Monday, September 17, 2012

Punishing Free Speech, Because Muuslim Extremists Demand It

Again, the reaction of our mainstream media to the VIOLKENCE of Muslim extremists around the world has generally been NOT to 'investigate" the CRIMINAL Muslim  mob attacks on Amercian embassies and peole, but to treat FREE SPEECH as the real criminal activity here: the fee speech of the "anti-Muslim film" produced legally in the United States, rather than the VIOLENT, CRIMINAL "free speech of Muslim rioters ("protesters").    As I have previously stated, this is a VIOLATION of the very CONCEPT of freedom that oudned this country.

Doubt me? Never, ever, do that.  Look at the headline Friday on the despicable Yahoo:  "Sheriff:  Federal authorites interview filmmaker linked to anti-Muslim film" (maybe sight paraphrase).  The story was that feeeral PROBATION authorites were "investigating" the FILMMAKER for possible probation violations.  Message to Muslim world; You can INTIMIDATE us into ignoring our values. We will try to PUNISH anyone who engates in fee speech you do not like, and doesn't fit our idea of PROPER MOCKNG of religion (such aS Bill Maher, CNN or other anti-Crisstian peoplle). My understanding is, although I did not see the story firsthand, that the "filmmaker' allegedly (why "allegatinos", when NO crime"/) behind the anti-Muslim film was dragged from his house at somehinng like 1 a.m. on alleged probation violations.

No.  It does not MATTER whehter the filmmaker has violeated his probabtion  The point is taht he would almsot surely have NOT been accused--at least not now--of such vioilations if not for the FREE SPEECh "anti-Muslim film".  I would have made a point of NOT harrassing this gy until the Muslmim violence died down, even assujming that probation violations have come to light which would be acted upon even without this film.

And WHY are "probation violations" of this "filmmaker' HEADLINE "NEWS", any mopre than any other probation violation of a similar kind anywhere in the nation.  Nope.  IT is NOT true that it is relevant to the film OR to the anti-American violencde being committed by Muslims around the world.  It is IRRELEVANT. I will go further;  Itis IRRELEVANT to the film and to the Muslim reaction, whether the guy is a SERIAL MURDERER.  The "character" of the FILMMAKER has NOTHING to do with any "newsworty" aspect of this, and the m edia assumptin otehrwise just shows how they are addicted to irrelevant BACK FENCE GOSSIP.  In short, our 'journalists" are jsut NOT INTERESTED in real "journalism" as to "news" actaully ERELEVANT to events.  I repeat, for benefit of ou brain challenged "journalists" out there:  The FILMMAKER is even more irrelevant than the FILMM to the real "issues" here. It is an INDICTMENT of YOU "JOURNALISTS" that you have "staked out" and otherwise HARRASSED tghe FILMMAKER in this matter.  The film is NOT A CRIME.  It is FREE SPEECH.  That the filmmaker is a SCUMBAG means NOTHING. at all to any "issue' here. 

No.  This is EVIL stoff: to be writing headines, and 'investigating", like the CRIMINAALS here are the filmmakers. Again, WHERE is the American spirit represented by the statement:  I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death our right to say it.  For our media peole, who do not believe in free speech,  some "free speech' (that which does not fit their iedas of what is appropriate)) is of the type that our media will gladly ARRANGE YOUR DEATH as PUNISHMENT--to the extent they can. 

Bad peole: our "journalists". 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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