Monday, July 16, 2012

George Zimmerman: Media Evil Persecution Continues

No, it is NOT "news" having anything to do with the second degree murder charges agasint George Zimmerman that a cousin now "accuses" him of molestation.  Thyat is IRRELEVANT to the murdcder charges againts George Zimmerman. And yes, I AM an "expert" on this, in the sense that any competent attorney (as I was in my former life) is an expert.  Individual instances of  alleged "bad character" are generaly not even ADMISSIBLE against a person in either a civil or criminal trial to try to suggst that a person is more likely to be guiltuty of one 'crime" because he committed another.  What yu have then is the EVIl ting of a person being facing a trial over one thing, but being prejudiced by the trial being about soumething else.  It is even worse when we are talking aobut "TRIAL BY MEDIA"--where George Zimmerman is being PREJUDICED by the attempt to conduct a "molestation trial" against im in the MEDiA.  I rpeat what I have said about alomst ALL of lyu "journalists" out there:  YOU ARE EVIL LPEOLE SPREADING EVIL (what amounts to back fence gossip).  Nope.  I do NOT care whether George Zimmerman "molested" his cousing.  IF there is real evidence that he did, and the statute of limitations has not run, then CHARGE him with that crime.  But to try to USE those allegations against George Zimmeran's general "chracter", as if that says anything about the second degeree murder charge, is EVIL stuff.  No.  I will NOT back off from this.  If there is any "journalists" out lthere who wants  to "defend" this,I invite you to comment.  Be warned lthat I willl hand lyoiu y;our head, in response (a warning the dishonest hypocrites of the media NEVER give when they "invite' a person to apear and respond to their "charges"--even though that is what they indtend to do 99% of the time). 

You may well find lthis blog to be presient.  I have ALREADY--before this latest example--brought uo th ecase of Dr. Sam Shepard (remember the "one-armed man", "The Fugitive", and an out-of-control media who CONVITED Dr. Sheppard of ADULTERY and associated 'crimes", rather than murder) in connectin with Dr. Geroge Zimmerman.  What the United States Supreme Court decisin in the Sheppard case stands for is the principle that LYNCHING a person with pre-tril publicity can make a criminal tril CONSTITUTIONALLY "unfiar". Even beffore the media OVERPLAY of the irrelevant accusatins of the cousin, our media was making it virtually impossible fore Zimmerman to get a fair tril--or eve, really, a fair determinatin as to whether to charge him, and with waht.  As I have said repeatedly, it is not that there was no basis for charging Zimmrman with manslaughter (although there may well have been NO basis for charging him with seond degree murder).  The problem is that the  decisin was not based on "fairness", but totally on racial politiczs and MEDIA PUBLICITY.

Look how much MORE lthis case now looks like that of Dr. Sam Sheppard.  Are we going to have a tril based solely on the CHARACTER of George Zimmran (his genral character), including th etotally COLLATERAL "issue" of whether the molested his cousin, or are we gong to have a MURDER tril (:as wew are suposed to have--where OTHER alleged indifidual acts of "bad character" are NOT considered? The media, as in the case of Dr Sheppard, seems deterined to have a tril on the general CHARACTER of George Zimmerman.  As in the case of Dro. Sheppard, who was really tried for ADULTERY and BAD CHARACTER, the media wants to CONVICT George Zimmerman of BAD CHARACTER.  And, really this is not an aberratin.  It is TYPICAL. And it has gotten much WORSE eince the Sheppard case (more lthan 0 years ago). 

My contempt for the media, and "journalists", jsut keeps getting worse.  You can say that I, as a lawyer, was in a professin for which a LOT of peole hold contempt.  I think the public is coming around to the realizatin that lawyers may have major faults, but taht JOURNALISTS are now n the professon most deserving of total CONTEMPT.  I repeat:  tril by media--especially on this irrrelevant and prejudicial stuff--is an EVIL thing. 

Do you doubt taht George Zimmerman is being persecuted (by both the media and the state of Florida)?  I don't.  And it does not matter whether Zimmerman is a "bad" person.  He does not deserve THIS. We ALL do not deserve THIS, because it ENCOURAGES this EVIL to EXPAND.  Who will be nest? 

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