Friday, August 10, 2012

Erin Burnett: Bigot on The Bigoted, Anti-Christian Network

John King, of course, has already convicted CNN, and basicaly ALL of the peole on CNN, of being EVIL peole destroyinig the "civility" of our politics.  King, as I have pointed out repeatedly, in cluding at the time of his rant, thought he was accusing peole who questioned Barack Obama's religion of evil, because King was asserting that questioning the way a political candiate "prays' is an evil ting in American politics. King was mainly wrong about Barack Obama, of course, although I agree (see previus article) that a person's religous beliefs, and RELIGIOUS DOCTRINES of a person's religion, are really not a proper subject of political debate.  However, the "issue" with regrad to Barack Obama is NOT the "way he prays", but the HONESTY of the way he SAYS he prays.  See the previus article as to how Bill Maher and I agree that Barack Obama is not realy a Christian, no matter what he SAyS.  Could this HYPOCIRSY be regraded as a valid character issue?  Sure.  But it is jsut too "divisive' a way to conduct political campaigns to start making them all about a person's personal religion.  Note, On Thursday evening, Erin Burnett, on CNN, again showed why John King has realy CONVICTED himself and his network of EVIL, and tryhing to make the 'way a person prays" aPOLITICAL ISSUE in a Presidentail campaign.  Erun Burnett, and CNN, are NOT accuseing Mitt Romney of hypocrisy, or not believing what he says he believes.  Rather, Erin Burnett, and CNN, are directly doing what John Kng has correctly labeled as an EVIL thing:  directly maknig the RELIGIUOS DOCTRINES of the Mormon Chruch a plitical issue, and trying to make the Mormon Church itself a political issue 9after CNN regarded Barack Obama''s  membership in REverend Wright's anti-American church as not an appropriate "issue' in 2008). 

I did not even believe how far Erin Burnett, BIGOT< went on Thrusday evening (the last time I will ever even surf her program, as I cannot condone this kind of EViL) . This is not hyperbole.  Erin Burnett, and CNN, actually tried to make a political issue out of who will be chosen to give the INVOCATIN at the GOP convention.  h Can you realally be any more of a BIGOT than this?  Mesage to Rein Burnett:  You are one of the most desicable religious BIGOTS I have ever seen, on the most religiously bigoted network I have ever seen (maybe be azuse I don't surf much of MSNBC,. although MSNBC could hardly be WORSE).  The INVOCATION?????!!!!!!!!!  You are gong to try to make an ISSUE out of the INVOCATION?  Hw BIGOTED can a person get?

Doubt me?  Never do that. It just makes you look like a fool.  If you had any doubts about the BIGOTRY of Erin Burnett, and that she is a partisan poitical hack, Burnett went on to make the purpose of her BIGOTERY clear.  No, Burnett had no "inside' information as to what would be said in the invocation at the GOP convention, or even who would give it.  Rather, she had a 'frome Moron" (translation:  anti-Mormon activist) as a "guet" on this large segment.  The whole ponit of this was to make an ISSUE out o the"way Mitt Romney prays'. YHOU EVI BIGOTS (CNN).  The idea waS that Mitt Romney would NOT chose a Mormon to participate in the invocation, becaUse he is trying to "avoid" the "issue' in his campaign. WHT ISSUE?  I repeat;  YOU EVIL BIGOTS.  I further repeat:  Barack Obama is a dishoenswt hypocrite on religin, and is not a Christian.  So this guest said (aS I changed channles):  "Yuo can be sure that a Mormon will not participate in the invocatin, because Mitt Romney has been trying to ignore the issue for more than a year."  WHAT ISSUE?  Why is Mitt Romey's religion--not the honesty of his beliefs, but the RELIGION ITSELF--a proper "issue' in this campaing. And why, by the way, would it raise this 'issue" if a Mormon were shosnen to do the invocatin (or as one of the peope to participate)?  Only the EVIL, BIGOTED peole of CNN would try to make an ISSUE out of a MORMON doing the invocatin. 

