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Wolf Blitzer: Despicable Human Being on The Liar Network (Hypocrites All)

You already know, if you rfead this blgo, that the people of CNN are almsot all the worst hypocrites to ever walk this Earth, on two legs or four.  You also know that Blitzer, himself, is one of the worst human beings who has ever lived (peole like terrorists and mass murderers excluded).  Indeed, I have told you that I cannot even bear to surf Blitzer any more, because it makes me a fellow traveller in evil.  You may have thought that saves you from these articles about how despicable Blitzer really is.  Wrong, bison breath (Johnny Carson/Karnak reference).

As I have stated, I still do surf CNN (as well as the unfair and unablanced network and even MSNBC) in the DAYTIME hours, before Blitzer comes on (just to keep myself informed as to the CNN "narrative").;  And I surfed CNN specifically to get their reacitn to the choice of Ryan as Romney's VP nod.  CNN, of course, brought in Blitzrer.  It is no accident that CNN has the ratings of a TEST PATTERN (about the audience of this blog, but not nearly the influence).

Here is Blitzer's reaction: almost his MAIN comment.  Blitzer said: 'There is a big questin about Ryan's experience, since he has no foreign policy experience."

Message to Bitzer and CNN:  Wolf, you are turly a HYPOCRITE, and a turly despicable human being.  And CNN, your network is a network of the worst hypocrites to ever wak this Earth.

You remember Barack Obama?  Wolf Blitzer obviusly does ntot. Obama had much LESS experience than Ryan.  It did not bother Blitzer and CNN.  And, you might remember (as Bliatzer and CNN apparently do not, even though he is still President) that Barack Obama was running for PRESIDENT.  Ryan is running for VICE PRESIDENT.  Ryan is a SEVEN TERM congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. Obama was :LESS than a ONE TERM U.S. Senator, RUNNING FOR LPRESIDENT most of the time.  By ANY measure, including foreign policy, Ryan has MORE EXPERIENCE than Barack Obama had running for PRESIDENT. 

Nope.  IT is NOT TURE that Ryan has to be prepared to "take over" foreign policy the moment Romney takes office. Theoretically, of course, Ryan might be President the next day.  That has NEVER HAPPENED.  Indeed, There have been only a coupole of instances where a VP haS had to take over essetnailly within months, and NONE in recent times (unless you count Gerald Ford, who Nixon appoiinted as VP after Agnew resigned, from the House of Representatives, and Ford actually is an example of why Ryan has MORE than sufficient "experience"). 

The point is that if Romney is elected President, he will  be the one to put a foreign policy TEAM in place, just as Ford could rely on the Nixon team already in place. No.  The VP has NO "responsibility" in foreign policy, and is not more of an 'advicor" on foreign policy than any other advisor.  Did Joe Biden, for example, provide Obama with 'experience"?  NO.  Biden has NO more ability to "advise" Obama than anyone else.  By the way, it is a mistake to think that Senators automatically, or even not automatically, have "foreign policy experience".  Yep.  I AM saying that Joe Biden really had limited 'foreign policy experience'.  Biden was merely a long-term Senator, as Ryan (despite his youth) is a long-term Representative.  Senators like to take foreign trips, and PRETEND to have "foreign policy respnsitilities".  In actual fact, other that voting on TREATIES, the Senate (and Senators) have no more foreign p9licy responsbiility than do mmbers of the House of Representatives.  No.  I don't think serving on intelligence committees, or other "foreign policy related" committees , rally provides you with "foreign policy experience".  Unless you are Secretary of State, or have otherwise served in extensive overseas posts, you don't have REAL "foreign policy exerience".  Obama, of course, had NONE.

Look at the HYPOCIRSY of CNN.  Barack Obama was running against the MOST EXPERIENCED MAN, arrguaglly, to ever run for President of the U.S.  That was hardly an "issue" for Wolf Blitzer and the world claSs HYPOCRITES of CNN.  But SEVEN TERMS dealing with foreign policy issues in the House of Representatives leaves "big questins" on "foreign oliciy experience".  Again, Wolf, you are a DESPICABLE HUMAN BEING.

