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Obama (ObamaCare) Tries to Kill My 90 Year Old Mother

My mother took an ambulance ride today. Someone tried to cut off her oxygen. Was it Obama?  Not directly, but my mother has been convinced for some time that Obama is tryijng to kill her (impersonallly). She recognizes, as EVERY seniro citizen should recognize, that Obama and ObamaCare are putting PRESSUREW on Medicare, because Obama HAS to do that We only have a finite amount of medical resources and MONEY (despite Obama and Bernanke).  ObamaCare is the largest new "entitlement" program attempted since Social Security, at a time when Medicare and Medicaid alone threaten to bankrupt us.  Obama could ONLY lie about ObamaCare being "fully paid for" by asserting taht he would make "savings" in Medicar (that famous 716 billion that Romney and Ryan are talking about).  While soeme of those "savings" come from targeting Medicare Advantage, it is obvious that Obama HAD to put PRESSURE on Medicare, and seniors. Now politicians always target "waste", but that is jsut another way of saying they are going to put PRESSURE on the system.  Thre is no "easy" way to "target waste", as conservatives have found when they talk about "eliminating waste, fraud and abuse." 

Waht does this have to do with kiling my mother, and her ambulance ride today?  Agai, my mother has been on supplemental oxygen 24/7, for a decade or more.  She can't live wihout it, as her lungs just are not adequate (from smoking most of her life). Apria health care has been hassling her the past several weeks about whether she really needs all f this oxygen. She has been asked (after all of these years):  "have you tried doing without the oxygen/"  Now Apria obviusly does NOT CARE if my mother is purchasing oxygen from them---business for them--so long as MEDICARE is paying for it (as they have been).  The PRESSURE has to be coming from Medicare. Now my mother an I have no DIRECT evidence that this is specifically the effect of ObamaCare, and that would be hard to conclusivelly "prove'.  But the Medicare Actuary (in the Obama Administratin itself), and numerous other peoiple--including Obama taling about "savings" in Medicare--have come tot he concclusion that ObamaCare is putiting ENORMOUS PRESSURE on Medicare, to the point that seniors are not likely to be able to get the care to which they are accustomed, as ObamaCare goes into effect. Medical care providers like Apria KNOW that the PRESSURE IS ON, or is about to be applied. Sure, there is a lot of fraud and abuse in Medicare, but the peole doing fraud and abuse simplly ADJUST THEIR (fraudulent) PAPERWORK. It is people like my mother who get ut through the wringer.  My mother is so afraid of NOT BREATHING that she literally DOES NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE, exxcept in an ambulance (for which Medicare does not pay).

Thus, my mother was told that she needed a "lung saturation test" (or some such thing) from her doctor, to keep getting oxygen from Apria (wihout paying for it herself).; Let me be as clear as I can on this.  Obama has promised younger women (a BRIBE) absolutely FREE CONTRACEPTION, but HIS MEDICARE was proosing to DENY MY MOTHER THE OXYGEN SHE NEEDS TO BREATHE.  I have written this article before, except I hav used CANCER DRUGS as the example.  When did we become a society where FREE CONTRACEPTION (by government fiat) is the ULTIMATE GOOD:  more important than keeping people ALIVE (especially senior citizens).  ObamaCare, of course, estgablishes what amounts to a "death panel" board to evalulate what treatment is appropriate (IPAB, or whatever the acronykm is).  Medicare is already putting the pressure on. 

What did my mother do, when she was told she needed this test of lung capacity (essentially cutting off oxygen for a time, and seeing how FAST the lungs lose capacity).  Again, my mother does not leave the house, even to go to the doctor, except in an ambulance, because she is deathly afraid of NOT BREATHIING. Now I (hearless as I am) have suggested to her that maybe this is being a bit obsessive.  But my mother has the obvius answer:  "Have you ever NOT BEEN ABLE TO BREATHER.  Until you can say you are familiar with that, which happens to me all of tgh time, then I suggest yoiu shut up.".  What can you say to that?  Being me, I still will sort of mention it from time to time, but my mother is NOT going to leave the house again, except in an ambulance.  So what did she do about this "test" lthat Apria was REQUIRING, based on the assertin that otherwise Medicare would no longer pay for the oxygen?  My motehr did wha any SANE person would do, who does not feel she breathes well enough to leave the house.  I shoould mention that my mother experiences her oxygen level DROP, even whenthe oxygen tank is providing maximum oxygen, whenever she does exertion, or experiences stress. What my motehr did was have a HOME HEALTH NURSE do the lung capacity test. Apria, obviusly based on its view of what Medicare is requiring, refused to acceept the report of the home health nurse.

