Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Daughter's Boston Wedding

Okay.  I am back from Boston, where my daughter, Kenda, put on the wedding of the century (upgraded from social event of the year in Bostno). This was the now famous Spiker-Stewart wedding:  so exciting that people were fainting.

Okay.  that was actually a rather serious medical emergency ,when a friend of both of my daughters (one of the nicest of their friends, who actually had come up t me shortly before she collapsed to talk to my anti-social self and take pictures of my brothers and myself at the post-wedding "cocktail hour").. It turned out that Alicia had an infected appendix, and had the arthroscopic operation to remove it that very night.  When--toward the end of the wedding reception--the problem was finally diagnosed as beng beyond fainting, my younger daughter, Kyla, went to the hospital to be with Alicia and he parents throught he operatin and initial post-operation time. Kyla did not get back to the hotel until 6 a.m.  The good news is that--last I heard--Alicia had been released from the hospital (the very next day--Sunday), and was doing fine. 

Pictures of the wedding MAY be available on Kenda's Facebook page (Kenda Stewart), depending on how Facebook works.  NO. I am NOT on Faceboook, and have never even accessed the site. I MIGHT be promted to do so, since it is basically the only way to keep up with Kenda, except that I rfeally can't SEE well enough to get much from online pictures or try to go through the agony of trying to read text.  So you may well be able to know more about my daughter than I do. 

The wedding really was very nice, and both of my daughtgers looked amazing (true of Alicia, the bridesmaids, and many other women there).  It was at the Harbor Hotel in Boston, and truly was a very nice wedding.--thanks to Nate, Kenda and the Spiker family, as I had nothing to do with the planning (other than helpng look for venues on my trip last summer). 

Anyway, I again survived a trip to the East Coast, and to one of the most leftist cities in America.

I am now back, and will beging posting again on this blog.  I did NOT watch the Democratic Convention, and dont't feel I missed anything (from the descriptonis of people who did watch parts of it). I only watched parts of the GOP convention because I wanted to see if GOP politicians had learned anything.  My conclusion was that they had not, and that it was a waste  of my time (except to confirm that the GOP is still far from being "conservative"). 

Hacker Boy (no longer bothering to deny that I am Piers Morgan, having learned hacking from the Rupert Murdoch group of compoanies, although I do not admit it, as I am tired of arguing with Skip abut it):  "Skip.  I thought you wre finally GONE, and I could stop worring aobut trying to save people from your absurd untruths."

Skip: "Poor Hacker Boy. I am afraid he will ALWAYS have me to 'kick around'.  Everybody should have their own hacker hacknig into their blog. It adds something.  A novel I read recently described a business where people would HIRE 'photo-journalists' to HARRASS them so make them appear more imporant than they were--including to impress GIRLS.  It struck me as potentially a good business.  It probably exists." .

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