Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jim Cramer and CNBC, Communists: Will China's Command Economy Save Us? Jim Cramer Says Yes

I kid you not.  I couldn't believe it.  Well, the problem is I could believe it.  I heard Jim Cramer, on CNBC this morning, say approximately the following;  "Chin's leader says that China will double the average income of all of its citizens over the next eight eyars.  China is a command economy, so maybe they can do it.  If so, they will bring the ret of the world along with them." 

Did Jim Cramer really say that Communist China's COMMAND ECONMY (Communism)  is the man HOPE to "save" the "free market" (to one degree or another) economies of the world?  He did.  I have told yo ufor YEARS that CNBC, including Crame, do not believe in a frfee market system.  They do believe in a COMMAND ECONOMY.  Okay, the "command economy" they believe in is "economic fascism", rather than Communism, directed by Balout Ben Bernanke. Obama-types and leftist econoists/Wall St. people.  But how can yoiu interlpet Cramer as saing anything but that a COMMAND ECONMY has the opportunity to wave a magic wand and produce a better econmy than this "outmoded" free market idea.  "Economic fascism", by the wy, is a PARTNERSHP between Big Business/Wall St. and Big Government to CONTROL the econmy by the actins of falible men (like Bailout Ben).  It has little to do with Hitler, who merely adopted the economic concept as consistent with his totalitarian rule.  Nothing to do with Jews, or the Final Solutoin.  Economic fascism has been accurately described as :  "socialism with a capitalist veneer."The point is that it is a COMMAND economic system of exactly the kind Cramer endorsed, to NODS from other peole on CNBC. 

My 900 year old mother, more in tune with today's Twitter generatin, put it more succinctly as to describing Obama , Cramer, CNBC and other leftists:  "He (Obama) wants to give people things 'free', and he wants to tell people what to do."  That describes Cramer's/CNBC's idea of a perfect economic system perfectly so long as THEY are not told to do something they don't want to do (hence the "partnership"--the deluded fools). Yep.  Cramer, CNBC and the rest have been pushing BAILUTS ever since 2008, to the present.  Wall St. is still being BAILED OUT every single day. by Fed "pro-active" policy. (Bailout Ben). 

Exactly what can Cramer and CNBC pont to as examples of how a "command econoomy" works so well?  Cuba?  Soviet Unnion?  Slave economy of the Old South?  Feudal Europe? Hell, MODERN Europe?  There are NO exampes of command econoies workng really well. That is why free market economyies developed in the first place. Indeed, CHINA improved its economy primarily by adopting CAPITALIST principlles, with LESS restrictins on business (in many ways) than, say, Obama is trying to imose.  Joe Biden even once said that if you wanted to build a COAL PLANT, you should go to China where they don't care about all of that pollution. China does not pay attetin to the absurdity of destorying an economy because of the myths of "global waring'.  But China does remain a "command econmy" in many senses, and that will eventually lead to its DESTRUCTIN (unless it continues to evolve toward a fre market econmy with real freedom). A free market economy is intertwined with freedom, and yu reallyl can't have freedom without it.  Why does a command econmy ALWAYS fail?  It is because command economies, by definition, rely upon MEN to CONTROL and GUIDE the eocnmy based on their falible decisonis.  Then when the inevitable WRONG decisinos occur, there is no "automatic" correctin.  Eventually, mere MEN get something WRONG, and do not act quickly enough to adjust and correct the situation.  The artificial DISTORTINS in the eocnmy BUILD, iuntil the final colapse occurs.  See the demise of the Soviet Union.  The econmy becomes like that Tacoma bridge tearing itself to pieces. 

But Cramer, and CNBC, have bought fully into the idea that MEN can CONTROL the econmy such as to make it "work".  No evidence for this.  It has just beomce a RELIGON: the same old religon of the left.  That is why it does nto matter if any individual decison of this kind of economy is right or wrong: whether any individual decsion of Bernanke or an all-powerful Federal Government is right or wrong.  A frfee market econmy is SELF-CORRECTING, without IMPOSED DISTORITONS.  A command economy has NO mechanism for correcting errors, or allocating resources without major distortins--except the judgments of fallible men who CANNNT know enough.  No.  Cramer and CNBC have again illustratged why we are headed for disaster.  We are NOW operation on the idea that MEN can DIRECT the world econmy I would laugh, if I were not crying so hard.  You know my problem with Romney.  I don't think he really thought differently: just that HE could direct things better than Obama and Bernanke (probably right about that).

Memo to Cramer: and CNBC; I know who you are, and I will keep teling peole.  You are econmic fascists, who really do believe in what I call the magic wand theory of government.  That is the "theory" that all government leaders and central bankers have to do is wave a magic wnd, imposing the "solutions" leftists and Wall St. have agreed upn (that unholy "alliance"), and we will have paradise on Earth, with no pain.  Hogwash.  This concept is so divorced from reaity that it might qualify as clinical schizophrenia.  I assume you know that sxhizophrenia is not a "split personality", but disassociaton from reality.  Describes Cramer and CNBC.  Econmic fascists pushing a discredited "idea' from more than 100 years ago.

P.S. no proofreading or spell checknig (bad eyesight).  I still think yu outght to pay me for creating these difficult word puzzles for your enjoyment and entertainment.

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