Monday, September 17, 2012

The Maverick Consrvative and Muhammad: Muhammad Cartoon

You may remember when our media previusly exposed themselves as NOT being in favor of free speech (in connectin with Muslims, as our media has so exposed themselves multiple times on other matters), at the time of those Danish cartoons of Muhammad.  AT that time, as maybe one of yu reading this blog remembers, I wsa tring to gt my amateur cartoonist older daughter to do cartoons for this blog.  She actually did one or two, and then finked out on me.  But, this was about the time of the Danish cartoons, and I requested that my daugther do me a CARTOON of Muhammad, using an image of Muhammad. My daughter refused, and continues to refuse.  I can't draw, and could not draw even when I could SEE.  Thus, I am left with IMAGINATINO, and a VIRTUAL CARTOON of Muhammad.

You are ging to have to use yhour IMAGINATIN, and match the cartoon in my head (incluidn gan "image' of Muhammad) with the same cartoon crated in your own head. 

Imagine Muhammad seated in a high seat in Heaven.  He is looking down on a number of recognizable Mulim terrorists, complete with weapons, chasing around 40 virgins who are running from them, screaming.  here is the caption: (words spoken by Muhammad): 

"No, no, no   I did not say you would go to Heaven and have 40 virgns.  I said ou would be TORTURED by 40 virgins for all eternity." 

Do you think that "mocks" teh Muslim religion?  I don't.  I think it mociks the HATE being perpetuated in the name of the Muslim religion.  And I am an dAGNOSTIC.  I reject the idea that it is "sacrireligious" for ME to show an "immage of Muhammad". I rejet the idea that either Muslims or Chirstians can impose THEIR sacred cows on ME.  No, it serves no purpose to gratuitously insult Muslims (as John Grisham did Texas and Texans in "The Confession') by such things as burning the Koran.  Notice, however, that "offense" is in the ey of the beholder, which makes it especaily EVIL to suggest that a "crude" anti-Muslim film justifies TRASHIHNG America and free speech more lthan a clever, intelligent fil m mokcing the preent PRACTICE of teh Muslim religion, and perversion fo that religion.  if yo think that way, then yous should apply to work at CNN.  You do not UNDERSTGAND the concept of free speech, or the concpets of freedom upon which this country was founded.  Read Juhn Stuart Mill's "On Liberty".  You need a refresher course, or a first course, in what freedom is all about.

Feel free to put MY idea of a proper Muhammad artoon on YoutTube, if you can draw, and to attribute the idea to ME (Gordon Stewart).  I have this hankering to be famous among all of the HAATE MONGERS of tgeh Muslimm world, and amoung their APOLOGISTS i this country (CNN, Yahoo, et. al.).

P.S.  No prooferading or spell checkng (baD eyesight).  Realize that the choice of this "fklm" to "justify" ANTI-AMERICAN VIOILENCE by Muslims throughout the world is ARBITRARY.  The USA--until CNN has its way--still has fee speech.  ANY single day, you can search the internet and find SOME item or statement that will OFFEND "extreist" Mulsims (and many not so "extremist") arond the world.  No one has actually SEEn this "anti-Muslim" film.  It was jsut CHOSEN as a vehicle for ANTi-AMERICAN assaults around the world.  ANYTHING that gains any traction, or is jsut made up (like the Newsweek story about a Guantanamo soldier "urinating" on the Koran--would serve the same purose.  It is the IDEA of America trhat is being ATTACKED by these "extremsit" Muslims, incuidng the idea of free speech.  It is absurd to suggest that it is only the FILM that is being attacked.  TGhe very FREEDOM to produce such a film is being ATTACKED, and not being DEFENDED by too many in this country (inclulding basicallly all of our mainstream media). 

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