Thus, I fielded a call yesterday, as the "emegency" number my mother gave, from a Paula Hernandez, of Apria, saying that it was IMPERATIVE that she talk to my mother, and that she had been unable to reach her (my mther often being unavailable by hone because of hour lohng breathing treatments and the fact she is unable to WALK normally oto the phone).  Well, I reached my mother by phone, after awhile, and found out about this "simmering' problem that my mother had thought was solved with the nurse's report.  No. I do NOT appreciate Apria's role in this.  You can take this as HEARTFELT:  I DO NOT RECOMMEND APRIA TO ANYONE.  Anyway, Apria told my mother that she had to IMMEDIATELY get a DOCTGOR to certify this "test", or else Medicare would NOT be providing her oxygen through Apria.  This is EXPENSIVE stuff, oxygen. I am sure lthat my brothers and I would not let our mother die, even if she did not have the money to by the oxygen.  But what if my mother had gotten STUBBORN, as she is capable of doing, and decided tghat she would "show them" and DIE?  Would OBAMA HAVE KILLED HER.  I think the case would be BETTER than that famous Obama ad about Romney killing tha woman with cancer.

Yu should guess how this goes. My mother, faced with thewse THREATS, took an ambulance to the doctor's office for this TEST. What happened?  Have you ever been to a doctor? You SEE the doctor, if at all, for a FEW MINUTES.  All of the TESTS are done by office personnel (who may or may not even be nures).  My mother, rightly, thinks this is STUPID.  They would not accept the report of a home health nurse, but my other has to take an ambulance to have a woman in the doctor's office perform the "test".  Now this owman MAY have been a really expert technician, but this is absurd.  This is how the GOVERNMENT operates health care. 

My mother already thought that Obama is tryhing to kill her--crucify her on the cross of ObamaCare--long before this incident.  WhY?  First, my mother (without me telling her this, as it can't do her any god). already knew that ObamaCare was going to put PRESSURE. EVERY senior citizen shuld know that, and I am convinced most of them do.  The Medicare Actuary knows it.  But my mother did have another SPECIFIC grievance.

Back to breathing. My other has an EXPENSIVE "inhaler" medication that is not really "covered" adequately by ANY Medicare Drug Benefit Plan.  That medication has EXPLODED in price.  It is now something like $95 for each bottle (or box or whatever). Now I believe this oxygen matter can probably be laid right at the door of Obama.  I have told my mother that I think itis a STRETCH to blame Obama for the increasing cost of this breathing medicatin.  Thre are two "alternate" drugs that are PREFERRED in the Medicare plans (different plans, of ccourse).  It jsut happens that such medicatins don't WORK for my mothe.  This is EXACTLY what is gonig to happen THROUGHOUT MEDICARE as ObamaCare uts enormous PRESSURE on Medicare to "control costs" (to "pay for' ObamaCare).  It is also what is going to happen IN OBAMACARE and MEDICAID.  Insurannce companies are bad enough.  Americans must be MASOCHISTS if they truly believe ObamaCAr3e is the way to go.  Seniors, of course, shouild probably vote for Ryan IN MASS.  No, this is not because Ryan's proposed Medicare plan will be so very good for FUTURE seniors.  But it is ONLY peole NOW under 55 who will have to deal with whatever changes Romney and Ryan would make in FUTURE Medicare.  For PRESENT SENIORS, like me, the Ryan plan would take all of the PRESSURE off of Medicare.  Well, that is not quite true.  Medicare sitll threatens to BANKRUPT us, in combinatin with Medicaid, and that will be a constant worry.  But Ryan has PROMISED that Medicare will STAY THE SAME for peole now 55 and older, FOR AS LONG AS THEY LIVE.  Thus, it is OBAMA who is putting PRFESSURE on Medicare--much more than Ryan and Rmney--and NEEDS to really increase that pressure to have ANY chance of ObamaCare working. 

