Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Denmark, Bloomberg and the Fat Police: Are Leftists Clinically Insane?

Albert Einsteing's definiton of insanity;  "Doing the same thing over and over again, with the expectatin that the result will be different".  That is actaully pretty much the shorthand definiton of  schizophrenia:  a disassociatioin from reality--the inability to tell what is real and what is not real  (plus the brain generating all kinds of things that are not real).

Segue to Denmark, and leftist thinking (typified by Mayor Bloomberg and New York City putting limits on size of "sugar drinks", attacking fat foods and fast foods, etc.).  A news item over the weekend is that the socialist "paradise" (government health care) of Denmark has admitted FAIURE on its FAT TAX.  Itt turns out that the tax hurt business, and  did not affect obesity. 

This happens to leftists all of the time, although Denmakr is sort of unusual in ADMITTING FAILURE.  This idea that "central planning" can CONTROL the way peole live their lives, not to mention the econmy, is not supported by ANY evidence.  There is much evidence to the contrary, including--now--Denmark.   This is especailly true of TAXES, where the main reactin of people is to try to avoid the taxes they don't like. My brother's favoirte example, as he is in the trucking business (although a CPA), is when Oklahoma raised TOLLS on its roads for trucks, with the idea of raising revenue (probably to 'maintain" the roads torn up by trucks, or that was the excuse). What ahppened? ; Revenue WENT DOWN.  Of course it did.  The tolls were doubled, or some outragoueous multiple.  All trucks did was AVOID OKLAHOMA. 

This whole idea of a "fat police" aimed at BUSINESS wh osell food Michael Bloomberg does not like is absurd.  That raises the question raised in the headline: Are leftists clinicaly insane?  they keep advocating doing the same things, no matter how many times they FAIL.  I think this is a form of clinical insanity, arising from the mental disease known as "leftism" (a word I insist is descriptive, even though a leftist once asserted to me that it is not a word at all).  Obama has tried every leftist trick in the book, and even had the "help" of Bailout Ben Bernanke going outside of the law to print money at the Federal Reserve.  Hasn't worked. Itg NEVER works. Al it has done is make a real recovery in the econmy IMPOSSIBLE.  Obama is STILL holding the economy "hostage" based on this "wealth redistribution" idea that "the rich" should support us all (what Ayn Rand called making the talented and "rich" SLAVES to be ordered around by the majority of peole:  "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged".).

There IS, by the way a "fat tax" that would "change behavior".  No.  I am not doing any harm by telling leftists, because they wAY behavior would be changed is a REVOLT agasit the tax.  Instead of treating business as EVIL, because they do not accept the "task" of ending obesity, why not go to the source: the FAT PERSON.  Yep.  You have a HUGE "per pund overwieight" tax on EVERY overweight person in this country.  Every person would be requied to go to a government "weigh in" center (like trucks in some states) every January, and will pay a FINE for every pound "overweight".  But that is not all.  If ou are overweight, you will then be rEQUIRED to lose a certain number of pounds each month, and be weighed again each month, until you reach the 'proper" weight.  This is the HONEST way to actually attack the "problem" of fat peole.  I know. Leftists are DISHOENST, and this attack on BUSINESS over obesity is a typically DISHOENST attemkpt at social engineering on their part.  Would a rEAL "fat tax" change behaviour? Damn right.  Protests. AVOIDANCE.  MOVING.  No. It  wont't really produce thin peole, but it will affect behaviouor (as Ohlahoma did with that big raise on fees trukers paid.) ."But Skip, fat peoplle are victims--they can't help it."  If so, as Denmark found out, attempts to "limit" the food available to them will FAIL.  Anti-smoking propaganda DID ultimately have some affect (although not reallly the taxes).  That was because SMOKERS suddenly became TARGETS of other peole wh obegan to treat them as SOCIAL PARIAHS excluded from normal society.  Smokers were killing us al with second hand smoke, and FREEDM went out the window.  But look how HARD it was.  IF you do a propaganda campaign for FIFTY YEARS, and endorse DISCRIMINATION gainst those disgusting FAT PEOPLE (who are, actually, probably more "bullied" than gay people ever were), you MIGHT have some effect.  EXCEPT.  Smoking was ONE PRODUCAT.  "FAT" comes from EVERYTHING we eat. No.  Smoking is the exception that proves the rule, and MAY make a comeback some day.  King James II (I think), in the time of Jamestown and the beginning of the trade in TOBACCO from Virginia and what would become the USA, wrote a PAPER on the EVILS of tobacco that could have been written by the anti-smoking Nazis of today.  Social presssure has worked on smoking (not government actin), as it once did (doing more health good) on PREMARITAL SEX. 

No.  Leftists believe in CONTROL of  people's lives, no matter hww many times it FAILS (so long as the control is not marijuana or SEX).  Indeed, leftisets usually double down.  That is what is unusual about Denmark.  Usually, what happens when Big Government fails?  Come on, yoiu know this one.  Right.  The "answer " of leftists to the FAILURE of Big Government and central planning is MORE Big Government and central planning . ObamaCare, for example, was set up to FAiL. Even leftists can't believe that such monstrosity can succeed. And, for the most part, they don't.  But they don't care.  They, includin gObama, beleive that the FAILURE of ObamaCare can only lead to MORE GOVENMENT:  a government run national health service like in Britain or Canada.  ObamaCare was always jsut a step toward this leftist goal.  Problem for mthe INSANE left;  This country cannot SURVIVE ObamaCare to even reach the point of a disastrous natinal health service.

Q.E.D.  Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.  It is sort of likke the GOP establishment continuing to try to "succeed" with "Obama light" (or "leftist light", since this is not jsut a result of Obama).  It keeps failing, and even theoretically has no way of succeeding on a long term basis, buta the GOP establishment never quits.  It is the same with leftist economics.  It fails every time, and theoretically CANNOT SUCCEED on a long-term basis, and yet leftists never qit. Insane. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight0. 

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