Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ObamaCare and Media Propaganda: The Evil, Dishonest Propagandists of the Associated Press and Yahoo "News" (Boycott Yahoo and AT&T)

Headline featured on Yahoo "News" (maybe some of the most despicable partisans who have ever lived, and pretended to be "news" providers) over the past TWO DAYS, from the Associated Press (definitely some of the most desicable partisans who have ever lived, as proven by my futile, decade long, Sodom and Gromorrah search for an honest, competent AP reporter):

"GOP tproposes vote on repeal of the health care law, without alternative"

Have you seen more blatant PROPAGANDA in yur whole life? Of course you hav ve, from the DESPICABLE PEO:LE of the AP and Yahoo "News"--as well as the rest of the mainstream media. "Withut alternative" ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!  That is nothing more than an Obama/leftist Democratg "talking ponit", and the despicable lpeople of the AP and Yahoo know it.  But these are BAD, DSIHONET peole.  They INTEND propaganda, and have no shame at all. 

It is like I was head of the AP, and used this headline: "Obama Stubbornly Sticks with Failed, Unpopular ObamaCare, and Refuses to Consider Alternatives."  Or I might use hhis headine, which is FAIRER than the AP headline:  "Obama Promises to Veto Extenstion of Tax Cuts for the mMiddle Class, Unless He Gets His Way." 

Neutral headline: "GOP:  Repeal ObamaCare to Save Jobs"

The AP will write that kind of lheadline, and Yaho will "feature" it, with regard to OBAMA.  They will NOT present the GOP point of view, no matter what, in their articles WITHOUT MAJOR CAVEATS.

That is what is going on here, and it is a standard technique of PROPAGAINDISTS.  Always present the views you don't like as "questonable", while you wither present the contnetions of the other side favorabley, or as if there are no opposing views.  I repeat: The pepole of the AP and Yahoo are BAD, DSIHOENST people.

Look at the LIES in this one sentence headline.  Start with the use of 'health care law", instaead of either "ObamaCare" or "Obama health care law". No, the actual headline is a LIE.  Why?  Think about it.  How many "halth care laws" do you ThINK there are in the Federal statutew? Ten thousand?  A hundred thousand?  Do you see how the actual headline is not only a LIE, but INCOMPETENT?  Then there is this idea that "erpelaing" a law means that you have no "laternative" in mind.  That is absurd, and pARTISAN (at the very leas).  That is because, again, the people of the AP and Yahoo are DISHOENST people.  If you COMPLICATE yoru vote on "repleal", with some kind of attempt at an "laternative", all you do is UNDERMINE yhour own efforts.  I could actually wish that Mitt Romney wuld not talk so much abut 'replacing" ObazmaCare.  It is simply ABSURD (to rpeat the operative word here) to suggest that the GOP shuld-solely as a TACTICAL matter-compicate "repeal" with trying to propose an "alternative".  The dishonest peole of the AP and Yahoo know this.   No, this use of "without alternative" is a LIE, because it deliberaely implies that the GOP is not proposing "alternatives" (mostly, in my view, bad ones, but siilll better than ObamaCare).

What is the real issue here, that the AP and Yahoo are deeliberately OBSCURING?  The GOP says that ObamaCare will both destroy our health care system AND DESTROY JOBS (in fact, already is destroying jobs).  Obama and Democras, meanwhile, are claiming that the GOP is trying to deprive peole of the better health care and heath insurance that ObabaCare will provide them.  Yes, it is part of this idea that the GOpis not realy gong to provide an ADEQUATE "alternative", but that is the point.  This is the OBAMA/DEMOCRAT POSITIN: the positin, in effect, ASSERTED in the despicable headline and story. 

I beg you:  Boycott Yahoo and AT&T. Message to you despoicable peole of Yaho and AT&T (which puts its name right at the top--rpominently--of this proaganda on my computer): Yu will see this message on lthis blog until the ned of my existence, or yours:  BOYCOTT YAHO AND AT&T. 

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