Friday, August 10, 2012

President Obama Is NOT a Christian: Noted Agnostics Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative Agree

Okay.  Bill Maher is not really a skeptical agnostic, but a militant , intolerant anti-Christian (which is why he has so often been featured on The Anti-Christian Network (CNN)).  I, meanwhile, am a TOLERANT SKEPTIC (septical even of my own skepticism, in the traditoin of the Roman philosopher, Lucian-seee Will Duran'ts "Caesar and Christ").  But Bill Maher has said Barack Obama is not really a Christian, but a "secular humanist". That is obviously why Maher has given one MILLIN dollars to the Obama PAC.  I agree totally with Maher on this assessment of Obama,, whose ONLY religion is leftist ideology.  President Obama is truly a "man without a religioni", and--as far as I am concerned--a "man without a country".  It is no accident that the sister of Cuban dictator Raul Chavez said that she supported Barack Obama as a "citizen of the world"  (Obama's own assessment of himself).

Why keep repeating this?  I have already told you: so long as CNN and the rsto of the BIGOTS of the mainstream media keep talking abut Romney being a MORMON (like Harry Reid, of course), I am gonig to talk about the FACT that Barack Obama is not a Christian . Even though this makes Bara k Ob ama a HYPOCIRTE (as Romney can hardly be, since he is not denying he is a Mormon), I don't think religion--especially religious doctrine, should be an active "issue" in a Presidential campaign (not the same as tkhe aquestin of whehter a person's relligion can validly influence that person's vote). Even though Obama is a dhishonest HYPOCRITE on religino, that is hardly the kind of issue that reallyl tells you whether he is a good President (just as the fact that Romney is a MORMON has NOTHING to do with whether he would make a better President than Barack Obama, in terms of public issues that can actualy be argued in a political campaign).  It is the BIGOTS of CNCN and the mainstream media how want to make Obama's positin as a "man without a religion" a WEAPON to USE in a politcal campaign (attacking Romney based on the "way he prayrs", to quote that famous HYPOCRITE, John King, of CN).

But I am not a Christian That means I do not uturn the other cheek. If the BIGOTS of CNN are going to try to USE religious DOCTRINE agaisnt Mitt Roney, because they think they have intimidated people into not questioning Barack Obama's, religion, then they have another think coming.  Thse are EVIL peole (the people of CNN), and I wouyld be a fellow traveller in EVIL if I lwt them get away with this (even as I refuse to support Mitt Romney myself, on substance rather than BIGOTRY). 

Yes, I am constantly rEPEATING this theme, becaUse the BIGOTS of CNN keep REPEATING their BIGOTRY.  See the next article on that famous BIGOT, Erin Burnett (on The Bigoted Network).   And, yes, the HYPOCRISY of Barack  Obama is actually a MORE VALID issue than the way Mitt Romney prays (religius doctringe, and the attempt to make the Mormon Chruch an actual issue in a political campaign).    Even though it is a more valid issue that Barack Obama is dishoenst on religion, as he was on gay marriage, it is still an issue (a lperson's religious beliefs) that we should NOT be raising as a pubic issue in a politicaL campaign.  So long as CNN keeps raising it, however, I wil keep pinting out how BAD Barack Obama is on religon.  It is, of course, a valid issue that SHOULD be raised that Barack Obama is an ENEMY OF RELIGION (especially most Christian religions).  That has nothing to do with Barack Obama's personal lack of religoni and religious diishonety.  It is a POLICY issue. 

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