Monday, July 9, 2012

Obama, Liar-in-Cheif and Taxes: Boycott Yahoo and AT&T

"Sounding every bit like the candidate he is, President Barack Obama called Monday for a one-year extension of Bush-era tax cuts on annual income up to $250,000, while letting those that chiefly benefit the very wealthy expire on schedule at year's end. The proposal reignited an election-year fight designed to polish his credentials as a champion for middle-class Americans."

The above quoted paragraph is the LEAD paragraph from a "featured" article on "yahho "News" this AFTERNOON (will after the President finished speaking), from something called The Ticker.  I, personaly, am gald to give the DSHONEST people at Yahoo and AT&T full "credit" for it.  Again, I beg up, BOYCOTT YAHO AND AT&T. 

Read the previous article.  Then realize that I ACCURATELY told yu how the maintream media is presenting this ATROICTY by our "Lia-in-Chief". 

The GOP is proposing a PERMANENT extension of the Bush tax cuts (although whethbre they make the mistake--unless it is a tactical necessity to get it through the Senate, and reallly even thin--of "compromising" with a limited time extension.  It is the LONG TIME GOP positon that ALL of the Bush tax cuts (NOT "Bush-era tax cuts) be PERMANENTLY EXTENDED.  Exmpalin to me HOW President Obama can claim to be a "champion" of Middle-class Americans when he is BLOCKING an extensin of the Bush tax cuts for EVERYONE in the name of CLASS WARFARE?  Why is it not ture that Barack Obama is SACRIFICING the middle class, and oour entire econmy, because he wants to make this ELECTIN about CLASS WARFARE?  It is the GOP which is MUCH CLOSER to passing an xtensin of ALL of the tax cuts than Obama is to passing a bill RAISING TAXXES on the 'rich".  If taxes go up for the middle class--eithe at the end of this year or later--it will be OBAMA who is to blame.  I am willing to make this flat statment:  Our President is NOT an honest man.  I stil ifnd it almost impossible to believe that Yahoo got this right.  Surely, even Obama--as stated in the previous article--could have proposed ony a ONE-YEAR extension of tax cuts for the middle class.  Are we sure that yahoo was not mixing up the faaudulent "payroll tax cut", which Harry Reid 'promised" (lol) really would expire this time.  The "payroll tax cut" is that SABOTAGE of Social Security funding which was suposed to be a TEMPORARY STIMULUS ending LAST YEAR (only to be extended for another year in an example of GOP COWARDICE).

Well, I will--for now--assume that Yaoo got it right, andhat our Liar-in-Chief realy was stupid enough to propose only a one0yar extensin.  It really does not matter anyway.  What President Obama is doing is SABOTAGING the eocnomy in the name of his calss warfare campaign, and this is the one way he will GAURANTEE his defeat.  There is NO WAY for jobs to "recover" with this tax UNCERTAINTY hinging over the economy--including OBAMACARE. 

Oh. Yahoo.  Did you CUNT the LIES in that one paragraph I quoted above?  Here are jsut a few of them:

1.  The $250,000 refernced in the paragraph is a LIE (without explanatin).  It would be more accurate to say $125,000.  The number is actualy $200,000 for a SINGLE peson,  and $250,000 for a MARRIED COUPLE (marraige penalty?).  That, for the benefit of you brain challenged leftists out there, is $125,000 per person.  It is like a hotel advertising a room at $125 PER PERSON, DOUBLE OCCUPANCY REQUIRED. 

2.  "Bush-era tax cuts", as if Obama and the Democrats were really part of it.   Those tax cuts were Bush's SIGNATURE ISSUE, and it is a LIE not to call them the "Bush tax cuts".  Yep.  The people of Yahoo are LIARS. 

3.  Do the peole of Yahoo, or Obama, really thing that married couples earning $150,000 each are the "very, very wealthy"?  Not a chance. This is another LIE.  Even Nancy Pelosi can't stomach this one, which tell s you how big a lie it is, and wats the limit to be ONE MILLION. 

