Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama Is Not a Christian: Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative--Noted Agnostics--Agree

As noted before, Bill Maher and I agree that President Obama is not a Christian, but is rather a "secular humanist" (Maher's term, with which I agree) . That is, Obama's real religion is leftist ideology.  You know that Maher really believes this, because he has given 1 million dollars (at least to an Obama SuperPAC. Maher is an intolerant, bigoted atheists for whom Christians are the ultimate enemy.  You can take it to the bank that Maher would not be such a strong supporter of Barack Obama if Maher wre not strongly convinced that Obama's supposed "Christianity" were not all "political show" (like Obama's 2008 opposition to gay marriage). 

What prompted me to repeat ths corret headline?  Well, CNN never quits, and therefore neither do I.  The difference is that I support TOLERANCE, while CNN (evyone there I have seen) supports BIGOTRY.  CNN is officially The Anti-Christian Network. In this case, we are talkng abut CNN's anti-Mormon BIGOTRY: CNN's attempt to use the "way Romney prays" (to paraphrase John King's indictment of his nown network, and himself, for EVIL) as a POLITICAL ISSUE.  I have previusly told yu that every time I see the BIGOTS of CNN try to cater to religious bigotry that is mainlyh THEIRS, I woud repeat this headline.  Over the weekend, I saw about 1 minute (all I could stand) of CNN's piece on Romney.  Again, the BIGOTS of CNN (Blitzer, Cooper, Burnett, King, Morgan and all of the rest, although not all involved in this piece) tried to make Romney's Mormonism ("the way he prays") a politi al issue:  exactly where it doe NOT belong  As susual, the excuse was that Romney has a 'problem" with some evangelical Christians, because some evangelical Christians regard "Mormonism" as a "cult".  Memo to CNN: You bigoted hypocritres. The ONLY people making a POLITICAL "issue" out of Romney's religoin are YHOU.  Nope.  You are bad people--not just bad "journalists". 

I have mentioned my evangelical Christian barber before, who is SEROUIS abut his religon.  He has taken extensive Bible study classes, and belonged to groups really going into theology . My barber has told me that Mormonism is a cult, from the ponit of view of Christian theologians.  Support for CNN? Think again.  The people of CNN are BIGOTS, and BAD PEOPLE.  My barber is NOT a bigot, and a GOOD PERSON. My barber may regard Mormonism as a cult, in terms of RELIGION, but he is able to distinguish religion ("the way Romney prays") and and bigotry agaisnt Mormons.  My barber has been a strong supporter of Romney, ever since he got the nominain, even specificaly tellng me that Romney has some 'really good ideas for the country".  I, an agnostic--on the other hand--with not more unfavorable opinion of the Mormon religion than I have of any other, refused to support Romney, and would still be so refusing , if not for Obama tryng to ignore 4 dead Americans in Behghazi.  My barber undestands the difference between politics and RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE.  The BIGOTS of CNN do NOT.  Needless to say, I have a higher opinoin of my barber than I do of the people of CNN.  What am I saying?  I have a highter opinion of POND SUCM--whihc has an econological purpose, after all--than I do of the people of CNN.  CNN is a reall low bar for my barber, who really iis a good guy (a muc better person than I, whether it is due to his religon or not). Sure, CNN can--ad DID (BIGOTS that CNN people are) find ONE "evangelical Christian" who might talk unfavorably of Rmney as a possible President.  However, even then, I am not sure such a person would support Obama over Romney, in POLITICS.  My barber would tell CNN that Mormonism is a "cult", but he wuld also say that does not affect him voting for Romney for President . But CNN--I guarantee you--wants to CONVINCE "evangelical Christians" to vote for Obama, and that is why CNN keeps making an "issue" out of what is NOT an "issue" to anyone else (outside of MSNBC or other BIGOTS of the lefitst mind)

