Friday, July 27, 2012

Yahoo "News" and ABC: Haters and Disoenst Propagandists

Headline from yeterday ("Poer players", featured on Yahoo and which I have now identified---fine print--as being part of ABC):  "Laura Bush:  I think George makes an easy target."

That is what the dishonest partisans at Yahoo and ABC considered a "top story", and "featured news", from yesterday.  If you do not understand that the above quoted headline is PURE PROPAGANDA, from Bush HATERto Bush HATERS, then you are not paying attentin.  This is the SAME "source" (Power Players-ABC/Yahoo) that "featured" in the past wek, a headline story about how Elton John "thinks" George W. Bush is the worst President of all time. 

This is the same ABC whcih did that DISGRACEFUL headline on the MOTHER of James Holmes, about how she "told' ABC that "you" have got the right person.  ABC wanted you to believve that she meant that she KNEW that her son ws the kind of person who would do this, and had done it.  What she said is the much more REASPONABLE construction:  that she meant that ABC had found the mother of James Holmes. In fact, I don't se that it even maters whether the mother was saying that, or was saying that ABC had identified the "right' James Holmes.  In either event, the statement said NOTHING about what the mother "kew" about her son.

It is the same with Laura Bush.  ABC "News" and Yahoo "News" wantto SUPPORT OBAMA by making this election all about George W. Bush.  You may have noticed, even if ABC and YAHOO hav not, that George W. Bush iwill not be on the ballot this year, and is really not even CAMPAIGNING for anyone.

Just as with the mother of James Holmes, what the ABC/Yahoo headline tries to do is TWIST what Laura Bush said to suggest that she "knows" that George W. Bush did lots of things that make him an "easy target".  There is NO CHANCE than Laura Bush ment any such thing (even if that is what she thinks--unlikely as lthat is). I m 100% ceraain that all Laura Bush ment was that is is 'easy" for leftist to "blame" George Wl Bush, siince he was there when the economy went sour.  What leftists like to ignore, of ocurse, is that BARACK OBAMA wa also "ther" when the econmy went sour, as part of a Democratic MAJORTIY in Congress.

I disowned George W. Bush  in 20006, on this blog.  But Bush is the PAST. ABC did an entire interview with Laura Bush, and what their headline writers (and Y:ahoo) thought was "important" was how she "thinks" here husband is an" easy target".  Nope.  That is NOT "news". And the reson ABC ad Yahoo hinkit is "featured" news is the SAME reason they thougt that abut Elton John's coments on George W. Bush.  ABC and Yahoo want this electin to be all about George W. Bush:  aminy becuawse it is part of Obam'a campaign to BLAMED BUSH.  

Is this the beginnnig of a media 'full court press" to make this electin ABOUT GEORGE W. BUSH?  Maybe.  So the only thing ABC and Yahoo can co=me up with out of an interview with Laura Bush is her "opinion" that her husband has becom e an easy pin cuhion for peole wanting to deflect blame?  Do you need any more PROOF that these peole are PARTISAN HACKS--dishoenst partisan hacks? 

No. It wont' work. Romney may lose, but it will NOT be because peole are still "blaming' President Bush.  It will be because Mitt Romney does not ut out a message of his own (although he may win without that, based on the ECOMY--his blog having predicted that Obama LOSES unless the ecomy IMPROVES by election day, or at least APPEARS to be "improving").

PS.  No proofreading or spell cehckng (bad eyesight).

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