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John Grisham In Hiding, Fears for Life, as Militant Texans Protest Cartoon Portrayal in Book

Mobs of Texas protesters, sayng their feelings have been gravely hurt by the hate speech of John Grisham, are said to be rioting at this hour in Charlottesville, Virginia, and outside Grisham's publisher.  Th situation is said to be tense and dangerous, as several thousand Texas protesters--angered by Grisham's crude, cartoon portayal of themm as buffooons and tkheir state as some kind of home of Neanderthals--have descended upon Charlottesville--which internet rumor identified as the last kknow residence of Grisham, although he is now thought to be in hiding elsewhere.

The governors of Virginia and New York (where the Texas protesters have assumed Grisham's publisher is based--have already apologized to the state of Texas, and the citizens of Texas, for Grisham's book.  The goverors say that the hate speech in the book is NOT that of either the government of their states or the people of their states, but that of Grisham alone.  Federal authorities have shown interest in interviewing Grisham a to his abuse of free speech to anger peole with crude attacks on their entire sate, and the peole in it.  Everyone agrees that Grisham's attacks on Texas and Txans wer so crude, cartoonish and amateurish as to not be worthy of this anger, but everyoine also said that Grisham deliberately provoked Texas and Texans, even as he knew that many would have a vioilent resonse to his crude attacks.  Some peole are expressing worries that the Texans are gong to branch out intot th ekind of indiscriminate violence against their perceived enemies--Yankees, blue state peole and leftists everywhere--that hs swept the Middle East and Arab world after a similar abuse of free speech.  Grisham was even alleged to have taken unfair shots at teh RELIGION of Texas (football), and no one is defending his crude abuse of free speech.  CNN, and other media people concerned about the affect of this kind of hate speech on the feeligns of Texans, have camped out at places Grisham is said to have lived (before going on th elam) in order to find out what possessed him to descend into this kind of crude, amateurish hate speeech. 

The book that triggered this anger and developing violence was "The Confession".  Everyone agrees that the book portrays Texas and Texas as in a cartoon manner:  as a barbarian, bloodthirsty, racist, bourbon -drinking bunch of buffoons lwho shuld never be allowed in civilized company.  Texans are protrayed as peole who drink bourbon and toast to EXECUTIONS, as they are UNINTERESTED in whether they are executing all kinds of innocent  peole (even as Grisham admits that Texas has NEVER been PROVEN to have executed ONE innocent person).  Grisham even goes so far as to RIDICULE Texas mothers with his cartoon portrayal of the mother of a muerdered daughter as some kind of monster with no real feelings and onlly interested in the publicity of acting as a "victim" seeking bloodthirsty revenge. 

Grisham is being investigated, as their appears to be internal evidence in his book that he is some kind of DANGEROUS RELIGIOUS NUT connected to some sort of strange religious cult in Austinn, Texas, that is so radical that it has sun off from all recognized Christian religions.  Everyone agrees that Grisham, in the book, shows a rligious intolerance that is truly despicable. Grisahm continuaaly asks whether Texans are doing things "Jesus would have done", and suggests that ONLY members of a cult who beieves as Grisham believes are "true Christians".  "The Confession" is inaccurate about Texas in any number of ways, and does not only portray the governor of Texas and his staff as evil buffoons, but does the same for the justices of the Texas Court of Criminal Appears, trial judges, prosecutors and virutally all other Texans (other than, maybe, balkc and Hispanic ones)).  Grisham even has his boffuoon governor rising to poer by way of Laredo and El Paso, showing NO knowledge of Texas at all (as The MaverickConservatvive, living in El lPaso, confirms--alos confirming Girhsam's CARTOON portrayal of Texas justicde, siince The Maeverick Conservative was a Texas trial lawyer for more than 30 years). 

Since no one can find Grisham, i is unknown WHY he so blatantly INSULTED Texas and Txans--including Texas mothers--in thisinsanely cartoonish way: ANGERING so many Texans to the point of rioting.  Grisham's cartoonish HATE of Texas and Texans is confirmed by the way his book basicaly ADVOCATES "revenge" on Texas and Texans for their barbarian ways, but has written this diatribe against the death penalty based ont he idea it is some sort of "unehalthy" revenge.  It is unknown what Grisham thinks--since he is in hiding--of President Obama KLLING innocent peole (along with very guiltyones) in his Predator drone attacks in at least 4 countries (without any due process at all).

GordonStewart, The Maverick Conservative and former Texas trial lawyer, has attempted to defuse the situation by suggesting that Grisham has writtten ONE great book:  "The Rainmaker", which shows the life of a  plaintiffs' trilal lawyer better than any other book he has ever read. But Texans have rejected tthe "defense" of The Maverick Conservative as biased, since Mr. Stewart is a former trial lawyer himself.  And Texans have seen the internet EXCERPTS ofromt he book whcih everyone agrees are CURDE, gratuitous attacks on Texas and Texans. CNN has called tis kind of gratuitous laps at peole, disgised as "fiction", "unacceptable".  That is, CNN says they would be "unacceptable" if Grisham were not talking about TEXAS. 

Now everyone acknowledges that Grisham's book actually was published some time ago.  But everyone also agrees that the ONLY peole in Texas who read Grisham's book, other than that character hopnng against hope for another "Rainmaker", are LEFTIST LOONS.  Thus, on one in Texas was aware of Grisham's gratuitous insutls until excerpts strated appearing on the internet.  There appear to be hUNDREDS of gratuitous INSULTS of Texas and Texans in Grisham's book, and this is a gpp;dmine for peole wanting to put "hate speech" excerpts on the internet.  Grisham HAD to know this would happen, and we are investigating whether Grisham  may be doing a good part of it himself.. 

Grisham's behaviour has become increasing bizarrein recent years, after "The Rainmaker", as illustrated by the ONLY  (incredibly boring) printed book to feature ITAALIAN SUBTITLES ("The Broker").

We will try to keep you updated on this breaking story.  In the meantime, do NOT mention  John Grisham in Texas.

As for the reasons that Girsham has put out this crude HATE BOOK, speculation now centes on EVNY.  Everyone knows lthat MOST sane people in the United States live in Texas. It is clear that Gisahm--even if he moves to Texas, or has already done so, can NEVER be a "true Texan".  Texas is a state of mind, as much as a state, and the Grisham mind does not qualify.  Too filled with HATE, STUPIDTY and HYPOCRISY. 

P.S. No proofreadnig or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  yep.  I jsut finisthe"The Confession", and the above is an ACCURATE descripting of the book (with very little dramatic/comedic license thrown in).  Teans have MORE reason to riot against Grisham than Muslis do against that anti-Muslim  "film" (mainly seen in the kind of excrpts on YoouTube that PALE in comparison with the excerpts about Texas and Texans that can be taken from Grisham's book). 

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