Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado Shooting and Movie Theaters: You Are a Kook If: (Phil Cavuto, Certified Idiot and Kook)

Let me summarize it tis way:

1.  Number of peoe killed in movie theaters in last 5 years:  less than 15.  Numbr of peole killed in traffic accidents in past five years:  above 200,0000 (a pretty large sized town/city). 

This did not stop 'journalists" on Firday from tlalking aobut how poople are now SCARED to go to movei theaters.  Let me acknowledge here that I was ready to FLY right after 9/11, and thought airlines wre gounded too long.  I did, in fact, fly not much more than a month after 9/11, and did not WORRY at all (for a depositon in Minneapolis).  At least, I did not worry beecause of a possible terrorist attack.  As I said at the time, you might as well worry about lightning striking you.  In fact, my female friend, Sylvia--who is tlrying to lose weight and uses me as a walking partner when there is no one else available--recently had me walking into a thunderstorm in El Paso, with lightning bolts striking all around me (slight exaggeratin).  yes, she IS trying to kill me. Back to the point.  You are SELF-INDULGENT (not to mentin absurd) abut your FEELINGS to stay away from a movie theater because of the Colorado shooting.  No, I do NOT think you should let lyou "reelings" overcome youir bran in this mannter.

Thenb there is Phil Cavuto, on the unfair and unbalanced network.  He made a big point not only about peole supposedly staying away from theaters, but abut "Wall Street" (The Stupidest Peopple on Earth) SELING movie theater stocks AND "entertainment" stocks in general, because of the Colorado shooting. This blog has already informed you that Phil Cavuto is a certified idiot (with apologies, as usual, to idiots), and you know know he is a KOOK.

"But, Skip, all Cavuto was doing wss 'reporting' that theater and entertainment stocks went DOWN on Friday fairlyl substantially, and that is a FACT."  No. That is only partly true.  First, Cavuto did NOT note (as this blog does above) how STUPID this was, or dismiss the idea that there are many peole who will so let their "knee-jerk" feelings overrule their brains.  Now I can see being a little queasy (not from worry) abut seeing the "Dark Knight' movie, since it might bring the Colorado shooting to mind. I cnn see holding off on that a while.  Otherwise, this is absurd.  But it goes beynd that, and is a constant STUPIDITY in ALL media "business reproting".  Cavuto said that peole on Wall Street did not "think" (a totally accurte statemetn at all times), but simplye had a Knee-jerk" reactin to sell because of WORRY . To hhe extent you could teel what Cavuto was saing they were "worrying" ABUT, it appeas to be that people will stop going to movie theaters (and maybe "out" to pcroweded entertainment places in general, including things like BASEBALL GAMES, which would make just as much sense as to stop going to moovie theaters).  Cavuto, as statd, admitted that this "worry" might be argumed to be irrational (as it IS), but that is not all.  Cavuto, you idiot, that lparticular 'worry" is NOT the reason that the stocks went down.  No, I am serous.  It is NOT the reason, and this is a soncistent fAiLURE on the part of businesss reporting.  Wall Street is now a CO

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