Monday, July 23, 2012

Obama and CNN: If a Tree Falls, and Obama Does Not acknowledge Hearing iIt, Has It Really Happened

I have mentioned this before;  Forr CNN, it is all about Obama. If Obama does not acknowledge it, then it is not worth talking about.  Now you might regard the evil media to have made an exceptin on GUN CONTROL, hwere CNN and the rest were willing to start DIVISIVE debaqte even when OBAMA told them it was an EVIL thing to do before the bodies in Colorado were hardly even cold (debatge, by the way, that EVERYONE agrees is going NOWHERE--meaning the evil media is spreading evil for NO purpose).  But, really, the lefitsets of the media could nto help themselves on this one . They have a 'narrative" here that they have ut in place from previus shootings--a narrative that Obama once pandered to, as in his CAMPAIGN speech at  disguised as a "memorial" for Gabrielle Giffords.  It is hard to believe, but Obama lives in LESS of a fantasy world than media leftists.  However, CNN again otherwise showed how, for them, it is ALL about Obama.  No.  You may THINK that the peole of CNN "care" about the peole of Aurora ,Colorado. They don't.  All they care about is how OBAMA reacs to the shooting, and who it POLITICALLY affects Obama.

Doubt me/  Never, ever, do that.  I actualy heard CNN say that we "know" that the Colorado shooting suspet is in custody becuae "Obaama annunced it" (at that speech where he, in fffect, called CNN an evil network becuase of the DIVISIVE way they were gong to IMMEDIATELY sbut how this shooting should "intie" more debate aobut gun control).  Obama, of course, was NOT the "official" source of the susptect being in custody, and this is just another indicatin that CNN truly does not beleive a tree has really fallen unless Obama notices it. 

But it goes way beyond that.  Readers of this blog, or the ten peole who actually watch him, know that Wofl Blitgzer is one of the worst human beings who has ever lived on this Earth.  As ou know, I deliberately do not tunei int Blitzer, evin to surf, becuase I maintain that makes me a feloow traveller in EViL.  I can't ven describe how bad Blitzer is.  I was tlring to surf for the FACTS (good liuuck, with today's "journalists") abut the Colorado shooting on Friday, and I was surfing CNN (as I will do in the daytime). Unfortunately, Blitzer popped up. Guest what HIS take was?  I could NEVER make this up . He wasl--so help me--PUSHING the idea that Obama should give yet ANOTHER memorial speech at the FUNERALS (or the time of the funerals) of the Colorado sooting victims.  Blitzer must have loved that CAmAIGN "memorial" speech on a college campus, after the Giffords shooting.  Do you need any more proff that, for Blitzer and CNN, this is aLL ABUT OBAMA.  All Blitzer was intrested in was how Obama was talking a California trip anway, and would be in opostion to stop by Colorado and HORN IN on the funerals, making them AlL ABUT OBAMA.  So help me, it is like the only way the GRIEF would be REAL would be if Obama showed up and BVAIDATED it.  No.  Tisis is BAD stuff. Blitzer is a BAD man.

Notice that MAYBE Obama realized just how ridiculous Blitzerr was being gushing abut how it ws up to Obama to "memorialize" the Colorado shooting in connectin with the funerl.  I can't even adequately describe how bad Blitzer was, in almost OOZING EXCITGEMENT at the prospect of Obma gong to Colorado for a "memorial service" in connectin with the funerals.  Again, hwoever, has OBAMA realized that Blitzer is just gong to get him in trouble by making it look like another CAPAIGN SPEECH--like Obama is trying to take advantage of  tragedy for political purposes (as Blitzer was really URGING him to do, even gong to far as to say the American peole expect it of Obama--which may unfortunately be true a to both Obama and Blitzer).  I say that mAYBE Obama thught better of this particular ply (but we will see), as Obama showed up in Aurora, Colorado to TALK to victims (and families), and laud at least one herone.  Now CNN ws PUSHING the idea that we NEED Obama to "bring comfort" to peole about this tragedy.  That is absurd.  If it were true, we ar in sad shape as a country.  See  prviouis articles postedon this blog in the past few days.  Have we really become a country where we have o OBSESS over this kind of thing,; "meorialize" it to death: , and have all kinds of "celebrities" validating the grief of the people diretly affected? Have we reallyl become a coun ntry whre the President is looked upon as a "daddy", to "comfort" us when bad things happen, as if we are all six eyar old children?  I hope not. 

Anyway, there is jsut no doubt that, for CNN, a tree--any tree--has not really fallen unless Persident Obama publicly acknowledges it. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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