Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yahoo "News" and the Despicable Associated Press: Most Dishonest, Partisan Political Hacks Who Have Ever Lieved

"Featured" AP headline tonight on Yahoo 'News" (despicable AT&T PARTNER):  "1 year on, Occupy in disarray; spirit lives on"

What can yu say abut a headline this STUPD, and this DISHOENST (not to mention totally, politically partisan and insane)? 

What "spirit/"  Even my Obama voting Boston daughter (one that just got married) described the Boston "Occupy" peole infesting a park as seemng to be "the homeless and der3elicts of society". 

The "Occupy" "movement" was never a real "movvement', and ALWAYS a MEDIA "event' picked up upon by the homeless and otehr derelicts. The "usual suspects" (See Claude Rains in "Casablanca") on the left pushed this FALSE "movemennt" (unlike the REAL Tea Party movement which the GOP betrayed) as an "answer" to the Tea Party.  The Tea Party, despkite fading some after the GOP betrayal, is STILL out there, while the not even the "spirit" of the "Occupy" "movement" reminas.  Yep.  I just called the AP and Yahoo LIEARS, but what else is new.

The left, can ALWAYS produce "demonstrrators", inclding public emplyee and other union groups, for any leftist "cause".  This is all the "Occupy' "movement" ever was:  a few bizarre malcontnets HIJACKED by the usual leftist groups to POSE as some kind of "spnotaneous" "movement". 

The "Occupy" fiasco is realy an object lesson in how modern "journalism" has lost its soul, and become simply another partisan set of political laction committees.

Oh.  I know.  The headline is not really correct. Oh,, the despicable AP and Yahoo "News" really are some of the most dishonest peole who have ever lived: BAD peole.  But they are no worse than almsot ALL mainstream "journalists" (incudng the unfair and unbalanced network, which even in the past few days has adopted the Orweelian Big Lie that these ANTI-AMIERCNA riots and "protests" are jsut protests againt that anti-Muslim movie).   CN, ABC, NBC, Wall Street Journal (especialy "news' pages), MSNBC, New York Times, Washignton Post, Los angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, etc.  They are ALL among the most dishonst people who have ever lived: BAD peole. 

But this blog told you this about the "occupy" movment IN FORESIGHT, way back last lyear. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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