Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Texas "National Tragedy": 14 Die

12 peole died in Aurora, Colorado (last count I saw).  14 peole died in Texas in a TRAFFIC accident. 

Did ;yu ever doubt me when I said that the shootng in Colorado was NOT any more a "national tragedy"--indeed much less--thatn the 40,000 peole who die on ur roads and highways each year.  Don't you feel like a FOOL for doubting bme, or are you like my daughter (not thinking straight0, and assert there is soemmehint g"different" about SUDDEN DEATHS on the highway than there is about a mass murder that plays on the EMOTIONS?  Have we really come to thiis, whre we "hytiank" only wtih our EMOTIONS?  Dead is dead. The TRAGEDY of 40,000 people dying on our highways is much WORSE than 12 peole dying in a mass murder.  If you don't see that, then I am sorry for you (as I am for my thinking challegend duagher). 

By the way it should realy BOTHER YOU that you are not as "comopassioniate" as ME.  You may rightly conclude that I am one of the coldest peole you have ever encountgered.. But what does that make YOU?  I feel COMOPASSION for the "victims" and families of the 40,000 peole who die in traffic accidents every year,--including the 14 or oso who DIED in the last 234 hours in Texas (ilklegl immigrants though some of those may have been).  I feel COMPASSION for the 16,000 murdder victims, and their famiies, EACH YERF in this counntry.  Are you like the EVIL peole of the media, who only feeel "compssion" for peopole involved in PUBLICIZED, horrific events which evoke your EMOTIONS?  Not a very compassionate person, are you  Yes, I am willing to say flattly:  I am MORFE compassionate a person than your are: certainly MORE tghan the COLD, EVIL peole of the meida out to MILK emotions for RATINGS. 

P.. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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