Tuesday, September 25, 2012

President Obama: Terrorophobia


Terrorophobia: Fear of the word "terror", especailly in connectgion with violent attacks by Muslim extremists.  Sample sentence: President Obama is an extgerme victim of the of terrorophobia, as he seems totally unable to utter the word "terror" in connectin with terror attacks by Muslim extremists.

I actually heard significiant portions of Obama's speech to the U.N., as well as the analysis afterwward. President Obama REFUSED (or was unable, because of his terrorophobia) to utter the wrod "terror" in connectin with the Muslim extremist terrorist attack in Libya which murdered our ambassador (first such murder of an ambassador since 1979, and only 6th in our history).

In the U.N. speech, Obama once again showed an OBSESSIN with the "crfude, disgusting video" that Obama WANTS to BLAME for POLITICAL reasons, for the violence in the Arab world.

I repeat what I hav said previously, and it is the WORST thing I have ever said about a President of the Unnited States:  Obaa DELIBERATELY misled the people of the United States about the TERROR attack in Libya which MURDERED our ambasdsador, an dhe did this for POLITICAL REASONS.  It was for POLITICAL REASONS that the Obama Administratin, for basically two weeks, claimed that the preplanned attack in Libya was a "spontaneous demonstraration" arising out to the video. There is NO EVEIDENCE, and Obama knows it, that the vidoeo have anything to do with the attack in LIBYA. 

As I have previously said, this DELIBERATELY FALSE ASSERTION by Obama as to the MURDER of an American ambassador DISQUALIFIES hiim from being Pesident of tghe Uunited States, and would be basis for IMPEACHMENT if the American peole were not shortly going to give tgheir verdict on Obama anyway. I have never meant any more statement more than I mean this one, in the decade of this blog.  To me, it is an illustratin of how BAD the Obama Administration is witht he turh that peole seem to eXPECT this kind of truely disgraceful LIE form him (our Liarf-in-Chief).

There is now doubt thatt Obama AVOIDS the use of the word "terror" with Muslim attacks for POLITICAL REASONS and IDEOLOGICAL RFEASONS (blame America and Americans first syndrome). 

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