Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Howard Dean Agrees wihtg Me: Barack Obama Is a Liar

Howrd Dean (Sunday, on ABC's "This Week"): The Ameerican peope will never believe that Democrats will "cut" 716 billion dollars from Medicare."

Obama SOLD ObamaCare as a "fully paid for" (lol) bill by "payring for" PART of it out os supposed "cuts" in Medicare.  Did not Howard Dean just call Obama a LIAR?  Sure he did.  But The Maverick Conservative did it first, AT THE TIME of the ObamaCare debate. I agreed THEN with Howard Dean NOW:  Obama and Democrats will never make REAL "cuts" in Medicare, although they may pretend they have somehow figured out a way to "sve" money out of Medicare withut pain. Nope.  Will never happen, and has not happened.  About half of the proposed "cuts" were in "savings" (what Obama calls "cutting waster", although for a GOP President the media would cal it "cuts").  The other half--the reason AARP ws BRIBED to support ObamaCare,--of the "cuts" was in SUBSIDIES to Medicare Advantage.  In otherwords, Obama wnats to LIMIT the ooptions open to seniors.  Paul Ruyan--who I have issues with on the SLOWNESS of his "deficit reduction--says that he wants to INCRFEASE optins for senirors.  Ryan has NEVER proposed changing Medicare for ANYONE now over 55 years of age, and his present "compromise", "bipartisan" plan proposes merely to give SENIORS OPTIONS (including the option to KEEP Medicare pretty much as it is) . Contrst that with Obama ELIMINATING OPTIONS for seniors, and "promising" that you (referring to non-seriours her) could keep your present heatlh insurance plan IF YOU LIKED IT.  Thatg last is a tTOTLAL LIE, as government requirments (such as "free contraception") will make sure that the heaalth insuranc eplan you "liked" WILL NOT EXIST. 

But Obama DOUBLED DOWN on a LIE today.  First, he made the familiar claim that he is not reallly "cutting' Medicare, but jsut reducing waste.  That is a lie, but not the main lie todya.  Obama said that his CUTS in Medicare have "extended Medicare eght eyars".  Alredy, Meicare is receiving MORE than half of its funding from general revenues.  But even that is not the main point.  Remember, Obama said that one of the ways he was PAYING FOR ObamaCare ("fully paid for' was the consistent LIE) was to "cut" Medicare (in "savings" and in gutting Medicare Advantage).  Obama has always DOUBLE COUNTED, and did so again today . What this blog has consistently, and correctly, told you is that ANY "savings" ("cuts") in Medicare NEED to be applied to SAVE MEDICARE.  Obama just aditted today that I am right.

When Obama says that he has "extended Medicare" eith years (lie that such claim is), he is saying that we NEED the "cuts" Obama is making in Medicare to SAVE MEDICARE.  Then how can Obama turn around and say that ObamaCare is "fully paid for".  The money we NEED (by Obama's own admitssin) to SAVE MEDICARE is being TRASFERRED to "pay for" ObamaCare.  as I have said, and the Medicare actuary has regularly suggested, ObamaCare HURTS MEDICARE by creating another entitlement EATING UP MONEY needed for Medicare--not to mention eating up doctors and medical resources that seniors probably need MORE than younger peole (think, agian, fREE CONTGRACETPIN being PREFERRED OVER LIFE SAVING DRUGS< SUCH AS CANCER DRUGS). 

No.  ObamaCare, as a HUGE new entitlement siponing off MONEY and RESOURCES at a time Medicare and Medicaid are already on the verge of bankrupting this country, will DESTORY MEDICARE.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  Now Medicare is a deeply flawed program that needs complete rethinnking.  Foll disclousure: Id id not support Medicare when it was originally passed (and I was about 18), and I do not support it now (as the totally government program it is, outside of the Obama attacked Medicare Advantage and the Medicare Drug Benefit program).   But the ONLY way to "save" Medicare in any form is to rework it, and Medicaid, to keep those programs from bankrupting us.  Ryan is right about thaat.  What I don't like is the Ryan/House SLOW pace of deficit reduction, and then the HYPOCRISY of the farce of a "debt ceilign debate" AND the "Balanced Budget Amendment".  It is certainly a FARCE (the "Balanced Budget Amendment) from the point of view of Ryan and essentially ALL GOP politician--who ALL jsut use it as a "talking pint' n which they do not really believe). 

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