Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gas Prices: Fatal to Obama?

A news item today you may have overlooked is that gasoline prices set a NEW RECORD for this date, and will likely remain high through the Labor Day weekend. And wahat if we have another hurricane in the Gulf of Mexcico? 

This blog has repeatedly predicted taht Barack Obama LOSES this electin if the economy does not materially IMPROVE by electin day.  How can it, with gas prices HIGH and FOOD PRICES even hogjer

Sure, Isaac had an effect on gas prices, even though it was pretty much a non-event (for a hurricane). But, if it were not for Obama and Bailout Ben Bernanke, we would not be in this situation with NO "margin for error". We have "stealth inflatin" going on, and Obama policies--combined wiht Bailut Ben and his money printing--have made ti certain that nay ATTEMPTED "recovery" will SHUT DOWN immediately, because of immediate rises in energy, food and commodity prices.

With the econmy in EUROPE collapsing, how can we possibly handle 'recorfd" gas prices, when we don't even yet have a real "recovery".  The answer is probably tghat we CAN'T handle it, and that the economyh CAN'T IMPROVE. 

Can we even stay the same: no growth, but no collapse.?  I ma becoming mroe and more pessimistic on that.  Yo may discount this, because you know I am naturally a pessimist. Btut the "headwinds" developing are truly formidable, and it is hard to see how we make headway against them.

This "record" on gas prices is just another indicatin that the "headwinds" to the econmy are indeed formidable.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesght).  Will Obama make a last throw of the dice with teh Strategic Oil Reserve, even though he KNOWS (form last summer) that it cannot be used to successfully control prices?  Maybe. 

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