Monday, July 2, 2012

Anderson Cooper Is Gay: The Maverick Conservative Gets It Right ("Anderson Cooper Is Gay" Series)

Anderson Cooper:  'The fact is, I'm gay."  That is the present featured "picture story" on Yahoo 'News".

Is this the result of The Maverick Conservative articles, begun maybe a month or six weeks ago, under the headline:  "Anderson Cooper Is Gay?"  And you people doubt the INFLUENCE of this blog. 

I know. I know.  I was evidently about the LAST person on Earth to know that Anderson Coper was gay.  My NUMBEROUS female sources for my rticles ridiculed me for not knowng it years ago.  Still.  Yahoo 'News" thought this a big enough deal to BEATURE Coper's statement.

As I have said, I don't care if Anderson Cooper is gay (in the absstra ct).  The blog article TOLD lyou the rESON that I suddenly started to worry about it.  And that is why it matters ("keeping him honest').  Anderson Coooper, and ALL of CNN, have been the source of FANATIC gay actiivst PROPAGANDAon Anderson Cooper's sow (as well as on all of CNN)--but Coop9er's show being far the worst).

Is tlhere something wrong with a gay man using his prime time program to treat "gay rights" as the MOST IMORTANT issue in America?  My daughters disagree with me on this, but I hink there is something BADLY WRONG with this--especially when Cooper failed to be "up front' ("keeping him hionest") a to the REASONS he is so FANATIC about featureing "gay rights issues' on his probram (from only one point of view).

This blog has also tod you what i s bvoious:  The fact that Anderson Cooper is gay also explains lhis fanatic ANTI-CHRISITAN crusade on his CNN program-again, even mroe fanatic than the rest of CNN, even though CNN is The Anti-Christian Network. 

What if Rush Limbaugh had CONCEALED (by not being really lup front about it) lthe fact that he was a polygamist, while CRUSIADING for the "llegalization" of polygamy?  Nope.  I have NO respect for Anderson Cooper, and I am willing to say so.  That really does not have anything to do with the fact that he is gay, but everything to do with the way he has USED his progtrram to BULLY people based on his PERSONAL interest.  No respect at all.  My daughters: "What does it matter to your life that Anderson Cooper is gay?"  As I tell them, it DOES matter to my life that Anderson Cooper has presented himself as a "neutral" "journalists", wile PUSHING gay activist llPROPAGANDA on CNN.  The fact that Anderson Cooper is only slightly worse than the rest of the evvil propagandists on CNN doe not mattter.  What matters is the DISHONESTY and HYOPOCRISY here:  including this constant theme about "keeping them honest>'

Nope.  I don't give Anderson Cooepr or CnN a "pass" on this.  I hold them accountable, and will continue to do so ("keeping them honest"). 

Is this blgo EVER wrong?  Almot ne er.

P.S  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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