Monday, July 9, 2012

Obama, as Liar-in-Chief, on Taxes: My Brother to Hold a Press Conference on How Obama Is Going to Cost Him $200.00

I don't know whether my brother's press conference is necessary, after Obama alrady--stupidly-produced those people complaining abut how OBAMA was gong to raise their taxes by $2,200.00 because of Obama's FANATIC class warfare politicking.

Hacker Boy (again hacking into tis disgraceful blog in the interest of truth, despikite Skip's continued libels that I am Piers Morgan or some other hacker who learned inRupert Murdoch's News Corp):  "Uh, Skip.  You have done it again.  Obama id not produce peole who blamed him for raising their taxes.  He produced peole who said that the GOP was trying to raise their taes."

Skip: "Okay Piers, maybe I got mixed up.  It was jsut so INSANEW that even our Liar-in-Chief could think that he could LIE this obviuslyly, and get away with it.  The GOP, of course, wants to continue the PRESENT TAX RATES PERMANEWNTLY FOR ALL PEOPLE.  Yes, the GOP has major faults, but our lPresident is being DSHONET beyond belief on this one.  Our Lir-in-Chief wants to actually say, and be believed, that he is proposing a "middle calass tax cut" that the GOP oopposes. Taht is absurd, but it is really even worse than that.  What Obama wants to do is SACRIFICE the middle class on the alter of his POLITICAL , class warfarfe campaign (the opeateive word, as this is a political stunt) against the "rich".  The GOP not only wants to continue the present tax rates for EVERYONE, including the middle class, but the GOP wants to make the "Bush-era" tax cuts PERMANENT. 

I did not even believe it.  Obama should be CRUCIFIED for this one.  How can our Preisident, even as Liar-in-Chief, hold himself up as the 'tax savior" of the middle class and propose only a ONE-YEAR extension of even the middle class portion of the present income tax rates.  yet, that is exactly what Yahoo "News" ("The Ticket") says that Obama proposed:  a ONE-YEAR extension of the "Bush-era" tax cuts for the middle class.  "Bush-era" is, of course, an ORFWELLIAN BIG LIE by our media, as they ar NOT the "Bush-era" tax cuts.  They are the BUSH tax cuts.  BUSH waS the moving force behind them.  Democrats did not want the tax cuts, especially in the form they were passed. And President Bush wanted them to be PERMANENT.  Hey, this is abut the ONLY part of the Bush Presdiency, bsides the reactin to 9/11, of which I APPROVE.  And the LYING MEDIA is tryiing to deprive Bush of even credit for that, in a continued PROPAGANDA effort to suport Barack Obama.  I beg you:  BOYCOTGT YAHOO AND AT%T.

There is only one reason Obama had the NERVE to parade "middle class peole" up before the camers to give SOB STORIES abuat the gOP trying to "deprive" them of their tax cut.  The GOP wantst o make theeir present tax rates PERMANENT, and Obama--accouding to Yaho "News--is only proposing a ONE-YEAR extension . That is TERRIBLE policy.  All Obama is doing with this entire "class warfare" CAMPAIGN STUNT is making it IMOSSIBLE for their to be any "recoery" in jobs, or the economy in general.  Obama seems to LIKE "uncertainty" on taxes, because it gives him the opportunity to LIE every single year on tasxes (instead of just once). I still can't even believe it.  I almost would rather believe that Yahoo--and their mainstream media sources--got this WRONG (which I can believe).  Surely, even Obama wuould not try to "get waway" wtih claiing to be a "savior" of the middle class, while at the same time only proposing a "one-yerar" extension of the Bush tax cuts for the middle clas?  Come to think of it, I guess our Liar-in-Chief really is that basdF!!!!!!  so it comes down to two equally palusible alternatives:  Yahoo got it wrong or President Obama lied, in his continuing role as the most DISHONEST President we have ever had.

"Wait a second, Skip.  I know this political theater by Obama was ridiculous, and everone knows that it is OBAMA who wants to RAISE TAXES on at least some lpeople he calls the 'rich', but doesn't Obama have a ponit that the GOP is going to block extension of the  'middle class tax cuts' unless they get the extensin they want of tax cuts for the 'rich'?" 

