Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama and Libya: Liar-in-Chief Proves He Should NOt Be President (Ruining Susan Rice)

What can ou say about a President and an Administraitn that has CONTINUED to try to make the MURDER of a U.S ambassador (and three other Americans) all about a "spontaneous demonstratin" relating solely to an anti-Muslim video, when that is obiuvsly UNTRUE?  "Iarin-in-Chief" is jstu not adequate for this attempt by Obama and the Obama Administratin to be DISHOENST about the MURDER of Amerian citizens.  I am sorry.  A President who will LIE this way, and have his entire Administratin out there LYING about MURDER of Americans, is NOT QUALILFIED to be Prfesident Of the United States.  What am I saying?  He is not "qualified" to be dogcatcher of Mt. ida, Arkansas.

Basically EVERYONE (okay,MABYE not MSNBC) now agrees that the murderous attack on ur conssulate in Libya was a PREPLANNED TERRORIST ATTACk which was PLANNED to occur on 91// .  The Presdient of LIBYA is saing that it was a PREMEDITATED ATATACK.  One of our main counterterrorism officials has said the same thing.  Even CNN is reporting that the attack that MURDERED our abassador in Libya was a PLANNED TERRORIST ATTACK, where LIBYAN OFFICIALS had WARNED us in Libya that the situatin was very DANGEROUS days before the 9/11 atttack. 

Meanwhile, Obama sent the poor woman ambassador to the United Natins out to EMBARRASS herself and her sex, on something like FIVE "interview shows" on Sunday.  Her meassagfe was the same LYING message the Obama Adminitratin put out IMMEDIATELY : that the MURDER in Libya was a "spontaneous" attack triggered by that anti-Muslim video.  EVERONE except the Obama Adminstratin now agrees that is a LIE, and the Obama Administratin is actually heading in that direcitn (without ever admitting the EVILl they did by IMMEDIATELY triknig to SELL the idea that this attack in Libya was merely a "spoontaneous demonstratin" gone out of control.  I am sorry.  This is UNACCPETABLE.  Yes, i do believe this is an IMPEACHABLE offense: to LIE about the MURDER of American citizens for POLITICAL reasons.  However, it wouuld be CRAZY to actually try to "impeach" President Obama when his fate is in the hands of the VOTERS not much more than a month from now.  VOTERS have it in their power to "impeach" President Obama, and I really don't see wy ANYONE should support hi for Prfesident.

"But, Skip, you erfuse to support Romney.'  That is still true.  I can't support Romney, but I can't even IMAGNE how a person can vote for Barack Obama.  How can you vote for comeone wh won't even LOOK sqarely at the TRUTH of a terrorist attack that KILLS Americans because of POLITICAS and AGENDA.  The Obama positon--an EVIL positin--is that this TERRORIST MURDER in Libya was all about that "anti-Muslim" video, even though the EVIDENCE was to the contrary from the very beginning.  It turns out that there were NO DEMONSTRATINS even in progress when the TERRORIST ATTACK was launched.  No excuse for this  It is all part of the general Obama attempt to EVADE reposibility for FILURE of their Midle East Policy by making it ALL "aobut the video". 

Nope. Ths has been a TERRIBLE failure of leadership, indicating that President Obama NEVER sould havve been President at all.  Even now, the Obama Administratin is running ADS in Pakistan CONDEMNING TGHE "ANTI-MUSLIM VIDEO, but NOT "condemning" the Muslim VIOLENCE or attempts to INTIMIDATE free speech.  I stand by my conclusin:  The people of the Obama Administratin, as well as maInstream media peole, are BAD PEOLE for BLAMING AMERICANS FIRST, and basically DENYING the very concept of FREEDOM upon which this countgry is based.  Was it Pter who DENIED Christ three times?  I am not enough of a Bible scholar, or even a Christian, and do not remember for sure.  Btu how many times are we going to ACCEPT the Obama Administratin to DENY this country, and the principles for which it stands, before wwe say NO MOER. 

I really wish I could vote for Romney.  Can Gary Johnson win?  No. That is delustin, even if I will vote for him (much as aiI disagree on soeme things).  Just because I jsut can't stomach Romney, however, does not keep me from seeing OBAMA cllearly, as I see the people of the media who DISAVOW the principles that crfeated the United States of America.  Where are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton proclaiming:  "We disagree with what thiese filmmakers said, bout Americans will defend to the death their right to say it.' Where is CNN saying that?  Where are ANY of our mmainstream media peopl?  This has to be one of the most disgraceful abandonments of free speech in the history of this country

Note, owever, that the last paragraph applies to EGYPT and the rest of the Arab world, bruning our flag and engaging in HATE VIOLENCE against us.  Libya was a TERRORIST ATTACK that MURDERED our AMBASADOR. If I believe--as I do--that our government AND media reacin to EGYPT and other property attacks was EVIL and WRONG (this focus on a "video" merely USED by forces that hate us), then what do I think about the LIES that the Obama Administratin has ut out about LIBYA?  Words do not even describe it.  I don't kow if AnY American President has EVER done a WORE thing. 

I am absolutely certain that the Obama reactin to LIBYA wa POLITICAL, aNd based on a POLTICIAL AGENDA to BLAME everything that has happened in the ARab world, on this 9/11 and afterward, on the "anti-Muslim" move.  It is jsut NO T ACCEPTABLE to hve a President who thinks that way.  Ntocie that Romney is NOT really saying that, and has solrt of "bakced offf" (as usual) from his initial criticiasm of Obama.  Rmney anoys me.  Cant' stomach voting for him.  That does not change that the Obama reactin to LIBYA has been UNACCEPTABLE in a way that mandates that NO ONE vote for Obama. To me, the Obama reactin to EGYPT was unacceptable.  And there is evidence that the ETYPTIAN attack on our embasy was PREPLANNED to demand the rlease of the "blind sheik". But Libya is something like one THOUSAND times worse than Egypt, and we jsut can't have a Preisdent who tries to HIDE the facts aobut MURDER of Americazns.  It is not like almsot ANYONE believes the Obama Administraitn on Liibya: this "spontaneous demonstration" absurdity. 

If Presdient Obama had any HONOR, he would wITHDRAW from the Presidential race.  Don't hold our breeath.  In fact, despite CNN challenges to the Obama absurdities on Libya, con't hold your breath as to our media holding Obama TO ACCOUNT for his LIES on LIbya.  Won't happen.  Shuld happen, tough. 

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