Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Shooting:, MSNBC and CNN: Evil People Spreading Evil (Obama and The MaverickConservative Agree)

The evil people in the leftist media, and in the left in general, just can't help themse.ves.  President Obama ("their President") goes out and delivers a speech saying that "politcs can wait" while we "come togethr" too grieve, and support the victims in the Colorado shoting.  The left, of course--includng MSNBC and CNN--never took him seriously . Now this blog does not support this OVERHYPE of this kind of thing (more leater), including such over-the-top statements as Obama saying that hew was "heartbroken" about the Colorado shooting (see article planned for tomorrow), and I don't se any reson to SUSPEND LIFE because of what happened in Colorado (sad and horrifying as it is) . But Obama is absolutely right about one thing: It is an EVIL and DIVISIVE thing to immediately try to USE the EMOTION of the Colorado shooting BEFORE THE BODIES WERE EVEN COLD.  Whether we shuld "supsend" ALL politics or not, there is no doubt at all that it is EVIL to try to make an IMMEDIATE POLITICAL PINT OUT OF THE SHOOTING ITSELF.  But you already knew that MSNBC and CNN are composed of EVIL peole spreading evil.   (I know that Presdient Obama did not quite call this an evil thing to do, but that is what his words logically MEANT.: "There will be otehr days for politics/ today is a day to come together and put politics aside.")  We dont even have real information about most of the facts surrounding the shooting and the shooter.  This is not only EVIL stuff, based on an attempt to USE the pure emotin of the shooting for POLITICAL reasons, but it is evil SPECUALTION.  Actual "journalists" would at least wait for the FACTS, but these are NOT "journalists". 

I know whereof I speak.  I did NOT follow the "coverage" of this story most of the day. I  surfed about 30 minutes this morning, and looked at about 15 TTOAL minues the rest of the day.  It was enough.  Early this afternoon, MSNBC had a "panel" of 3 peole (plus the anchor).  They ALL agreed that this shooting SHOULD be a reason to IMMEDIATELY try to USE the shooting as a POLITICAL WEDGE to again push gun control  Even more eVIL, all four peole on MSNBC (all four also agreeing that the shooting showed we needed more gFederal gun control) agreed that the NRA was the VILLAIN here--making it impossible to "dot the right thing". I am not kidding.  MSNBC, as expected, virtually BAMED the NRA for the shooting.  I repeat:  Obama and I agree that this is EVIL stuff, before the bodies are even cold.  And it is not like MSNBC did not  RECOGNIZE the EVIL.  The anchor started off by saying that there would be criticism about doing that kind of program before lthe bodies are cold.  Okay,k he did not use that last phrase, but that is the essence of what he correclty suggested the criticism would be.  But the criticism comes onot only from me, and people who think like me.  What the anchor refused to talk about ws how PRESIDENT OBAMA had already condemned MSNBC, in advance, for this attempt to POLITICIZE the shooting the very day it hapened (since I understand it was a "midnight" showing). 

Ah. CNN. I saw CNN "Out Front", without Erin Burnett.  Again, one of the segments was about POLITICS, and that segment was basically again about POLITICIZING the shooting this very day.  The ridiculous statement by Mayor Bloomberg of New York City was used as the EXCUSE to get into the "issue' of gun contgrol.  Again, the NRA was made the VILLAIN, as if there is something WRONG witht he NRA spending money o support its positin.  No.  It was not quite as BLATANT as MSNBC, but the message was the same (as it always is on CNN--makng hthem worse HYPOCIRITGES than MSNBC, since MSNBC does ntot even make much of an attempt to deny their lefitst agenda).  Thus, CNN did not make QUITE as much a point of attackng the NRA, but it really is a distinctin without a difference.  These are EvIL peole (on CNN) spreading evil.  Again, at least so long as I watched, there was no discussion of how CN was VILATING THE STANDARDS SET BY THE PRESIDENT THIS VERY MORNING.   Even  having a segment called "politics", concerning the politics of the shooting and the gun control issue, was the very thing that the PResident said we shuld NOT DO for at least today. 

Now there was one matrial difference between MSNBC and CN.  MSNBC "doubled down" n EVIL.  MSNBC not only tried to POLITICIZE the Colorado shooting as to the gun control "issue", but MSNBC (all day, since they were doing it when I surfed about 30 seconds this evening as well) was already PUSHING to USE the shooting for yet another leftist/MSNBC agenda item: the idea that al crime is a matter osf SICKNNESS, and that we "need" a MASSIVE "mental health" push in this cuntry.  This, of course, shuld SCARE you to death.  I will explain this in another article planned for this weekend.  For now, however, look at hwo far SNBC was wiling to go to POLITICIZE this even.  This is nothing new, of course, for the left, which tried to do the SAME THING with the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.  Again, MSNBC, CNN and the left tried to POLITICIZE the Giffords shooting in TWo WAYS:  "gun control" AND the idea that it was a the fauult of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.  This last assertin was one of the most EVIL things I haVe ever saeen either on televison , or in poitics.  And MSNBC, CNN and the left hammered that EVIL assertion from the beginning, and for WEEKS, even though the Giffords shoter was never shown to have been "influenced" in any way by the Tea Party.  They made that up, becazuse thesese are EvIL PEOLE. 

Yep.  Eugene Robinson, I just called lyou an EViL person.  If you can't handle the truth, get out of the kitchen.  Yes, Jonathan Alter (sp.?--as if I carfed), you are an EVIL person.  I did not even get the names of the other two peole on that disgraceful MSNBC panel.  It does not matter. ALL of tghe peole of CNN and MSNBC (well, there must be SOME exceptions, but I have not seen any) are EVIL PEOPLE. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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