Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Maverick Conservative and mavconservative (Twitter)

If lyou want to read my latest article on our evil media, and their abandonment of the very concept of free speech--in serial tweets--go to mavconservative (Twitter).

Be honest. did you ever even think for one second that I would abide by the character limits of Twitter?  I din't hink so.  What I do is write LONG articles--some might say rants--in the form of MANY serial tweets.  I am not really a Twitter person (don't even now if I am giving you right directns to get there), but I am willnig to try to USE the forum to try to get my "message" out.

I consider my present message to be extremely IMPORTANT:  the message that it is disaster to BETRAY AMERICAN and American values to APPEASE militant Muslim extremists around the world, even to the pont of virtually stating that an Egyptian IMMIGRANT--but American CITIZEN--has one soemthning wrong by assuming we mean what we say when we say:  "I may diagree with that ou say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.' 

I may, of course, make an exception for John Grisham, who had the nerve to INSULT TEXAS i "The Confession", and should GO TO JAIL.  I am thinking of putting together a PROTEST abut the failure of autghorities to do something about Grisham (including, maybe, Texas authorities, if he can be found in Texas). 

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