Monday, August 27, 2012

Obama and Taxes: Leftist Ideologue/Extremist

Do you realize that President Obama himself makes clear jsut how much of an EXTREMKIST he is on taxes?

What Obama says is that he ispropsing to raise income taxes (ObamaCare taes are another iissue) on only the top 2% of income earners. Obama puts it another, even mroe revealing, way:  "The GOP and I agree on 98% of  tax rates. We are only disputing taxes for the top 2% of ihcomes."

Look at how EXTREME this positin is:  by OBAMA.  Notice, first, that th e"Bush tax cuts" gave MOST of their benefits to the "middle 'class", and poorer. Over 10 years, the "Bush tax cuts' "saveed" the middle class (and lower) 3.3 TRILLION dollars, while "saving' the "top 2%" "only" 7000 billion ("only" 70 billion each year).  It is simply a LIE (by our Liar-i-Chief to sayt hat the Bush tax cuts were mainly "for the rich", or that EXTENDING the Bush tax cuts (i full) is "only for the rich". 

But look at how EXTREME Obama is!!!!!  He is sacrificing the ECONOMY for...WHAT?  To use President Obama's favorite (usually dishonest when he uses it) rhetorical device:  ALL economists, and financial peole, agree that UNCERTAINTY on taxes is a KILEER.  Leftist economists and conservative economiss agree on this.  Indeed, essentially all economists agree that raising ANY tax rtes SLOWS the economy (the dispute being over how much, and whether it is still "fairer" to increase taxes on "the rich" than to cut spending). 

What Obama is doing is holding TAX CERTAINTY HOSTAGE for 100% of the people, includng the 98% that Obama says SHOULD have this tax certainty, because of Obama's IDOLOGICAL/POLITICAL,. class warfare, belief that the "rich should pay more taxes. 

President Obama told Joe the Plumber that he did not much care whether increased taxes on "the rich" actually raises more more REVENUE for the government, because Obama believes in redistributin of the wealth: that it is "fairer" for the 'rich" to paya higher tax RATE, whether or onot that really raises mroe TAX REVENUE. 

This is EXTREME, to th epoint of being FANATIC.  ALLeconomic "experts" agree that one of the things holding the economy back is tghe UNCERTAINTY over what income taxes are going to be: next year and the years after that.  The GOP WANTS to make ALL of the "Bush tax cuts" (on income taxes) PERMANENT.  That would HELP the eeconomy, by providing CERTAINTY.  No, it doesn't matter that middle class" voters may rightly figure that they will eventualy get to keep their tax cut.  There is jsut no doubt that this UNCERTAINTY over taxes is KILLING the economy.  There is further no doubt that more taxes on the "top 2%" will SLOW the econmy (only qauestion over how much).  Thus, what Obama is dong is PUNISH the econmy because of his EXTREME IDEOLOGY, and he wants the "class warfare" POLITICAL ISSUE>  This is the mark of an EXTREME FANATIC, and/or a political opportunist putting politics over our economic recovery. 

But "extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich will increase the deficit." .......................................Sorry.........................Sorry................................Sorry........................on the loor in my usual fetal positin, alughing/crying.  Obama has told us time and time again that he DOES NOT CARE about the short-term deficit.  It is difficult for me to be sure what Obama even wants to do with the MIDDLE CLASS tax cuts.  Yahoo, a little while back, pubished a story that said Obama only wanted to extend the "middle class" tax cuts ONE YEAR. I don't trust Yahoo "News", or the mainstream media, and it is hard for me to believe that the GOP would not be makng a BIG ISSUE out of this (if ture).  To raise taxes on  the "top 2%" AND continue the eyarly uncetainty for the rest of us, would be the WORST of all possible polices.  Again, would the GOP not be makng a BIG ISSUE out of this:  pointing out that Obama does nto even want to provide tax certatiny for the MIDDLE CLASS?  Proble: I believe that the GOP is often this STUPID.  Nevertheless, let us assume, for the sake of argumetn, taht Obama is willing to PERMANENTLLY extend the Bush tax cuts for the "middle class" (and poorer). . That will "cost" 3.3TRILLION dollars (not really, because the ECONOMY will be better than it would otherwise be.  Stopping th e"Bush tax cuts" for the "top 2%" will ony "save" 70 billion dolars per year, and 700 billin dollars over ten years.  Clearly, this only has a MINIMAL effect on the deficit.  Short term, Obama AND the GOP have passed "compromise", "temporary", "payroll tax cuts" (and extensins), and extensions of extended unemployhment benefits. These "stimulus" measures have COST (when other things in the bills are included) about 15l0 BILLIN dollars a year, or about 300 BILLION dolalrs for 2011 and 2012. It is obvius to everyone that Obama does NOT CARE about the deficit.  I would assert that the GOP does NOT CARE about the defict, in reality.  But that is absolutely certain for Obama.  Note that 300 BILLIN is almost HALF of what MIGHT (as government rEVENUE might actually go DOWN) be "raised" by increasing the tax rate for the "top 2". 

What you have here is a FANATIC  EXTREMIST/political oooporunist (as usual, I vote for both) who is willing to SELL OUT the economy for ideological reasons, when the "deficit savings' are IMMATERIAL.  Obama's original "stimulus' bill ALONE added MORE (800 plus BILLION) to the Federal deficit in TOW YEARS (or so) than this tax increase on the "top' 2%" will add to the deficit OVER THEN YEARS (assuming that it even adds extra revenue, and that legal tax evasin and sloer growth will not ADD more to the deficit than the "projected" money raised by the extra taxes). 

