Friday, September 14, 2012

John Stuart Mill "On Liberty": President Obama and Leftist Media Are Anti-American

I have mentioned before in this blog that I did my (strongly approving) term paper in Philosophy 101 (circa 1968 at New Mexico State University) on John Stuart Mill's masterful defense of free speech and liberty::  "On Liberty". Read it, if you have not. 

For me, the key, correct, assertion of Mill--the essence of the idea of free speech--is summarized in this statement: "If every human being but one is of the same opinioin, then the majority is no more justified in silencing the one than the oen is justified in silencing the majority (if he had the power)." 

Our country was FOUNDED on essentially this idea, and on the idea of personal and religious liberty in general.  Hwoever, Hillary Clinton (our Secretary of Stae), President Obama (our anti-American President) and our leftist media do NOT believe in either the principles of John Stuart Mill or the founding principles of this counry.  That makes them anti-American in the most fundamental sense of the word.

Ye, I am talkng abut the leftist media (CNN, et. al.) attempt to "blame" the exercise of "free speech" by those crude anti-Muslim filmmakers (phuysically hurting no one, and doing what they had a RIGHT to do uner our founding principles)  for the terrorists, criminals thugs and rioters (avowed Muslims) engaged in virulent anti-American riots in the Middle East and the Arab world I kid yu not, Obama, Clinton, CNN, et. al. have thrown the very IDEA of America under the bus.  Agian, that makes them anti-American in the most fundamental of ways.

I heard Hillary Clinton give that DISGRACEFUl sppech in the last 24 hours, where she assured the peole trying to PUNISH and INTIMIDATE free spee ch, and engaging in HATE ACTION, that the U.S. government "disapproved" of tghe anti-Muslim movie, and that the U.S government not only disavowed it, but "understtod' the anger of peole at the movie.  John Stuart Mill rolled over in his grave.  But this was onlyl a continuatin of what the Obama State Department did when it issued that statemetn right after the violetn thugs and religious hate mongers (a description which fits CN, by the way, and the rest of our mainstream media) "breached" our embassy in Egypt on 9/11, an dburned our flag:  the statement that APOLOGIZED to the Egyptian peole for the FREE SPEECH movie that "hurt their feelings".  As if HATE SPEECH in the Arab world EVERY DAY does not "hurt my feelings". But the difference is that these Muslim HATERS push HATE ACTINO, and don't jsut use free speech to make their own movie, or peacefully criticize the one that these anti-Muslim filmmakers made. Meanwhile, from (/11 until now, for DAYS, the peole of CNN and our mainstream media have OBSESSED on a crude MOVIE, and on the filmmakers as "esponsible" for all of the trouble.  For years, I have told you that CNN and our media, along with the let in general, do NOT believe in frfee speech.  They have PROVED it again, as they did at the time of those Danish "cartoons" of Muhammad. 

Whatever happened to the spirit of this countgry reflected in this famous statement:  "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."  Instead, what Obama, Clinton and ur leftist media have done is virtually say that "free speech" is UNACCEPTABLE, unless it agrees with their idea of appropraite speech.  Un-American.  Anti-American (in that fundamental sense). 

Here is what Hillary Clinton SHOULD have said  "The government of the United States--one of the most fundamental ideas of the United States--IS responsible for what we regard as a hateful, anti-Muslim video.  That is because the very concepts of our founding stand behind the RIGHT of peole to make that kind of movie.  We disagree with what the movie says, and don't think it shoould have been made, but we will defend to the death the right of peole to make such a movie.  And we reject the idea that it is appropriate for ANYONE, including Muslims, to attempt to SUPPRESS such a movie, or USE such exercise of free speech as an excuse for violence and hatred.  WE think it is wrong of them not to respect free speech and tolerance in their own countries, but we recognize we cannot force everyone to adopt our founding ideas of free speech, religius freedom and tolerance.  However, this video was made in the United States, under OUR principles, and we strongly reject the idea that peole in other countries can attempt to USE peole taking advantage of AMERICAN free speech as an excuse for HATE ACTIN against America, Americans, or anyone else."

"When I say the U.S. 'takes responsibility' of this hateful and crude anti-Muslim movie, that is what I mean.  I do not mean that we approve of what the move says.  We do not.  WE strongly dsiapp;rove.  But our SYSTEM and our FOUNDING PRINCIPLES deamnd that we accept that peole will exercise their free speech in ways in which we disapprove.  In a fundamental sense, we ARE resposible for the FREEDOM that makes this kind of movie inevitable"

"Thus, we--because we are PROUD of the founding principles of our country, including both free speech and religious freedom--do not jsut accept responsibility for this movie as an inevitagble result of our system. We are PROUD to accept responsibility for the inevitable result of the principles we love, and we REJECT the idea athat exercise of free speech in this country can be USED as an excuse to HATE, DESTROY and KILL.  We respect the Muslim religion, but we do not respect Muslims who act in that way: who don't respect OUR principles, or make any effort to understand them.  We don't demand that you adopt our principles i nyour country, but we do demand that you RESPECT that we have our princiles, and will not let you ATTACK us for them." 