It is actually much more a legitimate "issue"--although not, I think, one we should be debating if teh other side did not insist--as to whether Obama is a HYPOCRITE on religion.  Romney makes no secret of being a Mormon. Atttacks on Mormonism are totally a matter of THEOLOGY--especially inappropriate for politics. Note, as I have said, that it is epfectly acceptable for a person to let his WON RELIGION "influence' his or her vote. Do you really believe in a religion, if it does not influence you?   But what is BIGOTRY is to make the theological details of a person's religoin an "issue" in a POLITICAL campaign.  That is what CNN has done, and keeps trying to do.  This is not something that can be "debated".  It is an EVIL thing to try to "debate" it.  Barack Obama, in contrast, does not realy beleive in what he professes to believe, as was true when he professed to believe (up until a matter of mer months ago) to beleive that marriage should be between one man and one woman.  Obama is a HYPOCRITE.  Unlike theoloogy, that is not an inappropriate issue.  The problem is that it is jsut too sordid and dangerous to get into treating a person's private beliefs as soemthing that can really be determined in political debate.  Better to stay away frm it, except that if CN wont, then neither will I.  Note that I have not even gone into the THEOLOGY of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the only "religoin" to which Barack Obama has even professed "belief" before he ran for President  Most Americans would not be comfortable with that theology, but CN is uninterested int hat.  that is because CNN peoople are DISHONEST PARTISANS, and merely want to USE "religon" as a political weapon.  Most CNN peopole do not believe in a religion any more than Barack Obama or I do, and CNN is primarily composed on anti-Christian bigots tring (lol) to convince CHRISTIANS who to vote (although I think CNN peole really are anti-Mormon bigots, since it is not a religion beloved of leftists).

Is Barack Obama ANTI-CHRISTIAN, as well as not being a Christian?  He is  He proved it again when he showed he had no idea of wha a "reeligoius conscience" is in his power paly (bribe of "women") represented by that regulation forcing Catholic entities to provide "free contraceptin" (including, by the way, morning aftger ills and other abortion related stuff).  Again and again, Obama has conducted a WAR on the Christian relgion, and especially peole who really believe in it.  That is why Bill Maher ade that contributin of one million dollars.  To me ,there is no doubt that any BELIEVING Christian would be stupid to vote for Barack Obama.

Can I talk for Christians?  Of course not.  I am an agnostic, and thre may be reasons some Christians can justify voting for Barack Obama  a man who has demonstratgted that he is willing to ATTACK your religon. Obama is not a Christian.  More impportantly, as a legitimate political issue, Barack Obama is anti-Christian . I can't see how ANY Christian can vote for him.  But I am an agnostic, so maybe I just don't get it.  To me, that is how a religon shuld most affect a person's vote: what will a candidate DO on matters affecting your relilgon and religous beliefs.  I have said, for example, that evangelical Chrisitans would be well advised to vote for ME, over a candidate like Barack Obama, because I will DO more to protect their right to believe in heir reigion, and ot promote their policy positins that are infuenced by their religon.  It is really impossible to know what a person really feels inside--whether a person "really believes" in a religion.  But you can get a really good idea of whether a person RESPECTS the beliefs of other peole, and what a peson will DO on matters affecting your religoni.  If you look at Barack Obama in that light, I don't see how any Christian can vote for him. We don't want to turn our electins into debates on THEOLOGY, or on "investigatin" into a peron's private religioous beliefs.  But it is a very relevant political issue as to how a politician will direct POLICY that affects religiouis organizatins and beliefs.  I have not problem with an "evangelical Christian" supporting another evangelicial Christian for President, all things being equal, so long as the person understands thta all things are NOT usualy equal.  My barber KNOWS, correctly, that Barack Obama is bad news for his religon,.  My barber also knows, correctly that Rmney is not bad news for his religon, wkhether Mormonism is a cult or not .

It is CNN that wants to make religious DOCTRINE a "poitical issue', and private religious beliefs and the nature of a person's church.  Well, Obama now is a 'man without a religon"--a "man without a church".  That is NOT a reason to vote for the man.  It is because Obama is NOT a Christian, as agnostics Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative agree.   The CNN attempt to make Obama's LACK of a reltion a VIRTUE--meaning CNN can ATTACK the religon of the other candidate without consequn ces--boggles my mind.  But you already knew that the people of CNN were the worstg hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four.

P.S  No proofreading or spell checknig (bad eyesight) .

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