Sunday, August 5, 2012

President Obama Is a Muslim: Harry Reid and I Agree He Must PROVE He Is Not

No. I have no actual evidence that Barack Obama is a Muslim.  However, the 'word is out" that Barack Obama IS A MUSLIM. I have MULTIPLE "sources" to that effect, including members of my own family.

Hacker Boy (hacknig into this disgraceful blog in lthe interest of truth, justice and the American way--so long as you don';t include 'God' as part of the "American way".  I am no longer bothering to deny that I am Piers Moran, and that I leanred all about hackng, and getting hackers to do what I want, as part of my previous employment with a Rupert Murdoch compnay): "Skip. You haVe gone comletely off of the rais. I expect you to be on the news any day now as someone who has shot up a theater full of peole. You have previously called peole who believe Barack Obama is a Mulsim, including your own 90 year old mother, KOOKS.  Now you write a headline saying that Barack Obama is a Muslim.  And you call me, and other leftists, hypocrites.  You are disgusting."

Skip: "Ah, Piers. .I am glad you are displaying that inteligence (lol) that has given you an audience that numbers less than the admittedly small audience for this blog.  I am merely applying the standards of HARRY REID, one of the idols of yourself aNd CNN."

You remember Harry Reid, Senate Majortiy Leader?  Neihter does anyone else, outside of the poor peoile of Nevada (who DESERVE what they have, since they re-elected him).  Well, as is true of Barack Obama, Democrat Reid COUNTS on the MEDIA (including the unfair and unbalanced network--as they proved again this weekendl) to back him up when he says something RRIDICULOSUS for POLITICAL reasons.  Of course Reid is DISHONEST.  But he is suposed to be PARTISAN (if not so viciously dishonest as lthis).  What is tghe exuse of CNN, and the rest of our media?  Right.  They have NO
"excuse".  The EXPLANASTION is that CNN, and our media, are comopesed of DISHOENST HYPOCRITGES.

Harry Reid mae a major "speech"/charge that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for TN YERS.  Did Reid have any EVIDENCE for that "chrage"?  Not a chance.  He MADE IT UP., based on PARTISAN "SOURCES".  That is EXACTLY what I did wiht the abov ve headline.  Reid said that the 'word is out" that Romney paid no taxes for those ten years, and that the only way for Romney to DISPROVED it is to release his tax returns for ALL of those years.  Why did Reid say anyting that RIDICULOUS?  Right.  He does not care whether his "chaRge" is FAE.  His ONLY idea is to USE the HYPOCIRTES of the mainstream media to FORCE Romney to release some incredible number of tax rturns.  He, of course, further rlies on the PARTISANS of the media to make those TAX RETURNS (after Roney is forced to rellease them) as the major "issue' in the campaign (no matter what is in tem). 

Is Romney STUPID enough to fall for this trap?  I know SOME "conservatives", and almost ALL GOP estalbishment peole (no better than Harry Reid, and perhaPs WORSE), are falling into this absurdity of suggesting that this kind of DISHONEST absrudity can only be met by Romney releasing "more' tax returns.  But, hey, I never said that I think EITHER the estalbishement GOPO, or 'estalbishhment" (CN) "conservatives", are smart peole.  Theyare just as much my ENEMIES as CNN and the rest of the left.  That is why I do NOT support Mitt Rommeny. I am more lthan afraid--since I am convinced it is true--that Mitt Romney is one of the very type of peole who are "falling for' this Reid/Obama/Democrat SCAM that it is an imprortant "issue' for Romney to release some incredible number of years of his tax returns (in a "fishoing expeditin", which will then be USED to try to make those tax returns the MAIN ISSUE in the campaign).

If Ropmney releases ONE more tax return beyond 2010 and 2011, then Romney DESERES TO LOSE.  But, as you know, I already think he deserves to lose,, and his reactin to this FALSE "issue" of tax returns confiirms it to me.  What do I mean?  I mean that Romney is DEFENSIVE on this, rather than standing up to PRINCIPLE and ATTACKNG the MEDIA.  All Romney shoiuld say is that this elecitn is too imporatnt to be about some "fishong expecdtin" into his tax retgurns, and that the Aermican peole are owrried aobut JOBS aNd the EcoNMY (not the details of his tax returns).  If Romney loses, I state this as a FACT: It will NOT be because he refuses to release any more tax returns.  It MAY (partly) be becazuse he is such a WIMP. I men, really. Wht did he say to Harry Reid?  Did he say this shows why the ECOMY is so bad: worrying about how much TAXES people pay in a totally POLITICAL way, when they should be worrying about the ECoNMY?  Nope.  Romney "challenged" Reid to "disclose his sources".  Not nearly good enough.  Ropmney hsould be on the ATTACK:  merely USING any questinos aobut his tax returns to ATTTAcK on the ECONOMY, including an ATTACK on how the "news" media haS an agenda to make this electin about ANYTIHING but the ecoomy.  Romney needs to say htis:  I am concentrating on how to change course in a way that our economy realy recovers.  I refuse to make this elecitn about my tax returns.  I am through answering quesitnw about my tax returns.  I have released enough informatin to let you know abut the kind of money and income I haVe.  I haVe realeased all of the infformaitn that the law requires, and mroe.  There will be NO more.  If you peole in the media want to try to convince poele to SELL OUT their ocuntry based on whether you are allowed to to pick over my tax returns lookng for some sort of  items yhou can DISTORT and HYPE, then so be it.  I am trying to save this country.  I will not cater to this attempt to deflect peoile away from the real issues, which is all the Democrats are abut.  My electin is going to stand an fall on wha peole think abut whehter I can help them have a bter life, and better opportuniites ofr JOBS.  If Democrats don't like that, then I thkk that tells you a lot more about them than about me.

Nope.  Romney has NOT said anything  close to htat.  Cohnttrary to what the media narrative is, it DOES NOT MATTE (now).  But it WILL MATTER if Rmney can't learn to ATTACK on this "qauestin", instead of merely acting evasieve (which worked in the GOP nominatin ONLY becaUse the media AND the GOP "establishment" realy FAVORFED Romeny over any really conservative alternative). 

But I haV decided to adopt the HaRry Reid approach, ENDORFSED by a mainstream meida that allowed Barack Obama to go through the laSt electin without ever even producing his birth certificate.  Yep. Harry Reid just proved the "brfithers" are RIGHT:  if it were a GOP candidate "alleged" to havbe been bron in Kenya, the media wuld have DEMANDED that the candidate DISPROVE IT.  And, no, the " irth certificate" would not have been enough, so lng as "questins" kept being raised (like Harry Reid sayhing the "word is out"). 

Leftists, and our media, truly are the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or fur. 

P.S No proofreaidng or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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