Saturday, August 25, 2012

Obama and the Democrats: Running on Death and Taxes

 You are familiar with this statement:  "There is nothing certain in life but death and taxes."

And the media has claimed Obama is "brilliant".  I admit I have not seen this, despite the media, althugh this blog HAS proclaimed President Obama to be a COMIC genius. But I may change mymind.  "Brilliant" may be the only word to describe the "theme" for the Democratic Convention, and the fall electin campaign.  Since everyone knows that we cannot avoid death and taxes, they have decided to EMBRACE them as the entire baseis of their campaign.

Really.  Obama and the Democrats seem enthusiastic about death (abortion) and taxes (on the "rich") as being the entire basis of their convention, and their election campaign.  Todd Akin is going to be talked about like he is the gOP nominee, or at least the man in charge of gOP policy from now on, no matter who is in office.   And the Democrats are going to segue from that to abortion (Gop platform)--death--and taxes (class warfare).

Econmy?  Jobs?  Forget it.  This is the really briliant plan Obama and the Democrats have come up with:  "We need to concentrate on the two things that have been recognized as most important since the beginning of time:  death and taxes". If they are inevitable, we need to embrace them, and make them work for us.  Besides, women are stupid, They will believe anything, if our media women tell them so. We already have them with this 'free contraceptoin" bribe (at a cost--ObamaCare, or another form of death policy--that they don't seem to realize they can't afford).  This 'death and taxes' campaign will close the deal with women."

Iknow:  This "if rape is inevitable, enjoy it" idea did not work for Clayton Williams, running for governor of Texas.  But Obama and the Democrats seem to think that Todd Akin can be associated with that idea, and through him the entire GOP, rather than women realizing that it is Obama and the Democrats really running with this (figurative) idea as to death and taxes.  Obama and the Democrats evidently believe that women will learn to "enjoy" what Obama and the Democrats are doing to them on the economy, so long as they can be deflected with this death and taxes theme. In fact, it can also be analogized to that other "advice" given to women, long ago, if they are experienceing an unplesant experience: "Just close your eyes and think of England.'.  Since Obama considers himself a "citizen of the world" and aBOVE America, the advice here would probably be:  "Just close yur eyes, listent to media women, and think of Obama.'

The other caveat as to how "brilliant' this plan to run on death and taxes is was mine.  Women are intensely lPRACTICAL creatures.  My older daughter (wh considers hrself a feminist, but keeps sayig things like this, as is true of all "feminists") assures me this is so:  She says "sex" is NEVER the primary goal of a woman, which is explains why women are willing to consider money, and so many other things, without being distracted by mere sexual attractin  My daughter insists that MEN, on the other hand., often let sexual attractin overwhelm them completely, whcih NEVER happens to women.  Hey.  Don't blame ME. I am jsut repeating what my olde, feminist daughter has told me more than once.  If women are really that PRACTICAL, rather than either romantic or ideological, are they not gonig to VOTE (in the end) based on the PRACTICAL view of the economy and jobs?  Many of them may not LIKE the GOP attitude on abortion, and refusal to give them special bribes, but are women not--in the end--gong to vote  what they perceive their economic SELF-INTEREST?  And are even women dumb enough to believe that a HYPOTHETICAL argument about the details of THEORETICAL abortion laws that cannot be passed in any form unless the Supreme Court changes its mind is more for them to worry abut than their ECONOMIC LIFE?  I don't think so.  Nor are women likely to believe that "taxes on the recih" are really gong to have good PRACTICAL effects on their economic life.

Funny.  I seem to have talked myself into questioning whether this Obama/Democrat idea of running on DEATH AND TAXES is really that "brilliant'.  Oh well.  I am probably missing something.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  Oh, the basic contention that Obama and the Democrats appear to have decided on a conventin, and campaign, based on embracing DEATH AND TAXES, comes frm Rush Limbaugh.

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