Actualy, that is NOT true, because there is NO SUCH THING as "tax cuts for the rich".  It was all ONE INTEGRATED BILL/PLAN.  The "Bush tax cuts" set up a TAX RATE SYSTEM for both the "rich" and the "non-rich".  Assuming the FALSE propositon that higkher taxes don't at least cost SOME revenue (because of slwoing down economic actiivty and the private sector economy), the Bush tax cuts "saved" 3.3 TRILLIN DOLLARS in taxes over ten years, FOR LOWER INCOME AND MIDLE CLASS PEOPLE.  The 'rich" (using that 4250,000 figure) "saved" "only" 700 billin.  In other words, incrasing the income taxes on the "rich" will "only' "increase revenue" something LESSS than 7000 billin over 10 years: ad drop in the bucket as far as the deficit is concerned.  Meanwhile, repealing ALL of teh "bush tax cuts"--as Obama apparently wants to do after one year--would add 4 TRILINN dolars in revenue (again ignoring the revenue LOT because of reduced economic growth).

You jsut can't LIE any worse than this (talking, unfortunately, about our President). That is why my borther is plannning his press confeence.  My brother makes something like $100,000 a year.  Obama is BLOCKNIG the GOP extensin of the Bush tax cuts.  Obama is trying to RUIN my brother, who is barely making it (with a wife with substantial maedical bills and a house he bught before the recession).  My brother intends to BALME OBAMA (corfrectly, unlike Obama blaiming the GOP) for SACRIFICING my brother on the alter of Obam'as "class warfare" political agenda. 

"Agian, Skip, cannot you say that the GOP is bockng Obama's pllan, even if yu disagree wiht it for what you think are good reasons, since Obama's plan would presumably go through if the GOP supported it?"

No, you can't really say that, except in one sense.  Yes, the GOP is BLOCKING OBAMA from getting what OBAMA WANTS.  However, the GOP extensin of ALL of the Bush tax cuts wil PASS THE HOUSE.  The ONLY thing standing in the way of it becoming law is BARACK OBAMA (because any "fexibility" on his part, such as agreeing to a "one-year" extensin of ALL of the tax cuts--stupid as that is as a olicy matter since it keeps the eocnomy in a state of uncertainty) on the part of OBAMA.  Meanwhile, Obama's CLASS WARFARE political stunt cannot pass EITHER the House or the Senate.  An the GOP is merely proposing to continue the COMPLETE status quo.  Obama is propsoing a JOB-KILLING CHANGE for political purposes.  Further, nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and probably oother Democrats, have said they would prefer raising tax rates (which is waht Obama is proposing doing) only on peol ewith an income above ONE MILLIN DOLLARS.  The only REASONABLE conclusion is that it is OBAMA who is "threatening" to TAKE AWAY the "middle class tax cuts".  Indeed, my borther is MUCH mor justified in his press conference than Obama wa in his LYING press conference. And what abut that "one-year" business?  By the way, a "one0year" extensin of the tax cuts for the 'wealthy" would be a FRAUD, if there were a permanent extensin of the "middle class" portion of the overall tax scheme.   That is because Democarats and Obama would be confident they could block any furhter extensin of the "wealthy" tax custs, no matter whether the GO wins the Presidential election or not.  No matter how ou slice it, the Obama POLITICAL SUNT is one of the most DISHONEST political displays to ever oocur in this country (saying a lot).

Why should those middle class people who apeared with Obama not EQUALLY "balme" Obama--if not asing more of the blame to him for the reasons described above--for blocking the GOP extension of the tax cuts (just as the GOP is blocking the Obama extensin of only the middle class tax cuts, wtiht he caveats set forth above)?  Easy.  These are PARTISANS wwho appeared with Obama. Bt our DISHOENST media is uninterested in that kind of "investigatin", or in ASKNG those peole this very question:  why do you blame theGOP more than Obama, when Obama is blocking the GOP exgtension of your tax cuts jsut as much as the GOP is blocking Obama's extension of your tax cuts?'  "But, Skip, I don't agree that these peole HAVE o be PARTISAN.  Some peole are THAT STUPID."  This is even wore than my quandary with regard to Yahoo and teh miantream media, as compared with Obama, descrivbed above.  I will be honest with you:  I just prefer to keep my ILLUSION that NO ONE is realy that STuPID--not even the mainstream media people Obama is relying upon to suport these LIES.  I prefer to believe these peole are jsut PARTISAN and DISHOENST. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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