Something like that is what Hillary Clinton and President Obama SHOULD have said.  What they did say its truly "unacceptable'.  it shows they do NOT believe in the founding principlkes of this country.  I know. Many may think that the President and Secretary of Stae must be "diplomatic". But that does NOT mean that they needed to "balme" free speech for an UNACCEPTABLE reactin to such free speech.  And what about CNN and our mainstram media? Their very EXISTENCE depends on our principle of free speech.  Let me be as blunt as I can 9to be more fully explained in followng articles);  CNN regularly OFFENDS ME.  I consaider them some of the worst hypocrites, and most evil peole, to ever walk this Earth (outsiide of actual terrorists, mass murderers and the like).  If I adoopted the principles of CNN an dour mainstream media, instead of those of Jouhn Stuart Mill and our founding fathers, I WOULD SHUT DOWN CNN (assuming I, and people of like mind) have the power.  That is the true eVIL of this attitude that only free speech ACCEPTABLE TO YOU is allowed.  You may be on th ewrong end of that stick some day.  Bill Maher:, CNN's favorite atheist?  A truly DESPICVABLE human being.  If I did not believe in theprinciles onf John Stuart Mill , and our founding fathers (for more than 50 years--ever since I was able to think about the subject), I would DEMAND that Bill Maher be JAILED for HATE SPEECH. In fact, there is NO leftist I know about toward whom I would not have that attitude. 

No.  CNN is anti-American.  President Obama is anti-American.  Hillary Clinton is anti-American. Our entire leftist media is anti-American.  And their attempt to make thjese ritots--this HATE--in the Middle East and Arab world all about a MOVIE exercising American free speech is a DESPICABLE, EVIL thing.  I am right on this.  These are BAD peole.  Anderson Cooper is a BAD person.  Wolf Bitzer is a BAD person.  Erin Burnett is a BAD person.  Do oyuou want me to go on?  No. I don't accept the "motives" of peole like these, and like President Obama.  Yu cannot justify abandoning our fundamental princiles because you don't want to "offend".  Free speech is FUNDAMENTAL to the very IDEA of this country, and you are BETRAYING THAT IDEA wehn you betray our principle of free speech. Nope. It is not acceptable to let militant Muslims INTIMIDATE us out of our principles, and attempt to USE individual exercise of our princiles as an EXCUSE for HATRED and VILENT INTIMIDATION. 

Oh, by the way, it is absurd--as CNN asserts in almost every segment on this "crisis"--to say that this anti-Muslim movie that no one has really seen is the "cause" of what is happening in the Middle East and the Arab world.  Our abassador was KILLED in Libya by peole using ROCKET PROPELLED GRENADES.  Thes "protests" were PLANNED for 9/11.  The moveie, with the help of CNN and our mainstream media (BLOOD on their hands), was merely USED (in a way we simply cannot imply is acceptable) to stir up people who already HATE us, BY people hwho already HATE us (and everything we stand for, includng free speech). If it were not this movie, it would have been something else.  When CNN asserts, in essentially EVERY story, that thi smovie" caused" what is happening in the Middle East and Arab world, they are merely putting out an ORWELLISAN BIG LIE.  It is FALSE, and it is EVIL . And it is the "official" position of the Obama Adminsitratin, as the press secretary said today that Obama 's foreing lpolicy has nothing to do with what is happening (lol).  Why not?  Because the rioters and killers in the Arab world are not 'protesting" Obama policies, Ameria or Americans; they are merely protesting this MOVIE.  I kid you not. Taht is evidently the "official" positni of the Obama Administration.  How can ANYONE vote fo rthis man, who  does not understand the principles of our natino OR the world as it actually is. 

I wish I culd vote for Romney.  I jsut can't. But the man in the White House is a real piece of work. And our media, agan, represent some of the worst peole who have ever lived. 

P.S. no proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  3 of my brotehers are goig to vote for Rmney on the CHANCE that he will be at least bettter than Obama: mainly on the theory he HAS to be.  But one of those told me today that he thinks Romney is running one of the worst campaigns he has ever seen: even worse than John McCakn (the worst campaign I have ever seen).  It is jsut that Romney doen't SAY antything. And when he does, like oin 9/111 about the atttack on our embassy in Egypt, he does not seem to really follow upo on what he says.  We know Romney has few actual principles, and he seems AFRAID to actually say anything for that very reason. If you don't really believe in anything, how can you ever feel COMFORTABLE with saying anything significant (especially if you are criticized, as our media is immediately going to do with any GOP candidate)?  You are bound to be INSECURE, because you ar really only trying to tell peole what will help you win an elecitn, rather than things really from your own brain and heart.  Sorry.  I just can't vote for the man, even as I recognize that my 3 brothers may be right (one other brother, in Arizona, appears to agree with me, even though we both know we are wasting our vote).

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