If President Obama loses this electin, he has only himself to blame.  He says he is in "98% agreement" with the GOP.  For that 2%, which will hae an IMMATERIAL effect ont he deficit, especially in comparison with other things we have done and are doing, Obama is SACRIFICING OUR ECONOMY IN 2012. Again that is the makr of an EXTREMIST FANATIC: nto a leader ro believer in "compromise". 

But the GOP could agree to that same 2%, and get 98% of what THEY WANT."  Yes, but Obama is PRESIDENT.  The idea of him sacrificing the econmy this way, for essentailly NOTHING (except what he can get out of it POLITICALLY), should be disturbing to you. 

Notice that, whatever else they are doing, the GOP politicians are NOT "sacrificing the ecomy" for IDEOLOGICCAL PURITY.  That is what kdeological fanatic Obama is doing. Even leftist economists agree taht keeping ALL of the tax cuts, including for the "top 2%", will HELP the economy "grow".  And the GOP positin is that raising taxes on teh "top 2%" will HURT the small businesses wo produce MOST of the jobs in this economy. Look at Obama, in contrast.  Is he saying that this TAX INCREASE wil HELP the economy?  Nope.  Is he saing that he really cares that much about the deficit?  Nopee.  Is he saying this will really "solve' the deficit? Nope. Obama is holding the ECONOMY hostage merely for  IDEOLOGICAL/POLITICAL reasons:  this idea that higher tax RATES for the "rich" is FAIRER, no mntter whether it hurts the economy or fails to raise significant extra revenue for the government.  This is the mark of a FANATIC ((bama). It may "sound good" for Obama to say that the GOP is "for the rich", rather than the middle class, but it is simply not ture.  The GOP wants to KEEP the "Bush tax cuts" for EVERYONE: Sure, that means the "rich" get to keep their tax cuts, just like the middle class, but that is the pont:  the GOP is not DEPRIVING the middle class of anything: jsut refusing to deprive the "rich" of the tax rates that were part of the OVERALL cuts in the Bush tax cuts.  The GOP says this BENEFITS the middle class by CREATING JOBS and helping the economy.  To SOME degree, even liberal economists would have to agree with that.  So the GOP is not SACRIFICING anyone or anything, except maybe the deficit (that NO ONE believes Obama cares aobut, and which is not MATERIALLY affected by increased taxes on the "top 2%" that Obama is proposing). 

No.  You can accuse the GOP of lots of things, and I do.  But the GOP is NOT being EXTREMIST on taxes. Obama IS.  The GOP may be very reluctant to raise income tax rates, but ALL econmists agree that AIDS growth in the economy.  It is not like the GOP has made "hge cuts' in PRESENT SPENDING that hurts the "middle class'. Taht is one of my main gripes against the gOP: They hage CUT NOTHING (certainly not yet).  The GOP has hardly been "ideologically pure". But Obama HAS BENN, and continues to be, IDOLOGICALLY EXTREME.  He cannot even explain HOW increased taxes on the "top 2%" will even THEORETICALLY "help" the economy.  All Obama can say is that raising taxes on the "top 2%" MAY give us an extra 70 billin in reveue a year.  But our DEFICT is more than 1 TRILLIN dollars a year. This is a drop in the bucket, and Obama is willing to materially HURT our economy in 2012, by maintaining ths UNCERFTAINTY, for no other reason thann this FANATICISM about the "rich" paing higher tax rates.

I haven't even addressed the MAIN long-erm problem with this Obama fanaticism of having a VERY SMALL portion of our populatin "finance" an ever-increasing share of our ENTIRE GOVERNMENT.  Already ,the bottom 50% of income earners pay LITTLE in taxes, with approximately the bottom 40% paying NOTHING.  Already the "top 2%" pay for something like 50% of the ENTIRE income taxes collected from individuals by the U. S. government.  See Any Rand for the PREDICTIN (60 years ago) that this is what would eventaully happen).  It is moraly wrnog, and IMPOOSIBLE, for an ever FEWER number of peole to 'pay for' and EVER-INCREASING part of our entire spendning.  In the end, this class warfare ida ALONE will destroy us, as class warfare destroyed the Roman Republic. 

Q.E.D. President Obama is a FANATIC EXTREMIST on taxes: willing to RIN the eocnomy for 2012 based on IDEOLOGICAL PURITY about class warfare.  The uncertainty alone is fatal to present economic growth.  The 10-year "life' of the "Bush tax cuts", by the way, was a MISTAKE.  I know. Bush and tehe GOP always wanted to make them permanent, and (I think) wanted the ISSUE Still a terrible mistake.  Obama has compunded that mistake. Think of how BAD OFF the gOP would now be if President Obama had done what he should have done:  reject "ideological urity" and say thaqt the ECONMY and JOBS requuried tax rate CERTAINTY, and since the GOP would not budge, he--Obama--was gong to act on behalf of the EcoNMY (grate man that he is--lol), and agree to make the Bush tax cuts PERMANENT for EVERYONE.  Obama could have said that it is too bad the GOP insisted on unfairly not putting the major burden of taes where it belongs, but that Obama could not--n good conscience--sacrifice the economy because the GOP refused to be reasoanble on taxes for the "top 2%", proving that they did not really care aobut the deficit.  I truly believe that ONE decison on Obama's part would have WON him the electin: not least because the ECONOMY would be dong better. The GOP is lucky that Obama is a IDEOLOGTICAL FANATIC, and never even considered such a master stroke.  I mean, Obama could have said that he wuld continue the "fightg" for tax "fairness" and "tax reform", but that theCOUNGTRY needed CERTAINTY in the shorter term.  The GOP is blessed in its enemies.  Too bad it is NOT blessed in its political leaders.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). 

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