Thursday, July 19, 2012

Romney and Tax Returns: Advice (CNN: The Liar Network)

Sometime, somewhre, Mitt Romney is going to have to start makng definitestatements and stand by them. 

This whole absurd, media pushed thing about Romney producing his tax returns for his entire life (or whatever) is an example of where Romney needs to make a STAND.  First, what Romney needs to realize, and what toomany "conservatives" do not se3em to realize, is that NO ONE CARES about tax retrns.  More importantly, they are RIGHT not to care.  All the media, floowing the agenda of the Obama campaing, wants is MATERIAL to formulate attacks on Romney (no matter what mulltiple tax returns might show).  There is NO reason for Romney to play that game, and he should. not. Thle ONLY reason Rmney has any problem is because he waffled all over the place in the GOP primaires as to his 'positin" on releasing tax returns.  So lwhat?  That kind of ttthing does not laffect Obama (saying different things wvery year, month, week, day and hour). Romney did NOT say anythng improtant to being President about ta returns.  We all KNOW that Romney's tax returns will be blown out of all proortion--esepcialynow--and that small details will become (to the evil media) jsut as important as who will really make the best Presdietn.  You say you think Romney's tax returns will actually tell you important things aobut who shuld be the next President?  Then you are a FOOL, aren't you, or else (like lthe evil media again) letting your PARTISANSHIP dominsate whartever comman sense and intelligence yu have. 

Here is approximately what Romney shuld say:  "This election is about who will be the best President for getting our economy going again. I have releasd the disclosures of my finances that the law requires.  Just to make sure that peole have an idea about my current income, and the taxes I pay, I have released my 2010 tax return and information for 2011--which return I will release when it is ready.  The details of my private tax trturns are not an issue in this campaign, and I refuse to let them be made into an isssue.  No matte what I release, there will always be "more questions", and more demands.  The American peole have been informed enough about my finances to make a fuly intelttigent decisn as to whether those finances will affect their vote.  Presidetn Obama, and hi ssupporters, want to make this eelctin but everything but the crucial issues facing this country.  I refuse to let them distract me from the trully important issues facting this country, and their allies in the media are not going to convince me otherwise.  People of goo faith can always disagree on what is enough discloussure.  I have made my decisin, and I am gong to disclose what I said I was gong to disclose:  my 2010 tax return (already disclosed) and my 2011 tax return (where the essential informatin has already been disclosed).  These attacks on my finances are a form of personal attack, rather than a debate on the important issued facing this country.  It is wrong to make elecitons about that sort of "gotcha' kind of atttack, usuallly distroted and even false.  These tactics shuld nto be encouraged, and I refuse to do so.  I have diclsoed what the law requires, and what my judgment tells me is apropriate.  You can disagree with my judgmmetn, but I think I am corect on something that is simply not improtatn.  Again, this elecitn shuld NOT be about my tax returns over some big chunk of my lfe, and I refuse to make it about that.  People know the assets I ahve, and the money I am making.  Enough.  I actually sympathize with Barack Obama as to things like his brith certificate and grades at Harvard,m o whatever.  Peole should not have to give up ALL privacy to run for lpublic office.  Thesae things are not what ANY electin is about, and they are surely not what this eleti is about."

Remember what President Obama, and his supporters, said about Tim Geitner (Obama Secretary of the Treasury)?  They said that he was too tALENTED a guy to have the mere fAILURE to pay taxes owed disqualify him from being Secretary of the Treasury (haed of the IRS, really, among other things). The argument was that the coungtry NEEDED Tim Geitner (lol), and that the COUNTRY couuld not afford to let "nit-picking" (relatively speakng) about his taxes deprive the COUNTRY of his services.  How much MORE ture is that of Mitt Romney,  where there is not even any EVIDENCE that Romney has done anything "wrong' with his taxes.  Obama, and his supporters in the media, simpy want to go on a FISHONG EXPEDITIN for material (fair or not) for their campaign. As you know, I ont' think that highly of Romney already, and refuse to even support him for President.  I will think LESS highly of him if the lets the media, and "establishment" "conservatives", goad him into releasing nay further information.  The peole DO NOT CARE.  That was acutally the conlcusion of the New York Times today (that right wing rag), as the Times talked abut how all of this Bain Caital and tax retun stuff has NOT HELPED OBAMA AT ALL (according to the NYT poll released this morning).  The New Yokr Times concluded, essentially, that peole just can't be made to CARE abut this junk.  And tghe peole are rIGHT (althugh I don't know that the NYT made that conclusion).

No, the way for Romney to "put this behind him" is to BE A MAN, and stand by what he has previously said (which, afer all, is the informatin on which he ws NOMINATED to be President).  Why does s the media pay more attentin to Obama peole than to Santorum peole?  You know the answer to hthat one. Our evil media is composed of PARTISANS.   For Romney to admit that the peole have a "right to know" abut the details of some massive number of tax returns is for Romney to ADMIT that he CHEATED to get the nominatin (by not providing GOP voters wwitht he same informatin, which was an actual issue in the GOP nomination race).  Any other course than to stand up for is postion only lets Romneyin for TROUBLE. 

I do have one piece of advice as to what Romney SHULD disclose.  Romney has already said that he is gong to disclose his 011 tax return. As far as I know, and it does not matter to me, Romney has not yet disclosed the full tax return.  Romney has access to the BEST tax peole in the country, and he certainly has the money to INSIST that his tax return be completed (no matter what the "deadline" is).  I think Romney shud GET THIS DONE.  By August 1, Romney shuld release the complete 2011 tax return, with the message that completes the tax returns he will realease.  I see no senseat all in releasing this tax return in Octovber, or not releasng the full tax return at all until after the electin.  No, I do NOT regard it as "imprtant", but Romney has SAID he will do it.  Message to Romney:  GET IT DONE, sooner rather than later, and upt this entire matter of tax returns behind you. 

P.S  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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