Friday, July 13, 2012

MSNBC and My Barber: Who Are the Bigots Here? (MSNBC: Bigot Central)

I have had the same barber for some 35 years.  He and his son operate a small "hole in the wal" barber shop in El Paso, in a small building they own seemingly mae out of cinder bloks  They are not in a "prestige" location, as they are on Wyoming St. maybe two miles from downtown (Wyoming being a relatively rundown street not far from the I-10 freeway "distinguished" mainly by small car repair shops, and older buildings). Obviusly, my barber gets NO "walk in" trade, or really trade from people just looking for a randum barber shop, or who see one that looks interestting. My impression is that my barber, and his son, get their business from LOYAL clientele annd from "word-of-mouth" referrals. Way ack when I first started, I believe my barber was downtown until he "built' his very small "two-office space", CHEAP building away from downtown in an older area of El Paso (not near moderrn shpping centers or office buildings). The business is named "Baldwin's Barber shop".  My barber is an "old-style" barber--no "hari stylist" he (lathough I am sure he, and especialy his son, do "modern" "styling" if you ant it). 

Why mention this?  No, it is not really to recommend my barber and his son,k although I do. My barber, the father, is the most "fundamentalist" Christian that I know.  I can assure you that, unlike President Obama, my barber really BELIEVES.  He STUDIES the Bible, and he does talk abut his religion if yu are at all receptive (without being obnoxious, as he is a NICE guy).  Again, this is not really the point either (that I have had a fundamentalist Christian as a barber for 35 years).  The pont is that my barber beliees that MORMONISM is a CULT. (sort of the "official" position of fundamentalist Christianswho are serious abut their beliefs).  No, I am not interested in whether Mormonism is a "cult" or not, althoguh CNN has tgried its BIGOTED best to make that an 'issue" in the Presidentail electin., even though the dishonest hypocrites of CNN are ANTI-CHRISITAN, as well as wiling to be AnTI-MORMON  to advance Barack Obama. My barber is probably one of those people who the ANTI-CHRISTIAN Barack Obama was referencing when he talked abut lpeople who "cling to their guns and their religin, while taking out their frustratins on peole different from  themselves"  You can see why Bill Maher and myself KNOW that this man (Barack Obama) is NOT A CHRISTIAN (makng him a hypocritge for political purposes, which has been the hisory of his enire life). 

Segue back to MSNBC this morning, where the "panel" was having a high old time MOCKING MORMONS, using the Business Week "hit piece" on Mormons as an excuse  "Excuse" is hat it wasas what MSNBC was doing was waht they are ALWAYS dong:  MOCKING MITT ROMNEY rather than really "debating" any "issues'.  If you think the peole of MSNBC are "interestged" in debating issues, then you are STuPID (osrry, but you are). But to sit around MOCKNG a religin is something they could never "get away with" with, say, MUSLIMS (who merely KILL PEOLE in the name of their religin more than members of any other religion in the world today).  Then there is OBAMA, who MSNBC if fully aware is NOT A CHRISTIAN.  But MSNBC, CNN and thre rest of the mainstream media want to put Obama's religion--or lack of a religoin--OFF LIMITS, while declaring oopen season on Romney's relgin.  That, of course, makes me DESISTE THEM (not Romney, who I can't support for other reasons).  These are indusrial grade HYPOCRITES and BIGOTS (tgrying to push anti-Mormon bigotry, often in the "name" of fundamentalist Christians (who MSNBC and CNN are tryingb to INFLUENCE, even though both CNN and MSNBC--and basically every person on those networks--are the ENEMIES of fundamentalist Christgians.  In other  words, MSNBC and CNN would like you to beliive tghat it is "fundamentalist Christians" who are the bigots, when it is really the people of CNN and MSNBC who are the EVIL BIGTS trying to appel to BIGOTRY, rather than presenting the real isssues in the Presidential race.

Back to my barber.  Yes, he is much MORE TOLERANT than th mocking BIGOTS of MSNBC.  He regards Mormonism as a "cult".  He, of course, knows that Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  He is also not that "rich".  I would be surprised if he earns more tghan 440,000 a year.  Maybe he does a little better, since he has cut expenses to the bone, but this is a guy who Obma and MSNBC want to ENVY Mitt Romney. Instead, and I konw this because I just had a haricut and it ws discussed, my barber STRONY SUPPORTS Mitt Romney.  Yep.  My barber is MUCH more ooptimistic that Romney will SAVE this country than I am.  My barber thinks Romney--a member of what he regards as a CULT--haS "good ideas" that he blieves rRomney will implement in a way that makes him OPTIMISTIC for this country.  Oh, I imagnie my barber knows that Obama is NOT a Christian (his kind of Christian, for sure).  But that is the ponit.  My barber is MROE TOLERANT than MSNBC.  My barber is willing to evaluate Romney's IDEAS, and what the blieves Romney's POLICIES will be, even though Romney is not my barber's "kind" of Christina.  My barber is certainly NOT a bigot.  MSNBC is fUL of BIGOTS:  intolerant peole spreading evil. 

