Friday, July 13, 2012

President Obama Is Not a Christian: Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative--Noted Agnoastics--Agree

If yu read tis blog, yu know the drill by now.  Every time the BIGOTS of the media (you "journalists" out there really are some of tghe most despicable human beings who have ever lived) start appelaing to anti-Mormon BIGVOTRY, this blog runs this CORRECT headline. 

Yep.  "Business Week" ran one of those "hit pieces" on Mormons ONLY "exmplainable" as yet another attempt to make Romney's reiligion an "issue' in tthe fall election.  Do you remember what Johnn King, of CNN said--beofre he tried to make an "issue" out of 'how Romney prays"?  "It is a terrible thing to make an issue out of how a person prays."  IN other words, John King called HIMSELF (accurately) an EVIL, TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING.  And it was not only himself that he pinned that label on, but all of CNN (The Anti-Christian network). I expet that CNN-again, The Anti-Christian Network--has picked up on, or will pick up on, the BIGOTRY of Business Week.  But what I saw this morning, and the reason I even know about the Business Week article, is because the peole of MSNBC were openly MOCKING the Moromon Church this morning.  Again, these are the sAME peole, like the people of CNN, who RIDICULUE people for making an "issue" out of Prfesident Obama's "rfeligion" (really, his LACK of religion). Imagine if Rush Limbaugh MOCKED--openly laughed at--Obama's relition  I kow. The media and Obama think they are "safe" here, because Obama HAS NO RELIGION. They think that the Reverend Wright thing, where Obama stayed a member of Wright's "God damn America" church for 20 years--is all in the past.  Now that Obama is a "Christian at large", with no specific religon-really with NO BELIEF in any relgion--MSNBC and CNN (the wrost hypocrites who have ever lived-think it is SAFE to go after Romney on his religoin.  They especially thin that because they THINK that they have INTIMIDATED peoople into not talking about the FACT that Obama is NOT a Christian.  Think agian, MSNBC and CNN.  Every single time I see you exhibit this hypocritical BIGOTRY, this blog will repeat this correct headline.  And, yes, this will have MORE EFFECT than your stupid,m hyypocritic al anti-Mormon and anti-Christiani bigotry.  NO ONE listes to YOU.  FEW may listen to ME, but I have no hesitancy in saying that what I say has MORE EDFFECTG than what is said on MSNBC and CNN. 

Oh.  Business Week. Yes, they are truly desicable peole--typical "journalist" trying to piggyback BIGOTRY into building "circulation" and attention for a FAiLING magazine.  I would tell ou to BOYCOTT Business Week, except you are already dong it (probably without knowing it).  I have not opened a Business Weekk magaiazine in probably TEN YERS, and I can assure them, and lyou, that I will NEVER open one again (and would not, even if I could see)--or look at anything they have online. 

Rest assured, MSNBC, CNN and you other bigots of the mainstream media: This bog will continue to make an ISSUE out of President Obama NOT being a Christian until November.  "But, Skip, how can you do that. You just dsaid it is an EVIL thing to make a person's relgion an issue in a politial campaign, and lyou are not even a Christian yourself.'

Exactly. I amm NOT a Christian, and so I do NOT 'turn the other cheek". If the despicable 'journaliss" of the media are going to make Rmoney's RELGION an "isseuue" in this campaign, then I am gong to make the FACT that Obama is not a Christian an ISSUE in this campaign.  It atauly is MORE of an issue, because it makes Obama an Elmer Gantry-type HYPOCRITE (as he has been on gay marraige and any number of other things).  Romney is openly a Mormon.  No one really attacks him as not believing in his religion.  The attacks are DIRECTLY UPN THE REILIGION;--the most DESPIVCABLE and EVIL kid of attack you cam make in America (driectly attacking a relign itself).  That is because, of couse, the "journalists" of the mainstream media are EViL, DESPICABLE people.  That is what John King calleed himself (in effect), and he was RIGHT.  Is it not MORE of an ISSUE whether Obama is only PRETENDING to be a "Christian" for POLITICAL PURPOSES?  Of course it is MORE of an issue.  For me, it is not a good enough reason to make a person's religin  a major subject of political campaigns in America.  But if the MEDIA (our evil "journalists") ant to make "religoin" an ISSUE in our olitical campaigns, is ay this: BRING IT ON.  They, and you, should know by now that I have NO reluctance at all to discuss religin, including discussing leftistr ideology as a RELIGION .

It is no accident that the anti-Christian Bill Maher (really a militant atheist rather than a tolerant agnostic like me) gave ONE MILLION DOLLAS to Obama's campaign PAC.  Even if Maher had not said--as he did--that Obama's real "religion" was "secular humanism" (leftist ideology),, Maher's ACTIONS should send that message to you.  Bil Maher is obvisuly CONVINCED that Obama is a kindred spirit. Aren't you?  You shuld be. 

P.S.  No proofreading or sepll checkng.  Yes, you can expect variations of this headline and article ALL WEEKEND, as I try to match the BIGOTED FANATICISM of "journalists" who keep trying to apeal to BIGOTRY.  They don't quit.  Neither do it.  Accept it, because it is hwo things are.  The 'junalists" of America are gong to try to "leverage" the disgraceful Busienss WEek aarticle into pusing the same BIGOTRY this blog has been telling you abut since 2007-20008 (if not before).  Well, this blog is gong to LEVERAGE their "leverage" into article after article about their EVIL BIGOTRY.  Yep.  Anderson Cooper is an EViL ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIGOT.  Wolf Blitzer is an EVIL, ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIGOT.  John King is an EVIL, ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIGOT.  Lieve with it.  This blog is goig to repeat that message, which aapplies to almsot AlL of the maijsntream media, until at least November--c ertainly every single time it comes to my attentin that peole are trying to make an "isseu" aout of th 'way Romney prays".  By the way, I am still NEUTRAL in the Presidenttial race: not supporting either Obama or Romney.  But I oppose EVIL whereever li see it, and this is EVIL STUFF.   As I have said before: I don't see how ANY CHRISTIAN out there canwither vote for Obama or fail to understand that these peole ("journalists") are OUT TO GET YOU.  These peole (leftist "journalists" and other leftists) think it is the essence of BEING A HICK to actually BELIEVE in any relgion.  For them, "religon" is just something "sophisticated" peole pay LIP SERVICE to so as to avoid ay adverse consequences from being openly as fanatic as Bill Maher (once CNN's favirte "guest"). 

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