF the coach, Jason Garrett, CALLED this play, then HE was a CO-LOSER of this game.  The Cowboys NEEDED about 5-7 yards to get in GOD fiedl gal positni, with TWO (or maybe three) plays/  What they could NOT do was get tackled in the field of play without a plan oto IMMEDIATELY get off another play.  They had ONE time out left, and they needed htat time out for the field goal. What happened was that Romo comopleted a LOSING pass to Bryant, and then cuuld not get off another lay before callihg the time out for the fiedl goal.  Taht was DISASTER.  No excuse.  Quart3erbalck and Coach SHARED reponsbilitiy for FAiLURE to give Cowboys a better chance. Yes, Romo SHOULD have thrown the pass AWAY, rather than comoplte this DISASTROUS pass. No. You CAnNOT "balame' Bryant for not getting more yardage, or getting "deepter". This wa ROMO'S FAULT--not matter whether Bryant id as well as he could have done or not.  Romo HAD to make sure and GET YARADAGE, or else have an opportuinity for MORFE PALYS.  ROMO FAILIED.  Under pressure, Romon has proved himself a FAIURE.

You say I am too harsh on Romo, and Garrett? Maybe so. See my prvius articles on the St. Louis Cardianls , where yoiu mithg regradr me as "judgemental", but not as HARSH. But I have told you before that baseball is a GAME. Football is NOT just a "game". Footbal lis FOTBALL. That means I am willng to say that the DallaS Cowboys sould FIRE Jasn Garrett (at least att he end of the seasona), and sould TAHINK aobu ttrading Tnry Romo . 

By the way, the Cowboys' DEFENSE is not as good as advertised.  Again, when they HAD to have defensive stops, the Cowboy defense FAiLED to rise to the occaZsion on Sunday . Defensive STATISTICS, over recent years, have often been pretty good. But the bottom line remains the same:  Whe nthe GAME is on the line, the Dallas defesne FAILS. That was ture on Sunday as it has been true for moe than a decade.  Am I sayhing Rob Ryan shouuuld be FIRED as defesnive cordiantor?  How perceptive of you. I am saing exaclty that.  The Cowboys have the TALENT to do better, They jsut don't have the LEADERSHIP (Garrett, Ryan and Romo).  Harry Truman woululd knwo where I am coming from, on Obama, Garrett, Ryan, and Romo. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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