Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yahoo "News" and "The Ticket": Corrupt, Partisan Liars (Boycott AT&T and Yahoo)

"For days, Mitt Romney has led Republican attacks on Obama over his defense of the role government plays in fostering a climate in which entrepreneurs can thrive.

Do you recognize the above statement from the CORRUPT LIARS at Yahoo ("The Ticket") to be a LIE?  It is part of an article trying to "rhabilitatate" Obama from that GAFFE Obama made when h told small buiness people that THEY "did not build this", but rather could not have done it without govevernment help.  You don't think this is a LIE?  You fool, you.  Never doubt me.  This is not even a matter of opinin.  That above statement is either a LIE, or Obama agrees with ME (a person as far from his views on the proper role of government as any person alive). 

What is MY view of the "propr role of government/"  Right . My viwe, and the supposed view of the GOP, is that it is NOT the role of government to DIRFECTG the econmy, CONTGROL the way business operates, and generally TELL peole what to do. It is also not the role of the government to SUBSIDIZE the private business activities of which GOVERNMENT APPROVES.  What, then, is the role of government?  The proper role of governnment is to create a CLIMATE in which our PRIVATGE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM can operat, without "central planning' and the CONTROL of MERE MEN.  What kind of "climate" do I mean?  Come on. You know this one.  We are talking about a climate of LOW TAXES, LOW GOVERNMENT SPENDING, NO BAILOUTS, and MINIMUM GOVERNMENT REGULATION.  Is President Obama REALLY saying thaat he AGREES with ME?  Of course not, despikite the CORRUPT LIEARS at Yahoo.  Obama is saying that we NEED government to ooperate in a HANDS ON way to DIRET and "HELP" business. For Obama, it is the GOVERNMENT that "creates jobs", and the GOVERNMENT that really makes it possible to "build things":  NOT by "getting out of the way" but by DIRECT ACTION.  This is the direct opposite of 'crfeating a climate". 

kI mean it . I don't know what "The Ticket" is, and it is too much prollem (with my eyesight) for me to figure it out.  It does not matter.  I am perfectly content to give YAHOO and AT&T FULL CREDIT.  BOYCOTT the CORRUPT YAHOO AND AT&T.  I have had occasion to discuss "The Ticket" before, and those po9ple are TOTALLY CORERUPT PARTISANS.  If Yahoo is going to feature them, under the "Yahoo" brand (and theAT&T brand), then it is YAHOO that needs to face the consequences. .

P.S. no proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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