Sunday, August 5, 2012

President Obama, Not a Christian: Man Without a Religion

Yes, th ereligious bigots of CNN have AGAIN made a point out of the fact that Mitt Romney is a member of the Mormon Church . My 90 year old mother--still upset that AT&T has removed the unfair and unbalanced network from her basdic TV package, leaving CNN as the only cable "news" service she gets, outside of the even more insane partisan bigots of MSNBC--was so struk by CNN again bringing up Romney's Mormon religion that she asked me this question:  "To what church does Barack Obama CLAIM to belong?"

Now you know--everyone really knows--that Barack Obama is NOT a Christian.  Noted agnostics Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative agree on this: that Barack Obama is a "secular humanist" who does not believe in any religion at all, other than his leftist ideology.  But how can any HONEST "journalist" actualy try to make an ISSUE out of Mitt Romney's religion, in the knowledge that  the ONLYI specific religin Obama has ever even calaimed to have (after being raised, by his own admission, as an atheist) is the ANTI-AMERICAN, RACIST (against "white Europeans") theology of Reverend Jeremiah Wright?  This question, of course, answers itself.  The "journalists" of CNN are DISHOENST, and NOT JOURNALISTS. 

Doubt lme on this?  You FOOL.  Won't you ever learn.  Thought experiiment:  Imagine if Mitt Romney suddenly said that he is really just a "Christian" (of the "generic' kind), and has decided that the Mormn Church just has too much of a history of "racism", and other actions, for him to really stay in that church.  Can you imagine the FIRESORM.  That is essentaillyl what Barack Obama did in 208, and the HYPOCRITES of CNN (and the rest of the mainstream media) said that "put the issue behind him".  The Hell it did.  NOt if they are going to turn around and try to make an ISSUE out of the Mormon Church (as they have don).  These are BIGOTS, llHYPOCRITES, and some of the most DISHOENST peole who have ever lived (talking about the unholy trioi of the mainstream media, anti-Christian leftistts, and militant at, intolerant atheists like Bill Maher). If you want to say that a person's religion, and the church to which he or she belongs, should not even be MENTIONED as any kind of an "issue' in politics, then I agree with you.  But that is exactly what the LEFT has NOT done, and I am NOT a Chrisitian.  I do NOT "turn the other cheek".  If leftists are going to be this kind of DISHONEST HYPOCRITE, then I am going to point out (at least until November) taht Barack Obama is NOT A CHRISTIAN.   That, of course, makes him a hyopocrite, as he has--in effect--admitted he was on the "issue' of gay marriage (James Carville and I agreed on that one). 

The answer to my mother's question is:  Barack Obama belongs to NO CHRUCH, and has NO RELIGION.  I know that some evangelical Christians call themselvesjust "Christians", rather than, say, Presbyterians (the relition in which I was brought up until becoming an agnostic, on my own, at about age 12).  Howedver, here has realy been NO such thing as a GENERIC "Christian" since the Reformatin--since the Christian Church (unified Chrisitan Church) becaMe the C atholic Church (yes, simplifying only a little). It is  Barack Obama, CNN, Bill Maher, and the left who have created the idea of a "man without a religion". Do you remember the famous story::  "Thge Man Without a Coubntry" (or something like that)?  What am I say;ing.  Barack Obama created THAT too, as a POSITIVE idea, with his rEJECTIN of the idea that he is an AMERICAN first.  You will remember that Barac Obama calls himself a "Citizen of the World." 

Truly.  Brack Obama is a man without a religion, and the dishonest hypocrites of tghe media want to make that a WEAPON IN HIS FAVOR.  And he is also a "man without a countgry", from his own words.  It is no accident that the sister of Cuban dictator Raul Chavez ENDORSED Barack Obama--on her recent trito the U.S. to support "gaY rights"--as a "citizen of the world".  Now she was referring to herself endorsing one citizen of the orld as antoher citizen of the world. This hwole idea of "citizens of the world" is a EFTIST ABSURDITY. 

But it does not matter whether you agree with me as to Barack Obama being a man without a country.  Bil Maher and I agree that he is a man without a religion, and the chances of us both being right on that are approximately 99%. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). 

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(Some definitions from A Kansas Patriot)

(1) Barack-coli: a veggie the first George Bush hated - or a lowdown bacterium that has become a national plague.

(2) Mecca wafers: Barack's favorite candy.

(3) White House fence: a well-known border fence not high enough to keep out criminals and anyone who's illegal.

(4) Nancy Pelosi: BO-toxic.

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