Thursday, July 19, 2012

George Zimmerman Is Really Jack the Ripper (My Brother's Conclusion)

As the persecution of George Zimmerman goes on, my brother has totaly bought into the media narrative.  He has concuded--despite Patricia Cornwall--that George Zimmerman is really Jack the Ripper.  He has come to the anciallary conclustion that Jack the Ripper was a notorious RACIST, who is the ultimate explanation for the TEA PARTY RACISS of today (more "proof" that we are a "racist" country). I must admit to wondering whether my brother saw my kind of typo, and really saw Jack the Ripper described as a notorious RAPIST (even that, of course, not being correct, and therefore maybe not the explanation). But my brother makes a strong case that our evil media should look into whether George Zimmerman is really Jack the Ripper. 

You say that Jack the Rippr has to be dead?  Not true. There have been numerous stories about how Jack the Ripper is realy some sort of "demon", who never dies, repeating his crimes over and over again.  I remember an old "Night Stalker" TV show episode about Jack the Ripper still being alive and murdering, and I have read a number of stories (disguised as fiction) which r3each the same conclusion.

Let us follow this through.  George Zimmerman is a racist DEMON.  We have our evil media's word for this, and he has certainly been PERSECUTED as much as Kokchak ("Night Stalker", sp.?) ever persecutged Jack the Ripper. Do you know any OTHER demons out there?  According to our evil media, there is jsut no evil beyond the Zimmermans--maybe also the positon of the persecutors--I mean prosecutors)  Q.E.D.  My borther is right.  The evidence is that George Zimmerman IS Jack the Ripper (or at least is possessed by the demon who was once Jack the Ripper). 

Then there is Mrs. Zimmermn.  Was she, as a young girl, responsible for the apparent PERJURY (certainly LIES) of Bill Clinton--even as a young girl.  Is this a matter of demon attractged to demon, with an evil demon also beng within Mrs. Zimmerman?  The state of Florida seems to think so.  Did Mrs. Zimmerman ever meet Bill Clinton?  Did she "lead" him into evil, as my mother insists Monica Lewinisky did?  Maybe so.  But we must be conservative here.  It is enough to have PROVED my borther's assertin that George Zimmerman is Jack the Ripper reborn.  We must not go too far afield into speculatin, lest this blog stray into the kind of EViL that is the stock in trade of the moern "journalist".

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesightg). I really don't understand, by the way, why criminal defendants (or potential defendants) keep giving INTERVIEWS. That was what I liked about the attorney for Casey Anthony.  He got her to SHUT UP. (at least until she was acquitted, and hse has kept a fairly low profile even since).  Is George Zimeerman gonig to be like Drew Peterson, ans duddenly SEEK publicity.  Yes, I know that the pont of my own article is how the media has dEMONIZED George Zimmerman, based on NO FACTS (in which they are uninterestged), but the lawyer in me still CRINGES at criminal defendants participating in "trial by media".  The LAWYERS should be "out front' on that sort of thing, and keep their client under wraps.  Anyway, that is my strong opinion n the matter.  But that has nothing to do with the PERSECUTION of George Zimmerman, which has been as bad, or worse, as any criminal case I have seen (yes, includng the "Duke rape case").  I say that evven though--as with black thugs--I know it is a mistake to make a HERO out of George Zimmerman.  I don't think he is a "hero".  But he is entitled to FAIRNESS, and he has not gotten it. 

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