You may not realize it, but his (Wolf Blitzer's partisan hypocr actualy part of the Obama NARRATIVE--hypocritical as it is.  I have heard it directly argued on MSNBC (the Obama super PAC thinly disguised as a TV netwokr).  This is how the argument goes: "Sure, Obama may not havve had much previus experience, but he has been President for four years (by time next President will take office) . Thus, he now has much more foreign policy experience than the GOP candidate." 

Can you get any MORE hypocritical than this "argument".  It is merely, of course, an argument for electing EVERY incumbent President, since NO ONE has more 'foreign plicy expperience' than the incumbent President.  No othe individual in the U.S. has the POWER to make foreign policy decisons.  Note, however, how STRONG this argument was for John McCain, and CNN (along with the rest of the maisntream media) treated it as IRRELEVANT.  It may be at least mildy important for Romney and Ryan to show a grasp of foreign policy issues, and to give an idea of their philosophy of foreing policy and how they will handle certain important issues.  But this idea that you should elect a President based mainly on "foreign poicy experience" was rEJECTGED by these very same HYPOCRITES merely four years ago. 

Nope.  Blitzr, you are a JOKE, and a truly despicable human being.  A partisan hack. A walking outlet for leftist tlaking pints (like all of CNN-just aS much sas MSNBC, but more DISHONESTLY). 

Ryan has had to deal with foreign policy issues for 14 years in the House of Representatives.  Unless he shoows himself totally ignorant, and unable to learn, which is UNLIKELY and total SPECUALTIN, his 'foreign polcy experience" is NOT AN ISSU (despite the despicable Blitzer and CNN).  There are MORE than enough BUSH "foeign policy experts" to give both Romney and Ryan (if it comes to that, which is unlikely in the extreme until Ryan has been on the job YEARS) all of the advice they need.  Ryan has had to address "foreign policy" for 14 years in the House of REpresentatives, and--unless and until he proves differently--i has to be assumed that he knows how to process foreign policy informatin and advice. It is absolutely certain that he is MORE EXPERIENCE, by far, than Barack Obama was runnning for PRESIDENT.  Romney, actually, has less 'foreign policy experience" than Ryan, which is that NARRATIVE the despicable Blitzer was probably aiming at using that hypocritical 'argument" on the newly "experienced" Obama, but Roney's overall experience (including the Olylmpics) is moe than enough to believe that he is more than capable of making foreign policy decsins.  The problem with Romney is NOT "experience". The problem with Romney is CAUTIN, where he seems to be reluctant to commit to any real positions on things (domestic or foreign policy).

You may think I am a partisan defending Ryan.  Not so.  REaders of this blog know that I have CONDEMNED Rayn in several articles well BEFORE Romney named him for VP.  Ryan, for exmaple, TALKS about us not having IME to fool around on the budget, and yet his 'budget" does LITTLE about the deficit for TENY YERS, and he has talked abut a "balanced budget" by that familiar fetal position laughing/crying. How can you be said to be SERIOUS about spending, and the deficit, when you do LITTLE to reduce the deficit until the FAR FUTURE.  Ryan was part of this SHAM "debtg ceiling deal' that th eGOP is now DISAVOING (those "automatic" "cuts').  Ryan was part of the FRAUDULENT "payroll tax cut" debacle ADDING more to the deficit/debt than the GOP even CLAIMS to have "cut" so far.  My problem with Ryan is that he is too much of a GOOP ESTGABLISHMENTG POLITICIAN.  I laugh and cry when I see how the Obama media is so deseperate to lble him a "right wing extremist'.  Now you might label ME, and Ron Paul, as "right wing extremists".  I tend to regard Ryan, and the entire GOP House, as FRAUDS.    Unlike Wolf Bitzer, I ma not a hypocrite.  I call them the way I see them, and have done so consistently for at least ten years in writings on the internet (even beofre this blog was started).

P.S. No prooofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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