4.  There is the LIE that somewho the Bush tax cuts were not ALL ONE SYSTEM, and that there was some sort of separate "tax cut for the wealthy".  That is another LIE.  There is really ONE tax rate system.  There is not a SEPARATE system for the wealthy and the non-wealthy.  What Obama wants to do is RAISE TAXES to a SPECIAL RATE on the "rich" (those $125,0000 couples), while letting the middle calss "keep" THEIR PART of the Bush tax cuts.  As staed in the previous article, the Bush tax cuts actualy--in income tax RATES, which is what we are talking about--"save" the "rich" 700 billin dollars OVER TEN YEARS, while they "save" the MIDDLE CLASS (and poorer) 3.3 TRILLIN  DOLLARS over ten years.  Yet, Obama and other Democrats constantly "get wawaywith" referring to the "Bush tax cuts" as "tax cuts for the wealthy".  Not true.  They were ACROSS THE BOARD tax cuts.  The "rich< of ocurse, are now paying a GREATER PERCENTAGE of total income taxes than ever before. 

5.  No. It is really a LIE to say that the tax cuts primariy "benefitting" the "very , very wealthy"expire as scheduled" if Obaa has his way.  There is no SEPARATE "tax rates" for the "very, very wealthy".  ALL of the Bush tax cuts are "scheduled" to expire at the end of this eyar.  What Obama is propsoing to do is to CARVE OUT a special rate for the "rich" (that $1q25,000 per couple), and further complicate the mattrter (if Y:ahoo is reporting correctly) by makng the "extension" fo rthe "midddle calass" only for one year.  Yuo can call this knnd of sleight of hand an "extension" all ou want. But you are a LIAR.  Waht Obama is doing is drafting an entirely NEW tax bill that raises taxes for what he calls the "rich", while maintaining the tax rates at the same level for peole he calls the 'middle class".  This is, of course,deliberate CLASS WARFARE. Worre, however, it is INSANE (as was the tne--year life of the "Bush tax cuts" in the first place). Look at how COMPLICATED Obama is making all of this, and then you ADD ObamaCare.  Our economy has NO CHANCE.  And that is Obama's mistake. The ECONMY, and how it looks on electin day, is what will determine his fate. And Obama is maknig sure it will LOOK BAD.  How can busineesses possibly move ahead with all of these Rube Goldberg "tax plans" floating around, along withtthe taxes of ObamaCare and the FRAUDULENT "payroll tax cut" that really reprewsents jsut a welfare payment underminng Social Security funding?  It cannot be done--if you are a business.  Yu hav NO WAY of knowing, or even guessing, what kind of BURDENS you are gong to have over the next few years. 

I could go on.  But you get the idea.  For the media even to prent this with a straight face labels them for all time as LIARS.  Waht can you say about the FALSE THEATER of hainvg "mddle class" peole up there to "support" your idea that the GOP is bloockng "middle class tax cuts", when you KNOW that YOU are blockng "middle class tax cuts" at least as much as the GOP (seee previous article)?  What about the PEOLE standing up there?  Sould they not be asked the questin of why Obama should not be blamed for BLOCKING the GOP extensino of their tax cuts?  Is not President Obama SACRIFICING those 'middle clas people" on a CrOSS of class warfare?  (again paraphrasing William Jennings Bran and his 'corss of god" speech)? Thi POLITICAL THEATER using PARTIANS is standard Obama, and one of the ways he EANED his title as "Liar-in-Chief".

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  I think i do regularly make a typo or two in this notice.  But I should probably do it EVERy time to emphasize the pont.  If I were as dishonest as Obama, I would  As it is, I merely can't type or see.  Again, I really can't seee this one.  Even our partisan media should be EMBARRASSED. It is OBVIUS--see previous article--that you culd put up a group of middle class peole who say exactly the opposite of what Obama calaimed HIS "middle class" people believed.  It is jsut as logical, and more so, to BLAME OBAMA for blocking the GOP extensin of middle class tax cuts (along with all of the other income tax rates), as it is to blame the GOP for blockng Obama's CHANGES in income tax rates (and capital gains).  I really don't know why GOP politicians and strategists do NOT trot out their own PARTISAN "middle class" people (like my borther) to COMPLAN aobut how Oama is BLOCKNG an extensin of their tax cuts, and RUINING OUR ECONOMY AT THE SAME TIME.  And what is going to hapen to those FRAUDULENT "payroll tax cuts"? Are our politicians EVER gong to let that FAILED "STIMULUS" go, or are they locked into it FOREVER (meaing a final end to Social Security as a sel-funding system)?   I stil can't believe it. Did Obama really propose only a one-year extension in middle clazss tax cuts?   I jsut don't see how that can be right.  Is even Obama that stupid?  But, as stated, are YAHOO and the MAINSTREAM MEDIA tatt stupid?  The anser toBOTH may be "yes", which leaves a reasonable person wondering what is really gonig on here. 

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