Oh.  You want more.  To try to "justify" the way the EViL BIGOTS of CNN are trying to make an ISSUE out of the "way Romney prays", BIGOT Erin Burneet sort of threw in this:  "We know Mittt Romney is involved in his religon, and 'high up' in the Mormon Church.'  Ms. urnett, you are a LIAR.  We "know' no such thing.  Yes, we know that Mitt Romney is "active" in his religin in the way that a person who really participates in his church might be ctive (as a "dacon", I believ).  Does this make Romney 'High up" in the Mormon religin, and WHY (again) is that a proper issue in a politicl campaing?   Notice how CNN, and BIGOT Erin Burnett, are trying to mkae a VIRTUE out of Barack ObaMa supposedly NOT PARTICIPATING in his religion . Was Barack Obama "high up" in Reverend Wright's church?"  He was certainly active in RAISING MONEY for the church. They were POLTICAL ALLIES. But why is it a VIRTUE to be INACTIVE in your church?  The  DISHONEST Erin Burnett does not say, but this is the SAME reason that Bil Maher gave one millin dollars to Barck Obama.  CNN, and atheist Erin Burnett (it takes an agnostic to now one) , agree totally with Bill Maher: They do not believe that Barack Obama is a Christian.  To them, this is a VIRTUE.  That is becaUse the people of CNN are BIGOTS (anti-Christian as well aS anti-mormon).

I have noted before that my "fundamentalist", evangelical Christian barber has told me that Mormonism is a "cult", rather than a true Christian religin.  However, my barber suports Mitt Romney?  Why is that? It is becaZUse he is not a BIGOT, like Erin Burnett and the rest of CNN.  My barber--ulike me--is impressed wiht Roney's ideas", and what he thinks Romney will do for the country.  My barber is willing to forget matters of RELIGOUS DOCTRINE, and vote for whom he thinks will be the best President.  That is becaUse my barber--as every evangelical Christian I have ever been associated with--is more TOLERANT than the BIGOTS of CNN. 

Did you notice how dishoenst Erin Burnett suggested that having a "former Mormon" as a guest somehow gave the guest credibiluty?  Maybe Dishoenst Erin should have had Harry Reid on to talk aobut HIS Mormonism, The idea that a FORMER member of a relgin is somehow a "plus" is so dishonest, I caN't even express how bad it is.  This GUARANTESS that you ahave a person with an AGENDA (as the "idiscussion" made clear.  Burnett, of courfse, had the SAME AGENDA, which explaIns why she does not undersntad this. 

"But, Skip, aren't yubeing too harsh on our Erin.  Sure, CNN is trying to suppport BaRack Obama, and trying to use Romney' sMormonism against him--while refuseing to talk about Obama's relligin.  But does this really make her a bigot?  Is it not more likely that she is just a politicaL partisan with an agenda, like everyone else?"

Oh, Erin Burnett is a PARTISAN HACK (as is true of almost everyone on CNN).  I haVe no doubt of that.  However, I vote (as usual) for BOTH.  Yes, Erin Burnett is a partisan hack, but she is also an EviL BIGOT.  Do you really think it makes her ook "better" to say that she is merely trying to USE BIGOTRY, along with the rest of CNN, as a potical weapon, even though she knows it is a fALSE, EvIL "issue'?  To me, tis is a particularly invidious form of BIGOTRY and DISHONESTY.  But I dn't think yyou can even do it wiht the convictin that CNN does it without the BIGOTRY IN YOUR SOUL . How can Erin Burnett throw ut that Mitt Romney is supposedly 'high up" int he Mormon Church, whithut being PREJUDICED agaInst the Mormon Church.  And this bog haS long chonicled the CNN BIGOTRY agaInst Christians (at least those who really believe in their relgin) . No, Erin Burnett, you are an EVIL BIGT.  I stand by that statement.  And I would say so to your face.  Deny it if you can.  I invite you to comment on this blog, or  ANYONE with the bravery to try to come to your "dsefense".  Yes, this is my standard "journaistic" poly used levery time by CNN.  If "journaists" caN use, it, so caN I.  Unlike evil "journalists", I do NOT EDIT any comment on this blog, or ever delete one.  I do not promise, of coure, to be "fair" to Erin Burnett, or anyone else who does try to defend her. I do promise to be jsut as "fair" as she, herself is, or as Anderson Cooper is. 

P.S. no proofreading or spell ccheckng (bad eyesight). 

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