From my observatins, my barber is typical of evangelical Christians of the "fundamentalist" knid.  These are TOLERANT people, ecept to peole who believe 'toerance' is BELIEVING the way THEY BELIEVE.  Thus, although I have not discussed it with my barber, my barber may well rEJECT homosexual CONDUCT, just like he probably rejects POLYGAMY and ADULTERY (maybe even heterosexual prmarital sex,).  This is not INTOLERANCE.  It is BELIFE, just like the "beliefs" of MSNBC, CNN and Obama, who believe (really as a matter of AITH) in things like Big Government and "secular humanism" (as Bill Maher labeled the beliefs of Barack Obama).  But MSNBC ants my barber to VOTE based on RELIGION ALONE . That is how BIGOTED MSNBC and CNN are.  My barber, however, does not confuse his ELIGIN with governmment POLICY.  Oh, my barber would say that his relign influences tehe policies he favors, as should be true of ANY trully believeing Christian, but my barber is not going to vote on the basis of who SHARES his egligin.  He is gong to vote based on what he things ar the best POLICIES for this coutnry.  You can say that MSNBC really acts like BIGOTS because they aer really trying to concela lPOLICY difference by using BIGOTRY (and other unfair attacks) to avoid debating POLICY But, that makes MSNBC even MORE EVIL--some fo the worst hyocrites to ever walk this Earth.  My barber is not even arging that Mitt Romney is a "btter" Christian than Barack Obama.  My barber is willing to look PAST relign and vote on the basis of POLICY, That is exactly what MSNBC is trying to confince people NOT to do: BIGOTS that the peole of MSNBC are.  They are ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIGOTS, and ANTI-MORMON BIGOTS. 

Agian.  I do not accept this BIGOTRY, and refuse to "turn the other cheek" (since I am NOT a Christian).  Therefore, I will continue to counter this BIGOTRY with the TRUGHT (even thouh it is a "turth" that I don't think should really be part of American politgics, since it involes making religin an "issue" in American political campaigns):  BARACK OBAMA IS NOT A CHRISTAN.  That makes him a HYPOCRITE, and is actually MORE RELEVANT than tlaking abut he "merits" (or lack thereof) of the MORMON CHURCH (meaning that MSNBC, CNN nd tghe mainstream media are direclty maknig REGlIN--as RELIGION--an issue oin American politics) . I am not making tghe "religious doctrine', or the CHURCH, of Barack Obma an "issue'.  I am making his HONESTRY and HYPOCRISY an issue, even though I think we would be btter off leaving everyone's religion OUT of politics.  Notice I am NOT saYIng to leave PLICY based on RELIGOUS BEIFE out of politics.  I am saying that RELIGION ITSELF is not an appropriate issue, and that it is dangerous to even let HYPOCRISY be an issue. It is better to argue POLICY, and forget abut religion  People SHOUULD vote their "religion", interms of voting for peole who they think will advaNce their POLICY views (whch may be based on their religin, as is the OFFICIAL lpositon of almost all Christian religins that AL of a person's "good character" really comes fromGod). 

See what I mean when I say that my BARBER is much moe TOLERANT than MSNBC?  My barber is AnXIUS for this electin to be about POLICY  MSNBC wants this electin bot be abut everything BUT policy . Oh, they will "argue" "policy" (propaganda) when they have to, but their GOAL is to WIN AT ANY COT.  Did I tell you these are EvIL peole?  I know I did, and tghey are. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesightg). Now would my barber be more likely to vote for a person who he believed FULLY shared his RELIGOIUS beliefs more than a person who does not share those beliefs?  Sure, jsut like the peole of MSNBC are much more likely to vote for a person who shazres THEIR FUNDAMENTAL PHILOSOPHY (secular humanism) than somenoe who does not.  That, however, does not mean religon shuld be an ISSUE in our politicla capaigns.  It shuld not be.  But the BiOGTS of CN and MSNBC want religin to be an issue, provided it is ONLY the religin of Mitt Romney (and not the lack of religon of Barack Obama) . Wishon, yu HLLYPOCRITGES.  I dn't operate that wya.  If ou want to make "relgion" an ISSUE, then I am gong to to talk abut religon and how Obama is NOT a Christian.  And I am gong to do so until November (and maybe beyond).  Sure, my barber is a btter person than I am. He hs HPE that Romney can sve us, even though he knows that there ar an awful lot of wicked peole in the world.  I have beomce more and more a CYNIC, to my detriment as a person.  But I think it does help me explain REALITY to you, if you are open to facing such a grim thing. 

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