Thursday, July 19, 2012

Romney and Tax REturns: CNN, The Liar Network (part II)

I noticed--really remembered, since I can't really read my own artiles--that I had not explained all of the headline in of the previous article.  Specifically, I did not expain the NEW evidence that CNN is The Liar Network. 

I was surfing CNN (the Erin Burnett show, but with a male substitute for her), and the anchor was talking abut how Obama seems to have totally abandoned the diea of "tax simplificatino" (as he has, because he was never serius about it in the firstg place, except as a deceptive device for RAISING TAXES).  So far, no real problem, even thugh not much ephasis was placed n the specific COMPLEXITIES thatqt Obama wants to put in the Tax Code, incluidng varius ways of 'taxing the rich" and the tax provisns of ObamaCare (not to mentin the 'green" tax breaks that led to Solyndra).  Still, for CNN this was not that bad.  But, in passing, this anchor showed again that CNN tuuly is tThe Liar Network.  He said something like this: "Romney's tax troubles seem not to be leading to any discussion of tax simpificatin."  Forget the full sentence, which made little sense as he said it, and which I have lamost surely ntnot otten completely right.  The phrase I got EXACTLY RIGHT is "Romney's tax troubles".  That, of course, is a LIE. 

No. This is not a matter of opinion  Romney has NO TAX TRUBLES.  Al he has is a DEMAND from the Obama campaign, leftist Democrats and the evill, lefitst media, to release MORFE of his tax returns.  Tim Geitner, now Secretary of the Treasury becaUe we "nneded hm so much" (lol), had TAX TROUBLES>  Al Romney has is a problem 'responding' to DEMANDS from lpeople who want a FISHONG EXPEDITON in to his taxes over as muhc of his life as they can manage.  If yu don't understand the distinctin, you should apply at CNN.  Yu are their kind of person. 

Oh, I also left out of the previous article something else Romney can say:  You know, my tax returns over some unspecifiednumber of years are not part of government policy, and will not give peole any informatin on howI will manage government olicy  Contrast this with the Obama Adminstratin, which has refused to give all kinds of GOVERNMENT informatin to either Congress or the press, including informatin on "Operation Fast and Furious" and the Solyndra matter (as well as related matters).  The details ofmy privatre tax returns are really not relevvant to anyone but me, once you have an idea of the kind of money I make and the assets I have.  Even that is not very importatn, unless you want to be like President Obama and attack me for success.  President Obama promised "trnsparnency" in GOVERNMENT, and that is a promise he has broken--on ObamaCare and many other things."

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight) .

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