Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Unemployment Claims and Labor Department/Media Dishonesty: The Maverick Conservative Gets It Right; Dishoenst Labor Department/Media Get It Wrong

Look at this blog's article two weeks ago, and marvel at how RIGHT I am every Thursday (or whenever I comment on the Thursday jobless claims number) and how WRONG the dishoenst Labor Department and media are.

What did I tell lyou two weeks ago?  I told you that the media LIED when they said that new unemplyment claims "rose slightly" by 4,000, because the Labor Department number itself was a LIE, to be REVISED the following week: the "revision" ALWAYS beng in one direction.  I told you that the initialy announced number of new unemplyment claims (for the previus week) would be at least 374,000, and NOT the initial estimate of 372,000 by the Labor Deparrtment.  Exactly right, as usual.

While I was in Boston, at my daughter's wedding, the number of new unemplyment  claims (initial estimate) did come oout last Thursday, along with the REVISION of the numbers initially reported for the previus week.  And it showed the WORST DISHOENSTY in months.  I am long psast willing to call this DISHONESTY on the weeklyl number of new unemplyment claims CORRUPT:  by a CORRLUPT Labor Department and a CORRUPT media (ALL of them). 

The number of new unemplyment claims initialy announced for the previus week was REVISED upward by a full 5,000, to 377,000 (the most in month, althugh this revision has been as much as 16,000 in the last two years--ALWAYS UPWARD--never downward). This means that instead of rising "only" 4,000, as the media LYING headlines procalimed two weeks ago Thursday, the number of new unemplyment claims actualy rose 5,000--up 9,000 from the previus week (making the media headlines that week a disgusting LIE, about a "slight' increase), from 368,000 to 377,000.  But that was nto even the worst DISHONESTY by ur CORRUPT and INCOMOPETENT media.  Let the Huffington Post Orwellian Big Lie (but realy just regurgiating mainstream media headlines) show youy jsut how DISHOENST our media really is, along wiht our Labor Department:

"Hiring outlook improves, as jobless claims drop"

.....................................Sorry...............................................Sorry.............................Sorry....................Sorry....Laughing/crynig in my usual fetal positin.........................I know I am used to it, but the CONSTANT LIES get to me.  These people--our media and Labor Department economists--are some of the most DISHOENST people who have ever lived. "Lead" sentence:  "Jobless claims drop 12,000, to 365,000".  "How do I lie to thee; let me count the ways" (misquoting Elizabeth Barrett Browning). How do I even CONT the LIES in this one sentence.

First, on an 'apples-to-apples" basis, the previus UNREVISED number was 372,000, raht3r than 277,000--a "drop" of a mere 7,000, while the upward REVSION of the previus week was almsolt that much (5,000).  The body of the article mentined that the four-week average of new unemplylment claims actually went UP, to 371,000. Thus, it was an ORWELLIAN BIG LIE that "Hiring outlook improves".  This is all apart from the fact than ONE WEEK'S numbers cannot be used to say that.  How many LIES is that?  4? And I am not through.  Nope.  The initial number reported last Thursday--that 365,000--will be REVISED tomorro. IF it is "revised" as much as the previus week was revised last Thursday, the number will be revised to 370,000 (almost the four-week average).  Even if it is "only" revised the usual 3,000 or so, the numbre will be revised to 36i,000.  Notice that 368,000 is the SAME number as the week previus to that Thursday I commented on just before leaving for Boston.  NO "IMPROVEMENT".

In fact, Obama HAS FAILED.  There is NO IMPROVEMENT in new unemlyment claims THIS ENTIRE YER.  From late January to mid-March, that number was in a range from 351,000-36,000.  The prsent FOUR-WEEK AVERAGE is ABOVE the top of that range.  We have been in a range between 350,000-390,000 this entire year, and we REAMIN right in the middle of that range.  NO IMPROVEMENT this entgire year. 

This DISHOENSTY is mind boggling.  How can the Labor Department, and especaily our medai, REPEAT the SAME LIES week after week, as if they are not lies?  Have there ever been peole this CONSISTGENTLY DISHOENST about any subject the way these people have been dishoenst about these weekly jobless claims numbers for YEARS? 

Look fo rmore LIES tomorrow.  This, of course, is the report ofr Labor Day week.  Taht means that--as usual with holidays--anything is possilbe.  What we KNOW is that the number of new unemplyment claims will be reported as if it is a "concrete number" that can be compared with the REVISED number released last week. 

I jsut can't take it.  So help me;  Somone should go to JAIL for this consistent dishoensty.  NO ONE should certainly BELIEVE anything eihter our Labor Department or our media says.. If YOU believe AnYTHNNG tghey saythen you are a fool.  All you can do is read things like this blog; read between the lines' and consult multiple sources. 

These are DISHOENST peole. No, they are NOT GOOD PEOPLE.  They are BAD people, and I am willing to tell them so to their faces, if ever I have tghe opportunity.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). 

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