Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Erin Burnett and Wolf Blitzer: Murderers of Free Speech and of Men

CNN last week showed why it speople are bad people, and people who do NOT belive in freee speech, Ameican values or tolerance. Erin Burnett and Wolf Blitzer were two of the worst defenders, n two of the worst segmanets I have ever seen on TV (syiang a LOT).

You remember that statement fro the Obama State Dpeartment, belatedly DISAVOWED by the Obama Adminisstratin?  You know the one:  I am talking about that statement right afer the INVASION of/attack on the Egyptian embassy, and RURNING of the American flag, but BEFORE the MRUDERF of ur ambassdor in Libya?  The State Department APOLOGIZED, on behalf of America (not ME, by the way) for that free speech movie that "urt the feelings" of Egyptian Muslims, FORCING them to attack our embassy and burn our flag.  Did this State Department immediate reacitn KILL our ambassador in Libya? The case can be made.  But this article is about CNN and the turly despicable Erin Burnett and Wolf Blitzer.

I saw a few minutes of Erin Burnett's program on CNN, AFTER the attack on our consulate in Libya which killed our ambassador and AFTER athe ANTI-AMERICAN (not "anti-film") violence was gearing up against Americans all over th3e Arab world.

Waht was the reactin of the DESPICVABLE Erin Burnett?  It was this:  "Maybe the  Obama Adminstration should have stood behind that orignial statement, because that anti--Muslim film's attitude towrad religion (that is, the Muslim religion, as we already know the BIGOTED Erurnet is perfectly oky with this kind of attitude toward the MORMON religion, or many CHRISITAN religions) is UNACCEPTABLE.

Did Erin Burnett jsut say that the exercise of free speech by AMERICAN CITIZENS in the Uniited States should be a CAPITAL OFFENSE, or at least reqire jail time? I thik she did.  Se definietely ENCOURFAGED Muslim extremists to regard free seepc in America as a CAPITAL OFFENSE. What does "unaccpetable" MEAN, if not that peole should DO SOMETHING abut it?  Nope.  Erin Burnett does NOT believe in free specch, and is a BAD PERSON. Ms. Brunett, if I ever meet you in person, I will tell yu that to yur face. You are a BAD PERSON.  Any reader of this blog can tell you I am not engaging in hyperbloe here. You hhave shown yourself to be a BAD PERSON, who does not beieve in the very concept ts that founded Aermica, and I will be gald to tell yo that to your face, if I ever have the opportunity.

Do you reader doubt me on just how bad Erin Burnett and CNN are?  NEVER dubt me.  The very next day, Wolf Bitzer and The Anti-Christian Network DOUBLED DOWN on their EVIL approach toward the ANTI-AMERICAN vilence and KILLING in the Arab world.  CNn did not "investigate" the MURDER of our abassador in Libya, or WHO was engaging in the ANTI-AMERICAN violence in the Arab world.  Noep. What CNN did was INVETIGATE the FILMMAKER who had made the "anti-Muslim film" as if hat FILM were the CRIMIHNAL ACT here.  It gets worse, and for me to call Wolf Blitzer merely a BAD PERSON is not adequate.  Bolf Blitzer showed himself and his netowrk to be EVIL: some fo the WROST peole--certainly the wrost HYPOCRITGES--to ever walk this Earth.

What were the CNN conclusiongs beynd the ad moninem attacks on the filmmaker as a "felon" with a very shadowy past and present (irrelevant to the FILM and o the Muslim ANTI-AMERICAN reactin to such American tolerance of free speech). Blitzer made a huge pont out of the CNN discovery that the amin filmmaker was an EGYPTIAN.  This appearted to be a reacit to ME, and people like me, who correctly noted that the CNN rfeactin here was to BLAME AMERICANS FIRST.  CNN was obviusly tryin gto blame an ETYPTIAN.  Proble for The Liar Network (CNN):  The filmmaker is an AMERICAN. Oh, he is an EGYPTIAN-AMERICAN, but do the BIGOTS of CNN really wnat to assert the propostioin taht an AMERICAN CITIZEN born in another country--maybe even whose PARENTS were boun in antoher country--is not a "rfeal" American?  Does that explain the BIGOTRY of CNN toward George Zimmerman?  Just a thought. 

Obviusly this idea that it MATTER that the filmmaker is of Etyptian birth is so EViLI as to jutify JAILING Wolf Blitzer, and AlL of the peole of CNN, if we realy wanted to go down that path.  Wof, you have exposed yourself as an EVIL perso, wiht NO "values" at all byoend AGENDA. You are trulyl a dlespicable human being.  But it gets WORSE (hard as that is to believe).

This filmmaker--according to the evil peole at CNN--was not only an EGYPTIAN (a CNN LIE, in that it suggested he is not an American), but porceeded to make a pont out of supposed ties with theCHRISITANS (a special kind of Christian sect) in Egypt.  This should not surprise you, of course, because Wolf  Blitzer is an anti-Christian on The Anti-Christian Network.  CNN even storngly suggested that  people in the Christian Egyptian Chruch were involved in this movie, even though the eVIL peoe of CNN did say that those peole did not realy speak ofr lth echurch or mean that all of the Christians in the Egyptian church were involved in this video.  Notcie how Wolf Blitzer and CNN know that MUSLIMS in Eguypt make this kind of DISTINCTION between peole involved in the film and peole not involved int he film, once they have ANY pont of contact (such as BALMAING AMERICA because the filkm was made in Aermica, under American laws of free speech, BY AN AMERICAN).  Wolf :You are a TERRIBLE human being on a TERRIBLE Lnetwork:  one of hte WORST human beings I ahve ever seen or herad about, once you get past actual terrrorists and massmurderes.

Do you see what happened here?  The MURDERERS at CNN, including Wolf Blitzer and Erin Burnett, put a TARGET on EVERY Christian in Egypt FOR NO  REASON ecept AGENDA 9covering for Obama).  CNN, which is unwillng to even UTTER the term "ANTI-AMERICAN in connectin with these rIOTS an dKILLINGS, or even UTTRE the word "Muslims" as to the peole doing it, is willing to LABEL Etyptian Christians as the motivating force behind this anti-Muslim fiilm!!!!!!!!!!:  To set them up for MURDER, along with the AMERICAN CITIZENS involved in makng this film (exercising their free speech rights0.

Nope.  I am sorry.  I dont' think this is hyperbole.  CNN, Erin Bu;rnett and Wolf Blitzr are EVIL MURDERERS, perfectly willng to KILL peole on behalf of their agenda.

I worry again that I have REPRESSED my real feelings here.  That is an HNHEALTHLY thing  I will try to do better next time.  But I really--beleive it or not--ran out of word to show my utter CONTGEMPT, DISDAIN and HORROR over jsut hwo BVAD Erin Burnett, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and the other people of CNN are.  What is sad is that the rest of the mainstream media, including a large part of the unfair and unbalanced nework, are JUST AS BAD.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  Let me repat: CNN and our mainstream media have BLOOD on their hands, and not jsut the blood of Etyptian Christian.s.  This attempt to EXCUSE the MuslimHATE RIIOTING baqsed on this free specch film is KILLING PEOLE, and will continue to KILL PEOPLE. 

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