As stated, I am not sure enough about WHY my mother's breathing medicatin is TARGETED by ALL Medicare drug benefit plans, such that my mother is being shafted.  I would suspect taht my moterh may be right, if only indirectly, and that ObamaCare (and Medicare under Obama) is playin some role. But maybe it would have happened without ObamaCare.  However, look again at FREE CONTRACEPTON.  Obama is BRIBING young women with this prmise of ABSOLUTELY FREE CONTRACEPTN (not even any co-pay), while my mothe has to PAY TRHUGH  THE NOSE FOR A MEDICATIN NECESSARY FOR HER TO BREATH.  So much for the "war on women".  Obama is obviusly conductin a wAR on SOME women. 

As readers of this blog know, my problem with FREE CONTRACEPTIN has nothing to do with religion, as I am an agnostic who has no problem with "before-the-fact" contraception.  I do STRONGLY oppose abortion on demand--as strongy as any Cathoulic and mroe strongly than most.  But my problem with this GOVERNMENT MANDATE of "free contraceptin" is reallyl based on FREEDOM, and not just religious freedom.  Why should employers and insurance comopanies be FORCED to provide this specific benefit--beynd wht is provided for LIFE-SAVING drugs and services--because this is the "ultimate good" for people who think like Obama (and because it is a PAYOFF to Planned Parenthood)?  So much for our Liar-in-Chief's LIE:  "If lyu like your present health insurance coverage, you will be able to keep it."  This was ALWAYS not true, and this whole "fee contgraceptin" thing makes that clear.  Yu can't possibly "keep" your prior coverage, because it WILL NOT EXIST.  Not how this is NOT the case for Ryan and Medicare.  You really will, unless you are under 55, get to KEEP your Medicare jsut as it is FOR YOUR WHOLE LIF. It is impossible to make that statement for your helath insurance, which you will NOT be able to keep the way it was (again, because that "paln" will not longer exist, in its previous form, under ObamaCare). 

No.  ObamaCare will DESTROY Medicare. I heard Phil Cavuto, on the unfair and unbalanced network, say he did not understnad why the Romney poll numbers in Florida got BETTER after the ryan choice.  Welll, Cavuto, it is because we seniors are not STuPID, like you peoile at the unfair and unbalanced network.  Read the previous paragraph.  You can argue that YOUNGER PEOLE (under age 55) are "threated" by Ryah's Medicare plan jsut as you can argue that Runa's plan (and mroe than Ryan's plan) is necessary to SAVE some form of Medicare for those peole . But SENIORS in Florida should realize, and I thi maos do (as does my mther), that Ryan's plan HELPS PRESENT SENIORS, because it purports to take the PRESSURE OFF Medicare for ten years, and allows present people 55 and older to KEEP their present Medicare coverage for the rest of their lives.  Why shoud older peole in Florida not LOVE Paul Ryan?   It is only if you are totally subject to the "narrative' of the leftist media, as the unfair and unbalanced network is, that you think seniors don't see the LILE in the Obama propaganda about Ryan's Medicare plan.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  My problem with Ryan remains that his "budget" takes TEN YERS to make even a real dent in the deficit.  Not good enough. 

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with all due respect, why is your mother parked so far away from a phone? if she is in such poor health and can't get to the phone when it rings, put a jack near her or move her to the jack. further, why does she have to take an ambulance to the doctor? why can't a family member pick her up and take her to the doctor? and if she is that bad off that she needs an ambulance to leave the house, she has no business living alone. she needs assisted living, bless her heart. take care of your mother as she took care of you, sir.
i've read so many almost identical stories in the past week i find them all hard to believe. i'm not calling you a liar, but it's a crazy coincidence and all just after a wonderfully successful DNC and a pitifully dismal RNC.
i wish the best for your mother, but if she were my mother i'd be taking care of her rather than leaving her alone to go blog about politics. it sounds like you need a lawyer to deal with apria and if your mother truly needs the oxygen to live, she will get it.