Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Christopher Dodd, Comedian: Jay Leno Fades as Democrats Prove Funnier (Explaining President Obama's Appearnce on Jay Leno)

The competition is really getting stiff for Jay Leno. You have Timothy Geitner, and his imitation of a looony tax cheat in charge of the U.S. Treasury, who professes to believe that it makes sense to "reimburse" the taxpayers by deducting "excess" bonus payments (the 165 million dollars) from the billions of future taxpayer money paid to prop up an insolvent company (AIG: See last night's entry).

Then there is Senator Charles Schumer, doing his best imitation of a rabid, Hitler type dictator foaming at the mouth. Charlie Chaplin was not as funny in "The Great Dictator." Again, see last nights entry on Schumer.

Then there is Christopher Dood, the Democratic Senator from Connecticut who got a sweetheart mortgage from Countrywide Mortgage, as he helped lead the country to ruin as head of the Senate Banking Committee (blocking all attempts at reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). Last night I said that Dodd had apparently inserted the amendment in the "Stimulus" (more accurately, porkulus) bill that specifically authorized AIG to give unlimited bonuses, so long as they were based on contracts entered into prior to February 11, 2009.

Christopher Dodd denies that he inserted that amendment in the bill. Here is where the hysterically funny comedy comes in (Jay Leno, eat your heart out). For Dodd went fruther. He says that he does not know who inserted the language allowing this kind of bunus into the "stimulus" bill, and that he did not even realize he was voting for this language when he voted for the bill (as every Democrat did).

Do you realize how hysterically funny Dodd really is? He thinks it is better to admit that you made a partisan vote for a bill--the content of which you were unaware--when you have no idea who was even inserting language in the bill. That is funny.

We know this was a Democratic bill, drafted totally by Democrats. Thus, we are left with blaming the entire Democratic Party, including all Democratic Senators and President Obama, for specifically authorizing AIG to make these bonus payments Timothy Geitner, of course, knew about the payments before they were made, and--in feect--signed off on the bonus payments (whether reluctantly or not).

Hold on, you say Three Republicans (really Democrats merely labeled Republicans) voted for the "stimulus" bill). Maybe one of THEM inserted the offending language in the "stimulus" bill authorizing the AIG bonus payments. Stop. You are killing me. Sorry, Jay, I never laughed this hard at you.

The matter of whatever changes Specter, Snow, and Collins wanted in the bill for their support was a subject of specific negotiation with the Democratic leadership of the bill (Dodd, Reid, Schumer, et. al.). It is more than funny to suggest that one of the three Republicans managed to sneak language into the bill, and deceive the poor, stupid Democratic saps. Nope. Not even faintly plausible. What was in this bill was put there by DEMOCRATS.

But Christopher Dodd says we can't blame him. He didn't know what was in the bill. Where does that leave us? Well, every single Republican voted against this bill in the House. Only three nominal Republicans voted for this bill in the Senate. It was DEMOCRAT'S who drafted the bill, including the final "compromise" bill. It, again was a DEMOCRATIC bill all of the way. However, we are assured by Senator Dodd that it was not him that did it, and that no one knows who did it.

What alternative do we have? None that I can see. The conclusions is obvious:


You say that Paulson and Bush started it all with the AIG/bank bailouts? I agree. Even then, however, it was the REPUBLICANS in the HOUSE who did their best to derail the first 700 billion dollar bailut bill. Even then, it was the Democrats in Congress who actually drafted the bill (throwing out Paulson's one page version, but still giving the Treasury Secretary a blank check). But Democrats have now taken total responsibility for these ridiculous bills, and are totally responsible for the AIG bonus payments.

Is there a further conclusion to be made? yep. Every single Democrat in Congress should be voted out of office, except--perhaps--for the six who voted against the Democratic "stimulus" bill in the House. As I have previously said, if you also want to vote out every Republican who voted for ANY bailout bill, be my guest. They deserve it. The Democrats have simply made clear that they deserve to ber voted out even more than the Republicans, and that takes real talent.

P.S.: Does it not give you confidence (sarcasm) in central planning Big Government that Congress does not even know what is in the bills they pass?

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