Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Madonna: Obama Is a Black Muslim (Maverick Conservative Again Exposed as Moderate Independent Wimp)

Madonna (in "pro-Obama clip all over the place yesterday, including the unfair and unbalanced network, but generally IGNORED by the dishonest hypocrites of CNN and the rest of the mainstream media):  "We have a black Muslim in the White House, OK."  It does not appear that she was "joking".

There are two EXTREME positions on Barack Obama's relitioin.  The first extreme, absurd position is that Obama is a believing Christian just because he says he is--despite the massive evidence to the contgrary . The other extre position, which this blog has corrrectly labeled as a kook position that some people have been led into by their understandable distaste for Obama and his seeming inability to criticize Muslims, is that Obama is a "secret" MUSLIM.  This latter extreme position is that of my 90 year old mother.  Yep.  I have called my own mother a KOOK (on this), including to her face.

Since I am a moderate, wimpy independent, my own correct, moderate position on Obama's religion is in the MIDDLE. (as usual).  Bill Maher and myself--noted agnostics both, although I am the tolerant one embarrassed to agree with Maher on anyting--agree that Obama is NOT a Christian but is a "secular humanist":  a man with NO religion except leftist ideology.  Maher even backed his opinion that Obama is sympathetic with Maher's militant ANTI-CHRISTIAN viewws so strongly that Maher gave ONE MILLION DOLLARS to an Obama SuperPAC to support Obama for President. 

You should be able to see the difficulty I am now in because I am one of those "independents" so beloved by the media.  I have called my own mother a KOOK because of here extreme position.  My mother is a woman.  I am AFRAID of women, including my mother.  But I thought I had pretty much convinced my mother that she was lettting her anti-Obama sentiment run away with her, and that there is no real evidence that Obama has any religin at all, including the Muslim religion.  

My mother, yesteray, to me  "You SEE.  I told you Obama is a Muslim.  But yu wouldn't pay any attentin to your mother.  You wouild rather call yur won mother a kook.  What kind of a son are you?  Madonna (I doubt if my mother had any idea of who Madonna is beforfre Madonna SABOTAGED me.) is part of that Hollywood crowd who are BUDDIES with Obma.  They know Obama better than YOU do--you stupid wimp.  Madonna knows that Obama is a Muslim.  I bet the whole Holllywood crowd knows taht Obama is a Muslim.  But I have an ungrateful son who clls me a kook because I now more than he does.  What can I expect from a son who does not even realize how great a President FDR was.  I bet you woulld have rather had me STARVE, than have FDR make sure I had enough to eat.  Wel, SEE.  As usual, your mother is RIGHT.  3 of my sons were always going to vote for Romney.  Even Charles, who you brainwashed, has now said that he is gong to do like his mother says, and vote for Romney.  YOU are myonly soon ho pays no attentin to what I say, and calls me a KOOK.  That shows what kind of a son you are."

As you can see, I am never going to gorgive Madonna for this one.  Is Madonna really part of some sort of secret conspiracy, along with my MOTHER and other women, to SABOTAGE Obama and make sure that Romney is electe?  Does that explain those polls which supposedly show that WoMEN are gong to ELECT Barack Obama?  Are women LYLING to pollsters (as I recommend EVERYONE do)/ Surely, even Maddonna cnnot believe that what she dais, laced with vulgarity, HELPS Obama/ Yoiu can see what Madonna has done to me.  I HATE conspiracy theories.  But after the tongue-lahing I got from my mother, becakuse of Madonna (like that anti-Muslim video triggering anger, only worse), I now se3e "conspiracies" EVERYWHERE.  Madonna is in a conspiracy to get me.  I just can't doubt that.  How many other conspiracies are there out there targeting me?  Did my brother know something when he said I should run like Hell if Angelina Jolie showed up at my door demanding sex>  How many poots aginst me are out there?  No. This is MADNESS. I am going insane.

(Google editor's note:  We were notified that something seems to have happened to the blog author, which left thte above partially copleted article frozen on the site, without being posted. We have informatin that the blog author may be in the hsopital.  After discussin, and cnssultation with legal counsel, we decided to go ahead and post the unfinished article on the blog as a waring to bloggers on Google not to get carried away like this.  We are aware of s spike in suicides nationwide, and we don't want our blogs--provided as a publicec service--to be the cause of nervous breakdowns.  We trust that blogggers will heed this warning, and watch yourself.  Dono't let your emotins get away from you. Be calm and ratinoal.  We trust that this is a temporary problem, and that The Maverick Conservative will be back  In the meantime, read this breakdown taking place right before  our eyes, and learn its lesson.  We woul d ordianrily have corrected spelling errors, and other obvius errors, but we noticed that this atuhor, apparently does not proofread at all.  We don't endorse this practice, but felt we should leave the article as written.  The author says it is due to bad eyesight, but ws the sad shape of this blog a sign of the impending breakdown?  We don't know, but thought we shud ost the article as is, so you could come to your own concustions.):

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